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  1. Hello, sorry. Personally I have been busy, not able to sort out the group. I will be sorting it out as soon as possible. I've been building an idea for the group on my own (and I have a temporary logo for it). Once I know who is going to stay in the group from the Original group I will be updating this Post. Sadly I do not have time today nor do I know who is staying. I can tell you that the new group will be most likely called "Venom" or something close to that. I will try to get this sorted ASAP and will PM you once I am ready to make changes to the page itself. I'm not sure who it is that has been robbing you IG but I would just like to point out it is not "The Chosen Few". I can strongly say that as everyone in the group has been really busy as of late. The last time we properly played was when your group formed and we were only nice to you guys, considering us allies. So I guess IG someone is imposing us? I hope that the next iteration of our group and your group could be friends (strictly done via IG Roleplay of course
  2. Valid points, I will have to talk to the group about this. I have no idea whats going to happen to this group and I'm not the best one to be deciding the fate of the group alone. If it comes down with keeping the group and redoing our backstory, we would very much appreciate the help brainstorming and whatnot. will have to see
  3. I know pal, I will be trying my best in Roleplay to (unlike what has previously happened) follow our morals and Keep to our lore etc. We may give IC punishments for this too which could be recorded as a way to show what happens when people don't follow the groups rules (if you get what I mean)
  4. From what I've heard of these guys ICly, I would say no. Despite what's claimed, I've heard of nothing but robberies (Three counts, to be exact) Not leaving a good IC image, you've made more enemies than friends. "The Chosen Few" name is already tainted. I see. Well, that is a real shame. I hope this group follows it's assigned goals and not just use it as an excuse to roam around robbing others. Issues that are being sorted out. As I said about the other comments they were pissing about, They are being handled with appropriately on our end as well as the community managers/admins like yourself Edit: Our name has been tainted from the others (Sadly) . A thing I will be trying to amend with other groups (like yourself) in game to sort our situation out
  5. Stuff caused from the other higher ups, Issues that I will be personally sorting out creating a new image for The Chosen few once all the "issues" going on now are sorted out. People in our group have been pissing about and they have/are getting punished for it. We will be sorting stuff out from our side ASAP.
  6. thanks for advice/info I will make adjustments shortly There is a reason it's classified which I will be mentioning shortly in the Lore. I would just like to mention that the PMC is american and we are soldiers for the PMC You could say that We are going to prioritize ourselves first but we will be going down the Robin Hood role yes
  7. good point, will do adjustments next opportunity I have yes, I palmface at him
  8. yeah ahaha , I'm going to be adding to the already written lore about the fact that the PMC we worked for use US military gear (like the USMC jackets etc)
  9. We were talking to a guy in game to a random person (who we realised we robbed earlier). Our guy has a fucking retarded idea of killing him and we say "no, that is Metagaming you spoon". We gave him no information about us during that incident so that he shouldn't of known we were the group that robbed him (never told him we were the group, as in we told him we are called "the Chosen Few" when robbing but not when we met him). He then killed 2 of us (one of us wasn't even there when we robbed him). Also I would like to point out that he attacked us 1v6. He also hid our bodies so in the event our friends killed him, they couldn't get any gear of us. He showed NVFL and RDM'ed my friend. Not only that he meta gamed as we never gave him any information that would tell him we are "The Chosen Few", the only name we gave when we robbed him.
  10. The first Chapter and Prologue has been written, the story should make more sense and fit the game now. What's your thoughts? what would you say about this as a start? Just Started my friend
  11. Oops, was a mistake during editing, will fix it when I pet on my pc Thanks man, it's going to take me some time to make this game-friendly, will probably go down an ex-SAS now PMC route to cater to us gear Glad to see you actually made the group! Good luck lad. Ahaha thanks man, got a few more people to add to the group today (hopefully)
  12. I never said get down on the ground or you will die also as even your friend mentioned that csgo Simon says is payed to trick people by making it seem like they made a mistake when they didn't (simple). Next my friend does say one as he runs out the rum, you hear his mic cut out as he says it you hear "on" (background noise in vid is discussing, making it hard to hear, no offence about the bg noise ) next, for the STFU that is only because you were being rude to us mid rob, I also said if anyone shoots at us it's on your head(or something along those lines) and what happened? He shot at us. KoS rights are only given if you are/ were recently in a group together and within 500 metres. When we robbed you I said *checks for walking talkie* (I think) alongside actually checking you for walking talkies, which you didn't have so how was your guy supposed to know its you who was robbed. As for his comment before, you only took a few shots, nearly breaking my friends leg so 2 guys went to chase you off. For your friend to Kos us surely that could be classed as meta gaming as we had you both laying down, the guy wouldn't be able to see your face plus the fact there are some trees in the way and the robbers bodies. Also I'm not sure but in the vid we hear you 2 are on ts together(?) without a radio so for all we know this guy who shot at us could of been coordinated with you over ts. This is only a possibility not 100% . The comment about we would probably just shoot you if there were no logs please, you and I both know we wouldn't and I'm sensing this argument is getting a bit heated at me (I've not actually done anything wrong here ) I'm reading the bit about I was holding his name and that we are accomplices, I'm not sure what you are trying to imply here I was never holding his name, it was never asked of me to supply a name till now ( not like I've been closely paying attention to what you are saying as I was playing at the time) BTW PROVE to me that you were valuing your life, from the evidence YOU posted that is not the case as you run towards the grenade (NGL Fking love the title btw ) the reason why we stopped you from talking is because you were rude, we were constantly talking you were just being rude so I said about Simon says, asked you friend to stand up when I clearly rped saying are you okay, do you need some help" after the game and the shots we took you into the church and that is when the grenade incident happened. Also with the threat thing and killing you, to add to that due to you being rude in town ( with some of the people hating ur characters for it) we took that as a threat to us to as we were in the town at the time and you guys were doing what you were doing. It was definitely a threat to their lives and everyone in the town too. Well I'm done for the nights will ask about the progress on that video Edit: I would also like to point out that if you ran early you couldn't of been shot at as there was no one in position TO shoot you also the nade thrower had his back to you at the time . If you truly valued your life you would of run AWAY from the grenade, as far as possible, not under it or literally on top of it. Let's look at this from a realistic point of view. Who in their right mind makes rude remarks to someone who could kill them ( I'm refuring to this as a no rule role play from the characters point of view). Definitely not someone who wants to stay alive, and I keep hearing the thing that we took all of you gear WHEN YOU CAN SEE IT IN THE VIDEO ( I thought I would make that point clear one more time as you have used it when it contradicts your evidence) Edit 2: forget the comment about ts during the video, but that doesn't mean you still weren't nor that you COULD used it in the fight. ( thinking back on it I wish I kept the whole thing recorded) Could I just ask what are you trying to achieve from this, a 3 day temp ban? I wouldn't have anything done to me as I actually didn't do anything wrong myself and I don't see anything wrong with what my friend did as for me it was completely justafiable, if I was in that situation I wouldn't report someone for it if it happened to me ( from my personal opinon anyway) sure, you could be mad that now you have to start all over again,nbut it's not like you had a lot of great gear anyway so it's not as bad IMO (again, nothing against you guys)
  13. Thanks man, it's going to take me some time to make this game-friendly, will probably go down an ex-SAS now PMC route to cater to us gear
  14. I understand, this is definitely something that will be worked around in the lore, I will be expanding the lore to cater to items found within the game . how's this for a possible direction if I rewrite the lore The chosen few being ex-SAS members who work for an American PMC? Arriving in the same style of a crashing aircraft but with the prior backstory being tweaked Thanks man Thank you, I will hopefully contact you on ts tomorrow