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  1. Michael Wolfe was born and raised in America. At the age of 18 he joined the U.S Military, moving his way up and learning the necessary skills of survival. At the age of 21 he began training for the U.S Army Special Forces and graduated at the age of 23 becoming an 18B (Special Forces Weapons Sergeant). He even wen't to sniper school and became Bravo 4 qualified. He was apart of the 3rd Special Forces Group, 2nd Platoon Bravo Team. While with this unit he even had a couple tours to Afghanistan where he gained even more real world experience in dealing with locals and survival. Whenever there was a broken weapon or a new soldier who needed a lesson on what a particular weapon system could do, Michael was your guy to go to. He spent a lot of his off time at the range with his best buddies, going through thousands of rounds in a single session. Living his life and enjoying it to the fullest. When he turned 26, the Zombie outbreak had happened in Chernarus. He and his team were sent there, tasked to find out what was going on, but to not be caught by locals or other foreign nationals to keep the U.S Interest out of it. They took their time getting to know the lay of the land like the back of their hands, even finding some people they grew attached too, as well as others that needed to be killed like the stray dogs they acted like. 2 years into it his group lost contact with his home country, that's when the infighting began within his team. A breakdown in trust and faith between them. Michael had to distance himself, he left on his guard shift, while the others were sleeping in a secure cave. He can only hope they are still alive even as he hasnt seen them since and a small horde of these undead were not so far away when he left on that New Moon Night. Now Michael is wandering around the country, trying to find a way to leave, a way back to his home country. But also trying to stay alive, like so many others. Sometimes even providing protection for other people, ones who are not so skilled at keeping themselves safe or secure. Teaching them the things they need to learn on how to properly use a firearm in exchange for resources like food, or the ability to use their wells. Sometimes even for information that they offer to him, things that make his life in this land that much easier until he can find his way out.
  2. Just stating it the way I remembered it, if the video shows it one way then there is of course no way to dispute this. Having been inactive since the time this happened, dealing with work and such of course a memory begins to haze. As is such the case, I shall take the punishment accordingly and make sure to record from now on no matter the length of time I play to always have a clear recount.
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S1-Invalid-execution-of-a-compliant-hostage-Server-time-18-09-2016-02-03 Why the verdict is not fair: Understandable reasoning for the Temp Ban, no complaints due to the fact my side has not yet been heard, and I have been inactive due to work. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: While Exploring and running along a road, I happen across another person I say "Hello." as does he and the server resets. I come back to the server and In hopes of rekindling and beggining a new friendship I continue to explore more around the area we had met, Southwest of Pulsovo. As I Explore I come across some old style Barraks and wander into one, see nothing of interest and walk out. That is where my interaction with Vincent Lorenzo began. It's night time and I can hardly see around me throught this ordeal. I see Mr Lorenzo and engage with "Helly my friend, How are you this day?" To which he replies right away with "Quit stealing OUR stuff, Put back what you took and leave right now fucker". At this point I am fairly upset due to his rudeness and begin demanding an apology, trying to get him to understand that I had not stolen anything, that I literally had JUST gotten into the area and am unfamiliar with it. He continues to be rude telling me 'you can just kiss my ass, fuck you' as well as N*****. I have remained as calm as I could, Just demanding an apology hoping that I could one time get it. after he calls me a N he takes the rifle off of his back and into his hands, But before he could raise it i had my shotgun in my hands at the ready pointed at his chest and told him to put his gun away or I would shoot. (I was double carrying so the shotgun was in my hands the entire time). He complied, he put the gun on his back and then put his hands up. Once again, I demanded an apology to which he responded "F*** you N*****" and pulled back out his rifle, At the same time he was pulling out his rifle I recieved fire from behind, Assuming it was his friends attempting to kill me and seeing as how he had pulled back out his rifle, I shot him and ran, getting hit while running into a barn. I had no time to bandage and so I attempted to escape from the back of the barn, While running out I hear some one yell "Put your gun away, you're surrounded, you killed my cousin you ass" Of course I ignored all of this and attempted to make it to the woods so I could safely bandage and escape, but at that point I bled out. I have no witnesses as I was alone, and not recording at the time because I hadn't planned to stay long that day, Had to get ready to go out to the field for a few days for work. Thank you for your time in reading this. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Become Unbanned What could you have done better?: To my Knowledge, Just left I suppose.
  4. MichaelWolfe

    The Raid Of Austellus - Prison Break

    Oh snap. Not going to lie, I really can't wait to see the end result.