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  1. Jason Kroznik looked up, the blaring sun shining over the green wretched fields of a damned foreign country. The constant cold, at the very least, reminded Jason of his old country home back in the American state of Minnesota, though admittedly with less walking diseased undead monstrosities. Sighing, Jason now turned his head down looking at the blue and white cooler closed with cellotape filled with the last valuables he had. Mostly Morphine. Dealing with drugs can quite often result in bad endings, but Kroznik never in his wildest dreams thought that being stranded in a hazardous hell hole called Chernarus could be one of them. Looking in the distance, a small brownish figure was walking out some wrecked apartments carrying shotgun in in his right hand and a large filled trashbag in the other. Jason smiled to himself, looks like good ol’ Mr. Payne managed to find something.
  2. bewawolf19

    Help Needed ASAP! [Open Freq]

    *With a long sigh, Rhoddry lifts up his radio, pushing down the button* "Hey'a...Jimmy? If ya' still be there, me and some of my mates will be tryin' to head yer way. Zelengork is...A fucken good skip and'a jump away, but we'll try." *Rhoddry Releases the PPT, quickly scrambling to grab gun and supplies both.*
  3. *A cracky robotic voice breaks over the radio, random beeping and screeches obscuring words* Ce/l 3 r#port!ing. Lead_r Bud activa d and ale7ing cell mem[er$. *The voice repeats the message a few times before abruptly ending*
  4. I just have to say my two cents is that you probably just ran into a bad about of Text RPers. However, I disagree that people have to prove they are competent Text RP'ers in the application to join (if they are going to be doing text RP). Though I can perfectly understand how it can be immersion breaking for you since if you haven't had experience in textRP before it is hard to kind-of create a voice for them in your head. I just like text rp due to it's use if your mike is broken, you got a damn horrible cough, doing a peculiar accent (Ya, zince vell, ya' know, goin' talkin' like dis vithout much practice vould be a wee bit difficult to go and gettin' use too vithout much time spent practecin', and noboody prob'ly vould understand ya' at any rate), etc. Of course, if someone is doing text rp they probably should definitely practice their typing speed. You really need to be able to type responses and the like without forcing others to spend much time waiting, and you have to avoid the temptation to type large paragraphs and knock it down to 1-2 sentence chunks. For practicing typing speed, I definitely recommend websites like Typeracer and the like.
  5. Hello and welcome! Anyone who is from the 2d spessman simulator is good in my books. You did Apollo, Hypatia, or Aurora? I'mma Hypatia person myself.
  6. Definitely my old trusted AKM. I consider it lucky since despite how many massacres I ended up in (Where I was the only one of our group to survive), I retained hold of the exactly same AKM. I probably had it for...about 3 RL months now. Of course, a little while ago I found a SVD so the AKM is now stowed away in some remote barrel till I get robbed.
  7. bewawolf19

    Realistic use of medicine in DayZRP

    Superb guide, I learned many things from it! Only thing I feel is missing is that when you are cleaning a wound you should always start from the potential infection point and then clean outwards from that. This way it helps make sure that whatever particles (Wrong word, but can't think of the correct one) are pushed away from the opening point on the body. In terms of RP, it isn't that big of a deal....But it still a nice little thing to do when instructing someone on how to care for their wound!
  8. I am just disappointed that she didn't get killed at the end. Yes...She is immune to fire, but is she immune to a giant wooden beam falling down and hitting her on the head? I would've felt that would have been a much better ending. It was just too lucky the bolted-shut door just happened to somehow falloff before the roof collapsed and killed her. Oh, that, and the meeting of ALL the leaders would have absolutely no guards. Yes, no violence is suppose to happen, but they PROBABLY would still have all their guards.
  9. bewawolf19

