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  1. [common frequency] The Wolves

    *john hears the transmission and decides to answer* "is there a secure frequency that we can chat over so i can try and prove to you i am who i say?" *john sits down at a table to enjoy a much needed can of beans*
  2. [common frequency] The Wolves

    *The radio emits another voice, john hears the banter and decides to play along* "The wilderness eh?" *John chuckles* "Well i hope i do find you all. You seem like the ones i want to be apart of" *Smiling john puts the radio away walking off into the wilderness*
  3. [common frequency] The Wolves

    *John surprisingly hears a reply and goes for his radio* "I have no reason to lie about who i am but i understand your suspicion. Where might I find you all?" *He puts his radio away excited but anxious about this possible meeting*
  4. [common frequency] The Wolves

    *John hears the voice and digs through his bag for his radio and keys up the mic* So you're the wolves huh? I don't believe we've met but from what I've heard, you're the group I'm looking for. My name is Lance Corporal Johnathan Fraiser, if you're looking for new members I'm a lone wolf so to speak. *John lets go of the button and throws the radio back into his bag and carries on with his day*
  5. i remember this event as follows: i walked up to green mountain to see if anyone was around and after a while of sitting around the camp fire and talking some men that i think were up in the tower and some others on the ground told us to drop weapons and put our hands up. we did so and the ushered us into the building and put us under the stairs. after a while some men came up to the compund and a fight broke out and after that one of the hostage takers turned on me and shot me in the head after they started to loose their hold on the building sorry about not responding sooner. i was not home for a few days
  6. Survivors: Looking For Group

    IGN: Johnathan Frasier Age: 19 Country: United States English skills: English is my only language so I think I know it well. DayZ Mod Experience: None DayZ Standalone Experience: 108 hours on record ( I know what a noob) Roleplaying Experience: DayzRP What kind of In Game role best describes you: I would pefer miltary because of my character but i would consider most. Have you been in any clan/group previously: No Additional notes: Best way to contact you: On this site Backstory: My name is Lance Corpral Johnathan Frazier I was in the Ukraine training volunteer to fight Russian sepratists in the Ukrainian civil war. We got word of the unrest in Chernarus and I was sent as security for the U.S. Embassy. When the infected came, I was off duty in the Embassy barracks building where all the other security forces are housed. Myself and three other Marines were lounging about in our bay when we heard a short series of gunshots ring out. Word came out over the radio that two infected had been put down just outside the main gate. Gunshots do a great job of attracting more, so naturally in the next half hour we were up to our necks in infected. Every available man was geared up and putting them down, but in short order they broke down the gate and were flooding through the barricades. They breached the front doors and were coming down the hallway where myself and three other Marines and one janitor were setting up a makeshift barricade made up of office furniture and equipment. We had just our M16A4 rifles and one M240B to cover the hallway. Ammo started becoming scarce for the 240 and eventually had to be abandoned when we fell back to another fighting position. After two hours of fighting in the main hallway, the number of infected showed no signs of letting up and all of us Marines only had a magazine or two left. The janitor had been pulled apart when we fell back, giving us valuable time to regroup. We decided to fix bayonets and waited for the ammo to run out. With all of us down to our last mag, screaming started blaring from our radio. It seemed like the rest of the security force had been killed while we were staring our own fate in the face. We bailed into an office room and held the door while I got the window open, but the door was forced and the two closest to the door were killed instantly under a mass of bodies. The last Marine was killed trying to climb out after me. I got out got out the window and just ran, and never looked back.
  7. (Open Freq) ATTN. USAF

    *John lights his camp fire and sits down with his radio and begins to speak* I am Lance Corporal Johnathan Frasier, I have been searching for what is left of the United States military. I have heard you are out there somewhere, Ive been around this country, gotten robbed shot and left for dead. where are you? *John puts his radio away wondering if it would even reach the right people*