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  1. Pete

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I need my Standalone GUID reset please Thanks //WarMachine GUID reset
  2. Hey Wesley It's me Pete Hope you're fine. Woke up today at Guba again. I came across two really stupid bandits. One asked me to give him a Saline Bag and I trusted him to stay in Character... they were two. Robbed me and tried to kill me... for no reason... such a bad Roleplay. They just rob and kill. No RP The only thing they told me was a military organisation they are from and thats their land. No RP... sad But the good thing. The server crashed immediately after I dropped my stuff. So nobody will get the stuff. Unfortunately my PC crashed aswell (told you about that) and I couldn't come back and blame them for that bad RP. Hope you're still fine and may see you again ingame Stay save^^
  3. Actually I changed my graphic settings aswell. Maybe it's caused because of that. I will try to change them and see what happens
  4. They actually look like the objects wouldn't end... If there is a wall, it continues as a black texture all over the place. So each part of a building continues and so the screen is getting mostly fully covered with those black textures. As always they only appear if you look in a special direction, for example south.
  5. Hello survivors, Recently I heard that the Mercendary 4 skin has caused some troubles and was also removed because of this. As I still got this skin in-game, I'm interested in the problems players experienced with it. The only problem I could experience so far were some annoying graphic glitches in towns. So far I had graphic glitches in Stary, Gorka and Novy. Those glitches are new to me. I hadn't got any before I wearing this skin. So now I'm wondering if I should change my skin to solve this problem? I will lose the skin as it was a gift and is now removed from game. Please help me out!
  6. Still confused about this problem. Skin is gone as gift in the exchange. But I still got it ingame. Need some information please. ------ Greetings Pete ------
  7. Thx Rolle for your reply. But we are talking about mercendary 4. I claimed it as a gift and now its gone in the donation exchange. Now I got the rebel 1 skin as a present. In-game I still got my mercendary 4. No possibility to get the merc 4 back?
  8. I still got my skin ingame. How is that possible if it got removed?
  9. Yeah I'm sorry. I'm just a bit pissed because I liked this skin so much. ------ Greetings Pete ------
  10. GREAT !!! Now I should stick to this ugly Rebel 1 skin? Please help me out? ------ Greetings Pete ------
  11. Hello survivors, Today I checked the anniversary thread and I saw that my present was gone. I got the Mercendary 4 skin and now I had to claim another gift. I recently checked the exchange and I can't find the Mercendary 4 skin anymore. What happened? This was my most favorite skin and luckily I got it as a gift. And now??? ------ Greetings Pete ------
  12. Ok thx a lot! Looking forward to see you guys and girls ingame
  13. Thx !!! How to use the patch file right? Delete everything in the folder? Shouldnt I add the stuff from the patch only?
  14. Pete

    DayZRP Donation Skin Poll

    Do we only get 10 new Donation Skins? I wanna buy this skin! [attachment=240] Make it happen Rolle, please
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