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  1. Jason Kroznik

    Jason Kroznik looked up, the blaring sun shining over the green wretched fields of a damned foreign country. The constant cold, at the very least, reminded Jason of his old country home back in the American state of Minnesota, though admittedly with less walking diseased undead monstrosities. Sighing, Jason now turned his head down looking at the blue and white cooler closed with cellotape filled with the last valuables he had. Mostly Morphine. Dealing with drugs can quite often result in bad endings, but Kroznik never in his wildest dreams thought that being stranded in a hazardous hell hole called Chernarus could be one of them. Looking in the distance, a small brownish figure was walking out some wrecked apartments carrying shotgun in in his right hand and a large filled trashbag in the other. Jason smiled to himself, looks like good ol’ Mr. Payne managed to find something.
  2. Help Needed ASAP! [Open Freq]

    *With a long sigh, Rhoddry lifts up his radio, pushing down the button* "Hey'a...Jimmy? If ya' still be there, me and some of my mates will be tryin' to head yer way. Zelengork is...A fucken good skip and'a jump away, but we'll try." *Rhoddry Releases the PPT, quickly scrambling to grab gun and supplies both.*