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  1. Later

    Been here for 2 years now. Going to take a break of sorts I guess. Just losing interest in the things I enjoy. Tried reaching out to people with zero results. Too many cliques. Probably be back at some point, maybe Beta.
  2. RIP 400 pages of my novel

    You damn kids and your clouds! Hard copies people! HARD COPIES!
  3. Permadeath/Storylines Discussion

    I agree with much of this. I actually had a great RP moment where I was the initiator and had taken 4 people hostage for stealing. Was I pissed OOC they found my shit and raided me? Hell yea. I knew right there and then that I was within my rights to kill them. Would a report get put up for Ruleplay or NVFL because I initiated on 4 people who clearly were carrying a lot of stuff but because there were 4 of them I was simply outclassed? Possibly, but that is not the route I took. OOC anger aside, I initiated and made dialogue along the usual lines of 'put your hands up' accompanied by a multitude of swears. It was a tense situation where I did not know how much time I had before reinforcements would show up out of nowhere from them all having telepathy. I know we have all been in that situation and I know we all can recognize when someone is using non-DayZ communication. Being I was outnumbered I knew it would not be best to attempt to restrain nor frisk but them with hands up would certainly put an end to it, right? Well, like I said before we all know when people are using non-DayZ communication and I could see it. It happened but to me it did not break immersion and I ignored it and continued on knowing I would most likely get a bullet in my head from someone soon. We had some back and forth from an angry me and an obvious scared and bargaining them. I wanted so bad to just kill them after our dialogue thus far but to my surprise the RP started to get better and better. As things calmed down and everyone was having ample time to react and play off each other it got better. To my further surprise I was not killed and neither were they and that is not to say I still wasn't mad IC and OOC. The RP still was very hostile and intense and you could tell either side was thinking about the next step, like how to push it further and because of some very admirable non-trigger happy people this hostile and very intense situation was allowed to play out to an eventual agreement of sorts. The parties parted ways and all was good, but I am left wondering OOC if I advanced their story. They did advance mine and revenge came days later after meticulous scouting and information gathering. IC I am now conflicted with future encounters of "bad" people. I don't do much hostile RP as I find very limited reasons for use of it and have had ZERO good experiences of it; so it was a refreshing twist and was even better when people were given ample time to comply, complete actions, and not to just be "oh I gotta kill them before they kill me pew pew pew". Unfortunately people are right about not thinking too much about injury or of what really makes sense. Either of our sides could have easily turned tides and had an execution or 4. Would it have made since? Would there have been a perma asked? I don't think if it did play out with death that perma would have been warranted nor agreed on either side. This is still a game and mechanics can and will only get so real so imagination is key and when you lose that imagination you all lose.
  4. Get out of jail card idea

    If the money is for furthering the community and someone is willing to actually pay to play here, why not. There were those here who have given well over said amount and even after paying HoF and Tycoon munnies we still have those that throw it away and get perma'd. There are a lot of reasons for yay or nay already put forth by other people so I won't rehash. I vote yes, knowing full well that it could swing either way with a betterment or decline of the community. What is there to really lose? Your gear? Your moral objections? Your time? Your special place? Banter? Memes? Besides, those that were banned will just go back to playing with their cliques like you all do anyway.
  5. Looking for Gremlins? [Open Frequency]

    *He stutters awake from the voice and presses his PTT button* I need to know a way to contact you. I may have something you want. *he releases the PTT button*
  6. *Mikal scoffs at the name he is about to say and chuckles before pressing down the PTT button* Hello, hello? I am looking for anyone who will respond to the name "Gremlins." I was given that name and have need of speaking with someone who knows how to reach him, her, it, them? *he releases the PTT button and awaits the answer*
  7. @Lyca had oodles of fun, first time in a LOOOOOOONG time I actually got to RP without banter or meme-ing. I will use your advice only for good wait....who said that?.....was it you....no it wasn't.....yes it was....shutup! Much love to the others I met too, tomorrow is another day!
  8. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    Anime is overrated. Embracing a culture is a sign of respect and a lot more people should think outside their box and try a different culture, but face it you are NEVER going to be asian.
  9. Mikal Czeh