    Desperados: Justice Media Thread

    Made this one day when I was bored
  10. Had an excellent Roleplay with Mitch and Ricardo last night! T'was fun meeting and talking to you two, and I never expect to be so impressed by curtains again. Definitely hope we run into each other soon!
  11. Eh, here is a few things that I learned about robberies in my little time: 1. You never know when it will happen. I have gotten robbed several times for civy gear in Berezino, yet don't get robbed when I was running around the Triangle for three hours in full red paramedic + AKM, looking to get robbed so someone could have used the AKM and it's drum mag (Instead of just dropping it). 2. Never mention being a hero looking to do good things for the sake of good. Bandits won't exactly let someone go who is spouting how they are attempting to stop them. 3. Always have a potential use to others. Are you a traveling doctor? You simply state that you are willing to heal anyone in exchange for protection. You don't care if they are regulator, slaver or masquerade, as long as they don't direct their hostilities towards you. If you are a merchant, ask them if there is anything specific they want and when do they want it, as well as giving a special "Discount" for a first time customer. If you are a drunkard....Get drunk and entertain them. etc. 4. Be careful of lying. It is typically far better simply to omit saying something, than attempt to lie over it. If I get asked if I am by myself, or if I am meeting with some friends, I just tend to tell the truth. To be caught in the lie drastically increases the danger of the situation, and then you can at best hope only to lose some gear. If it is about involvement in groups, you can always talk about groups a long while ago that you use to be part of, and avoid mentioning the current one. Lastly, it is good to remember that ultimately you want to LIVE, not keep your gear, and lying to other armed groups of people tends to drastically increase your chance of death. 5. Be fun to RP with. Try and make people want to engange you with conversation, whether it is from enrapturing stories or inventive humor. Things like this have the doubly beneficial effect of both improving RP as well as saving your gear (Something that all-to-often has to be sacrificed for good RP). 6. Dress appropriately for your backstory. Are you a old soldier who survived what went on? Wear some old damaged military gear, a small pack and behave like one. A hunter who got caught in the woods when the cities were overrun? Have your camouflaged hunting gear plus your trusty old rife and scope that you won't give up for anything. Some civilian who managed to escape the hordes? Wear some civilian clothing and backpack, filled with mostly food along with your scavenged shotgun/pistol. 7. Related to 5 and 6, have an interesting backstory. Try to stay away from the cookie-cutter backgrounds (Which is hard to do), and make sure that your background heavily impacts your decisions and behavior. It enhances your roleplay, and as said earlier, people tend to robe those they like less often. 8. Final thing to keep in mind, and kind of goes against the earlier theme, value your life above all. You want to live, and will go to extreme lengths to ensure that. Losing some gear is petty to this. Of couse, in a video game this can be hard to do. Even if you do hard permadeath (Once a character dies, they die permenately, and you don't create a new character who is predestined to join the old group), you can't really simulate the fear and adrenaline you would have in RL. A 80% chance to win your fight and keep your gear is still also a 20% chance you are dead forever. Like all things, the more you practice the better you will be. best of luck!
  12. I'mma not an admin for DayzRP at all, but in my personal opinion that if you are getting shot from the north, and a little bit later you see someone running around where you got shot from (With a weapon, of course) you can return fire onto them with the reasonable assumption that they fired upon you. While it is bad to shoot innocent bystanders who weren't involved, when they are stupid enough to run around with a weapon out during a firefight, I would imagine them getting killed shouldn't have them decide to write up a report, and if there is a report, it should hopefully result in no punishment. The problem with this scenario, is that it won't exactly happen easily. Initiation always require some verbal aspect, as well as the requirement for all individuals who are going to join in the initiation to be within a certain proximity. Other than some arse randomly firing on you for no reason (Which is against the rules), the only time this could probably happen is after an initiation an individual (Or last survivor of a group) is attempting to escape whilst the opponents are chasing them. In that case, again the innocent killed really shouldn't fault you for their death. (Note, if you are getting to chased and see someone where you think the people are chasing you are BUT you haven't been shot at at of recent, I would recommend holding your trigger. If there hasn't been shooting for a little bit, it is easy that some unfortunate fellow ends up stumbling in unaware of the current situation.)
  13. Several months ago, on a chilly autumn day, the bright red sun was setting. Me and my long-trusted Russian companion were heading home, running low on food and water after a long stunt searching the airfield. We were well armed, well supplied, and well cocky as to our strength. Feeling our throats parched, we that the little quaint town of Grishino would be a good place to refill our canteens. Grishino was a place I visited before, and nearly got me killed. However, I ignored the zombie presence as the reason and merely attributed it to the fact that the server was teleporting us back and forth to random places, and little later crashed. I got reset back before I got to near-death, shrugged it off, and left that place with little thought towards it. I will never make that mistake again We were heading down from the north, doing our best to avoid triggering any zombies as we slowly walked to the fountain. One zombie bastard however was persistent, and caught scent of my friend. We put it down with little concern. After all, this is only a small town and we both had automatic weapons. Even if there were ten zombies, it wouldn't pose much of a threat, right? Little did we know that apparently in the zombie virus gene, there was an inexplicably powerful urge to go on a pilgrimage to Grishino. Instead of firing a few shots in a backwater town, we instead setup a firework of a giant middle finger in the center of zombie Mecca. They came from all sides, seemingly spawning out of the very dirt itself! We fired our weapons, soon having to reload our clips, and not much later flat out fleeing for our lives. There was screaming behind me from countless undead monsters soon accompanied by the wails of my friend. His leg was broken. I didn't look back. I do not know if Grishino is still this dangerous spawn of hellish creatures as of now, like it was months ago...But I will never risk going back to find out. It is too easy to underestimate the zambies until it is too late to find out otherwise. Anyone else got some good zambie stories to tell?