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    Alright bois

  2. Monty is name dishing out fresh trims is the game All around nice guy, bit of a "geezer" if you will, I treat people how i wish to be treated "with respect" you can't be a barber without being nice to people or else you get no customers *chuckles*. My reasoning for being here is; well a bit of back story Im a barber from the UK started out as an apprentice and worked my way to the top, then moving on to own my own line of barber shops, 1 shop turned to 2 etc etc you get the picture priding ourselves on customer service and of course high quality work. As a business man I am never satisfied with what I have, I always need more of whatever it may be, money, the best equipment and no I am in the mindset of leaving the UK and wanting to go to different countries and setting up shops elsewhere for example I used to have a shop in Paris and Barcelona then I decided why not go somewhere off the beaten track and I ended up in this shit whole (to be completely honest) it looks like the other side of the Thames if you ask me but saying that Im thinking to myself why not cater to the needs of the people basically lower my prices and keep it simple.
  3. Ello Mate, My name is Ernie, Ernie Rogers but you can call me Ern, guess your wondering how i got here ain't ya but first may i interest you in some tickets to the fight tonight.....I can do them half price for you me ole china.... No ? oh well anyways; Growing up in London i was obsessed with making a quick quid, fast cash if you will, doing this required certain evasion tactics from the bobbies, upon trying out many different avenues of "income" I stumbled across some promotion work, basically Me uncles mate ran a boxing gym a few streets down and it just so happens that we got a lot of Gypsy folk in the area and if you know anything at all it's that Gypsy's love to fight....Hell they come out the whom fighting So! realising this my uncle would go down to they're little settlement 50% percent off every training session and obviously they couldn't resist. After a few weeks of them training at the gym my uncle put me in charge of a little boxing tournament strictly for them,we couldn't make it to public because if the pigs court wind of whats happening we all be for the high jump, at the "Fight Night" it was a bigger turnout than was expected all the respective family's came and after a few under card fights for the youngens the main event was next, we had advertised that the odds would be in Stuart O'tools favour and Pat Flanigan would go down in the 4th round, but we all know your have to tell a few porky pies to get along these days so the odds were flipped O'tool would go down in the 3rd....but the punters didn't need to know that now did they . On to the important part of my story "Why I am here !" having Earned a decent living under my uncles title I thought it would be time to spread my wings if you will, look onto the horizon so being a man of chance I spun the globe and pointed here, just my luck I come here to find the brightest and best fighters this land has to offer and after a few months of me being here they're fucking dead, Utter waste of my time. So now these days I am walking around everywhere trying to survive and on the odd occasion putting into practice what I have learned around the ring but mainly looking for ways to keep my mind busy and distracted from this shitty situation we are all in.
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    AYYYYYYYYY 200 beans

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    Group and LoreMaster changes

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    I'm sorry but...

    I Love you <3
  7. Thumbtastic

    What is your best hostage situation? (either POV)

    My Favourite day of RP that I can remember was when I'd just been introduced to the DayzRP Community, and id logged in to find my friends as I didn't really know what I was doing and had never played DayZ before but I find my friends and we go and meet the one and only Cahir O'Doyle...... now to some of you, you might this "meh" but I have never been so immersed in something and genuinely scared to say something out of line encase I was punished. But later that day "Mr O" took a huge group of use for "training" but even I knew it was a hostage situation, so we ended up at the Factory just down from Beri and it started there, he took us into this room one by one each giving us a different brand and then he decided to single me out take me into a separate room and start "torturing" me chopping m fingers off etc etc and i told him before hand the im new to RP and he helped me through it the whole time really giving me the best experience possible also helping me learn.
  8. Thumbtastic

    New torture method?

    I agree with you in the respect that there are certain criteria which must be met for a character to have knowledge of this, It is for other people who may have a charcter who they feel should know this etc. I for one, won't use it on this character I'm currently using, Eddy Jaeger, but possibly in the future. With the whole "force them to react" aspect, I don't want it to be classed as powergaming by forcing them to react a certain why but I can't help but stress enough, this entire torture method revolves around FORCING them into a state of OIH. I wouldn't class it as powergaming when they're a hostage and you can do what you will with them so I agree with you on that one too. I think I used force in the wrong term but all I want is to up the quality of RP and perhaps help the newer members come out of their shells if you will and say "don't be scared to be adventurous" I would far more appreciate someone trying to be different on the sever and not succeeding than someone just loging on just to walk around doing nothing and don't get me wrong I understand that some characters might just be quite and "plain jane" but im sure you understand my point... I get what your saying with Eddy ....He is an idiot haha
  9. Thumbtastic

    New torture method?

    I feel that the only way to introduce this into RP is to either play a scientist, or a group to hire or create a research group or branch, otherwise nobody will have any idea as to what this substance is or how it has been/will be created in the past or future. However It will definitely improve "torture" RP for everyone because if a character is captured and tortured it will (in a good way) force them to react to the methods being used and not just acting a hard ass by say and I quote from a previous experience "I will not scream and I don't feel pain", I understand if someone can not react due to there surroundings but at least text RP to make it enjoyable for everyone, If im honest RP atm is lacking enthusiasm and Immersion due to people simply not pushing the boundaries and being just plain boring obviously im not saying this to everyone it is just my opinion, therefore I feel this method would do wonders for RP
  10. Thumbtastic

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Really Enjoyed Mr. Cook/Cock lol and Mr. Jaeger's RP tonight absolutely Hilarious Thankyou
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    Why Does This Happen ?

  12. Thumbtastic

    Why Does This Happen ?

    That Happened to Rich Tea aswell
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    Why Does This Happen ?

    who ????
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    Why Does This Happen ?

    Right the this is the third time today why does the fucking server keep resetting, I know it happens to everyone els but I am not playing on this server until its sorted can someone explain why it happens please !!!!
  15. Thumbtastic

    S1: RDM Field NW of Kab 20/08/2016 - 08:50ish server time

    No sorry