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  1. mikeblaster

    S2 - OOC in Voice & Possible Lootcycling

    no sir, i was just trying to find some medical items to offer to "Ivan" as a good gesture. And ended up never picking anything up.
  2. mikeblaster

    S2 - OOC in Voice & Possible Lootcycling

    My POV: Returning to camp from a routine supply run a few moments go by before I detect the presence of another player. I asked him to get on the ground, out of self defence for myself and the camp, to which he refused and said “why would I do that?”. I replied “I’ll make you a deal, if you leave now we will be cool.” He said something that muffled by the in game desync and I watched him leave my group’s camp. I stayed in the camp paranoid that he would return with hostile intent based off our limited interaction and his posture. Approximately an hour goes by and I discover another player in the camp. I approach him with the intention of being nice and trying to experience the role play aspect since my first role play interaction was very brief and semi-hostile. I approached him, introduced myself and asked his name. The infiltrator hesitated, and after an increasing tension of silence offered up a non rp name of “Ivan”. I quickly scanned the player list for an “Ivan” and did not discover one. After not discovering I still offer him food and medical supplies to which he accepts quickly. After about five minutes another player enters the camp. I intend to offer this other new player the same curtsies as “Ivan”. More player interaction goes by, seemingly going well and friendly. Abruptly, these two decide to hold me up and disarm me becoming very short, hostile, and quick with demands. I became restrained by handcuffs, a third guy enters the camp and I immediately recognize this player by his voice, it was the person from my initial player interaction at the camp today.They falsely accuse me of being part of the USAF. I denied these allegations since I am not affiliated in any way with the USAF RP group. My character for my small group may have a similar background but we do not share any resources, intelligence, or have any contact with said USAF. The hostile group eventually left with my truck leaving me handcuffed and told me to “break myself out”. After talking with this individual on the DayZRP teamspeak server, I explained to him how I was a new player in this DayZRP community and still learning. I apologized to him for the clear misunderstanding we had. My intent was to remain cordial and courteous despite having been robbed and left for dead. After reviewing their footage of the interaction posted to the forums, it became apparent to me that their intent was to entrap me. After learning of my character’s background as a US Service member they, without further interrogations, assumed I was part of that group that they already have elevated tensions with. This is made apparent in the video when the first voice says “I’m recording.” and then “ask him, what’s he mean by loot spawning?” by a second individual. The final evidence of entrapment is when the first individual recording says “You said something earlier?” I, having not heard him clearly ask him to “Say again”. He, determined to entrap myself, reiterates “You said something earlier about this building, though?” I believe that a mutual understanding was met on the teamspeak server. We were moderated and left feeling that there was no longer an issue. This event has now transpired to where I am writing my perspective on the forums.