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  1. [GAME] Would you save the person above you (IC'ly)?

    Definitely belongs 6 feet under.
  2. Michael Landon

    He was part of a group of good old buddies who roamed the globe looking for interesting and unique places to hunt. They all went to Chernarus and seemed to be getting some good game with the great stories to match. It would all come crashing down as they would find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time and he would lose all his friends. He spent a good amount of time roaming around the forests of this land trying to find purpose and trying to avoid human contact. He had very bad interactions with people and was constantly betrayed. Now he is just trying to survive.
  3. The Damned

    Please remove me from the roster as I no longer feel welcome.
  4. Computer giveaway

    Throwin' my name here too.
  5. 10x Hall of Fame giveaway

    Throwin' my name in.
  6. Should a communication ban be implemented?

    As it seems no one is completely understanding this, I retract my post. Can someone please remove/close it, thank you.
  7. This stems from the ever growing and ever present toxicity level within the community. After some recent cruising on the internet I came across this. Now I realise this is a comparison of 2 different games and communities but this could have some base for something new to be tested. This deals with a topic that is already well known and is not a call out to quarrel over past incidents, meme, or compare PvP > PvE, so please keep your replies (if any) to just relevant information. Now, we can agree that the main goal of this community is to RP and no matter your play style the bottom line is RP. There are tools we are given to enhance our communication towards others (ie The forums and Teamspeak/Discord). There are some who abuse these tools. Sometimes these people realise what they are doing and sometimes not. We have rules in place and the punishments for breaking said rules; so why add a new punishment and/or implement a new system? How would you even go about doing this? Are the current punishments of days banned and points enough? Is this infringing on our rights to express ourselves and say what we want? Firstly, I suggest a communication ban from the forums and teamspeak/discord. It seems the only type of communication ban comes when you post your goodbyes. People are obviously going to communicate their frustrations in other places but limiting it here on the forums and teamspeak/discord could be good and effective. Now we all know that you can have your playtime revoked but with so many people just not getting on or not really caring if they are banned from playing on the server this could also be a good solution. Doing this is obviously easy, but why do it? Well, according to the research in the link above, there was a significant drop in negative communication based on the system they implemented with their fancy algorithms and reports. People seemed more concerned with leaving/not playing their game based on negative communication than actually losing based on the game's objectives. This could apply here too. An automated system might not be a good or efficient way to handle it here, though, so this would definitely need testing and feedback to adjust for who, what, where, why, when, and how long. Then we bring it to the real concern: Freedom of Speech. I firmly believe that everyone (no matter what is said) can, will, and should be able to say whatever they want. But one must also keep in mind the consequences; good or bad. There are a numerous amount of arguments for and against this so I leave that to you all if you so choose to reply. TL;DR - Would you like to see a communication ban implemented? Why or why not?
  8. @nenepwnstar @Tereus Kien Finally got our leather from the human corpses! @Keira you just remember the deal and no one gets hurt...unless of course that's what you want @Zero @MeenMuginLovin Eh bois! @Jack the Ripper @Bigtoe no fair not telling us a secret....we were having a moment and ya just had to ruin it by not sharing
  9. Blast to the Past | Share your Screenshots!