    Mikal was born in St. Petersburg. His father was in the KGB and wanted his son to follow in his footsteps but Mikal refused to take part in the violence and shady dealings he witnessed. His father was the repeated target of assassins and he had finally had enough and decided to move the family to a secluded spot he had travelled to before for an assignment. They managed to settle for a while but Mikal grew more and more hostile and resentful of his old man. He left the family home and ventured into the wilderness and never looked back. He would venture north but the life of solitude played with his mind over the years and he decided to go check on things. He chose a wrong time to return as the country was in chaos and now everyone had the same thought process as he had these last few years: survive...
  10. Survivors: Looking For Group

    IGN: (In - Game Name) Mikal Czeh Country: USA English skills: Excellent DayZ Mod Experience: 1500+ DayZ Standalone Experience: 1100+ Roleplaying Experience: I have been roleplaying since I first started gaming back in the 90's What kind of In Game role best describes you: Hero/Survivor Have you been in any clan/group previously: Lovec, Northern Alliance, The Alliance Additional notes: Best way to contact you: PM here is fine Backstory: Mikal Czeh
  11. To The Alliance [OPEN]

    *Mikal looks through his scope and presses his PTT and whispers* The trees are always watching you... *He releases the PTT*
  12. What is positive contribution?

    I agree. Taking a bias against people for being an asshole is not professional and if that is the case you should not have any power. But this works both ways. We all have our opinions on how this community should be run and organised. "Positive feedback" is not always having to pat backs and praise the snowflakes; sometimes it requires questions and clarifications that do not end with sarcasm and blatant attempts to just start crap for the sake of starting crap.
  13. *Mikal glances down at a radio he recently found a battery for, tunes it to frequency 77.1, and presses the PTT button.* I know it has been a long time and I am hoping maybe at least more of you are still alive to respond. I have been looking all over our old camps but have found nothing but flat grass from all of our time in those areas. I ran into Mario not too long ago but it was a bad time to have any meaningful exchanges and we were separated as fast as we had met. I have been running into a number of our allies with no mention or knowing of anyone else still in the area. My journey up north has yielded nothing again. The wolves I had been following and making sure to avoid seem to have moved into this area and I am still keeping an eye out. I really hope to find more of you and to find Alex...For too long I have been afraid and looking for something I thought I lost but I know that you need me and I will not be going anywhere unless it is six feet under. *He releases the button and waits for a response.*
  14. Server and location: S2 NWAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): ~00:30 23/12/2016 Your in game name: Mikal Czeh Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: On the above date and time I was on NWAF looking for a combat knife. I was near the barracks near the hangars on the east side climbing down a ladder when I was approached by 2 persons. They said hello and asked me what i was doing and if I had friends in the area to which I replied I was looking for a knife which one said he saw inside one of the barracks. Once inside they initiated and said, "Get naked!" repeatedly to which i complied. One asked my name which I gave the name Nikolai. They said they did not believe I was only there looking for a knife. They asked again about any friends but I still denied having any. One restrained me with handcuffs and the other asked what they should do with me. I said, "I am hardly in a position to make demands; you are the ones with the guns." The one asking questioned said he had an idea and pulled out a derringer and said he was going to break my legs and shot me in my legs breaking them while they said, "Let's see if you will survive." My character went unconscious shortly after for approximately 5 minutes and when I came to I could not move at all. I tried pressing every button combination with no success of regaining any control of my character to try and break the restraints or move or anything. I waited around for about another 5 minutes and someone passing through came and helped me out of the handcuffs and made a splint to repair my legs. I checked my stuff they left and was left with no food nor water. The one who saved me did not introduce himself but told me that the 2 I described had gone west towards the tents to which I took as an opportunity to get off the airfield and file this report.
  15. ZVIRE - The Horde of Magadan [Archived]

    Well look at this lad! Putting on his big girl panties! Pretty sick. Don't want to run into them in a dark alley.