    Back when zombies were not a threat and I could form parades. Lovec Lovec and the bois meeting with @RedSky @Stradic and the bois
  10. @nenepwnstar We are fInally breaking through her shell as a group. One on one is getting more intense. Absolutely great to see how far she has come from a scared girl to wanting to walk that narrow path and to struggle with what is right and wrong and whether that is even important in these end times. @Jack the Ripper It was coming and I told you it was coming and well you finally pushed me to it! You want to do this now!? You want to do this in front of the kids!? But yes, this just goes to show you that even two extremely varying personalities can come together for the common goal of killing with purpose. I thoroughly enjoy the philosophical discussions of killing assholes. Buckle up because we ain't done. @Tereus Kien Ha, no one can remember your name. Maybe if you laid off the vodka and weren't such a smartass, but we all know that ain't going to happen. Enjoy your big butter knife! @Zero My god you make it hard to RP sometimes because I can't stop laughing. You are the best humor without the unnecessary need to be overly rude, vulgar, and immature. So unpredictable. @Bigtoe Don't let him fill your cannoli!!!
  11. Mikal is alone with his thoughts as he sits and rests to try and make sense of the events in the past week. He wonders of his intentions and if he can truly follow through with his promises or if and when he may break any. He rubs his temples. What am I doing? Should I have pulled the trigger? What am I doing? He looks up into the sky and sees the clouds moving and worsening the darkness. His hands shake as he continues to contemplate his actions or lack there of. Rain drops begin to hit his face as he removes his beanie and closes his eyes and lets the rain trickle down his face. Why didn't I do it? I could have just ended at least one of their lives...why is this so much more difficult than shooting animals? Was I even justified in taking human life; over a fucking, piece of shit car? They were bad...yes. I should have. They took hostages and murdered in cold blood; I saw it all. It seemed so easy for them. I said I would be able to. Would it have been worth it? The rain intensifies and he decides to seek shelter in a church. He walks about the deserted building trying to get a holy feeling or maybe waiting for some sort of guidance. I consider myself a good person. Can I please have some sort of clarity? Whom do I trust? Can I trust her? Can I trust him? Can I trust any of them? Come on; you have got to pull yourself together. It was not a big deal...this time. Lightning flashes and the long stretching shadows of branches from the trees outside strangle the inside of the quickly illuminated area. The thunder booms shortly after. The pain from his left foot sends a tingle up to his brain as he winces. Fuck not again. Fucking Ivan. Can't believe he fucking made her do that shit...I should have had that lady at least look at this mess. At least it's not infected. I can't bring myself to hate her, though. She had no choice. I know she deeply cares...but I can't help but wonder if this is changing her for the worse. She has never killed anyone, either, and after that terrible ordeal on the airfield she decides that now she wants to kill. How can she make that decision so easily? Are we being manipulated into these actions and just blinded by our feelings for each other? Does he know this? He takes his bag off and places it on the ground and rummages for a bit and arranges the contents as to allow for a makeshift pillow. He rests his head and closes his eyes and focuses on the sounds of the outside trying to distinguish between the awful cries of those "things" and the rain muffling out such nightmarish sounds. The somewhat relaxing sounds of the rain battering the windows begins to lull him to sleep. No...Astrid...no...don't...watch out...How could you do this? Why did you kill her? I should have fucking killed you when I had the chance... Mikal begins to toss and turn as the flashes of lightning and booming thunder begin to coincidentally time themselves with the illusions of gunfire in his mind. This restless night is one of many to come.
  12. Antiques Store in Svetlojarsk

    Someone will be determined to try and ruin what you try to do. Just stay focused on what and why you want to do this and don't get discouraged.
  13. Later

    Been here for 2 years now. Going to take a break of sorts I guess. Just losing interest in the things I enjoy. Tried reaching out to people with zero results. Too many cliques. Probably be back at some point, maybe Beta.
  14. RIP 400 pages of my novel

    You damn kids and your clouds! Hard copies people! HARD COPIES!
  15. Permadeath/Storylines Discussion

    I agree with much of this. I actually had a great RP moment where I was the initiator and had taken 4 people hostage for stealing. Was I pissed OOC they found my shit and raided me? Hell yea. I knew right there and then that I was within my rights to kill them. Would a report get put up for Ruleplay or NVFL because I initiated on 4 people who clearly were carrying a lot of stuff but because there were 4 of them I was simply outclassed? Possibly, but that is not the route I took. OOC anger aside, I initiated and made dialogue along the usual lines of 'put your hands up' accompanied by a multitude of swears. It was a tense situation where I did not know how much time I had before reinforcements would show up out of nowhere from them all having telepathy. I know we have all been in that situation and I know we all can recognize when someone is using non-DayZ communication. Being I was outnumbered I knew it would not be best to attempt to restrain nor frisk but them with hands up would certainly put an end to it, right? Well, like I said before we all know when people are using non-DayZ communication and I could see it. It happened but to me it did not break immersion and I ignored it and continued on knowing I would most likely get a bullet in my head from someone soon. We had some back and forth from an angry me and an obvious scared and bargaining them. I wanted so bad to just kill them after our dialogue thus far but to my surprise the RP started to get better and better. As things calmed down and everyone was having ample time to react and play off each other it got better. To my further surprise I was not killed and neither were they and that is not to say I still wasn't mad IC and OOC. The RP still was very hostile and intense and you could tell either side was thinking about the next step, like how to push it further and because of some very admirable non-trigger happy people this hostile and very intense situation was allowed to play out to an eventual agreement of sorts. The parties parted ways and all was good, but I am left wondering OOC if I advanced their story. They did advance mine and revenge came days later after meticulous scouting and information gathering. IC I am now conflicted with future encounters of "bad" people. I don't do much hostile RP as I find very limited reasons for use of it and have had ZERO good experiences of it; so it was a refreshing twist and was even better when people were given ample time to comply, complete actions, and not to just be "oh I gotta kill them before they kill me pew pew pew". Unfortunately people are right about not thinking too much about injury or of what really makes sense. Either of our sides could have easily turned tides and had an execution or 4. Would it have made since? Would there have been a perma asked? I don't think if it did play out with death that perma would have been warranted nor agreed on either side. This is still a game and mechanics can and will only get so real so imagination is key and when you lose that imagination you all lose.