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  1. This sound's pretty cool, nice to see people willing to help!
  2. United Nations Quick Reaction Force Been RP'ing as a member of UN medical staff (Left) and previously played as a Chernrussian peacekeeper (Right), couldn't sleep so I threw the images together. Maybe one day the UN will return in force to continue the good fight.
  3. Well I've got 3 months before i can even consider setting it up. But that's three months of studying lore and researching to ensure a realistic/responsive UN. Hopefully I can eventually make the UNQRF a reality. And don't worry criminals will feel the weight of the law and the protection of civilians will be prime. Hopefully I'll meet some decent mil-sim/medical rp'ers to make this a reality.
  4. It's genuinely something I'd like to be involved in. I mean just simple things like stopping passing civilians, checking for infection, further down the line we could see UN peacekeepers taking the fight to the infected, clearing towns delivering aid to local colonies. A UN with genuine goals, fighting the infection and keeping the peace. Could lead to interactions like this little short story written on the spot. I like lore. The UN A UN convoy roll's up to the gate's, an awkward silence hits the area. "You guys friendly?" is heard from the otherside. "We're here to help." is heard through a megaphone attached to the front vehicle. Slowly the gate's swing open to reveal the innards of the small colony. Men stood at the front of the gathering crowd holding various firearms, skeptical of the previous UN forces encountered in Chernarus. As UN peacekeepers,clad in their digital camouflage,gas masks,blue helmets and heavy vests, dismounted from their vehicles tensions were high. Face-to-face it all felt like hell was going to break loose. As far as people in the colony were concerned these guys were here to avenge their buddies. The megaphone rattles with sound "We're are the UNQRF, dispatched from the West we are to help. Please form an orderly queue, you will receive a ration.". Unsure the people slowly lined up behind a large military truck. Men clad in medical scrubs and fatigues dismounted form the truck and began unloading white boxes, setting up tables along with medical stations. As more people received rations and medial checks the atmosphere lifted. Maybe the UN weren't out the game at all, maybe it was just half time.
  5. My main aim was a UN group that consisted mainly of medical staff with a handful of armed peacekeepers. Roaming around the area surrounding their FOB, retrieving blood samples, rescuing wounded civilians and essentially only intervening in conflicts if its deemed a humanitarian issue. I even put thought into the "costumes" : UN Officer - USMC Uniform UN beret Plate carrier Western Weapon UN PeaceKeeper - USMC Uniform UN Ballistic Helmet Plate Carrier Western Weapon UN Medical Staff - USMC Pants Blue Medical Scrub shirt Scrub hat? Plate Carrier (only pouches, and for when on patrol with civil order units)
  6. So i'm sure one of the most discussed factions are military remnants. But what I'm wondering is, are there any UN based groups? I know the idea itself is most likely over used and poorly done. But I recently got whitelisted and my character is a medical professional who worked with the CDF and later on the UN. I feel like a decently "organised" group of UN remnants that are still trying to continue their work would be really complimenting to the lore of DayZRP. I know what you're thinking "But i'm fed up of military characters", whoa now! Let's imagine it for a second, a group of UN peacekeepers with supporting medical staff operating in say...the Stary Sobor camp for examples sake. Handing out food, helping injured people, sending out patrols into the surrounding areas. Basically a UN group that would behave according to international law (to an extent), use military tactics and simply act like normal human beings. Further into DayZ development we'll see H-barriers for base building , floodlights, a driveable humvee etc. The parts are coming slowly but surely that would allow a UN humanitarian mission to really hold some ground and be an acceptable/realistic faction. So there it is , my idea. Maybe this group could be called the U.N.Q.R.F ( United Nations Quick Reaction Force), maybe they could be defending one of the last few operating clinics/hospitals. With the right people,research and role play they could become one of the most lore intensive groups in the land. And who know's maybe they can still pull together whats left of this husk of a country. Anyway I welcome positive and negative feedback with open arms! I just wanted to get involved with the community!
  7. Thankyou for the warm welcome! I have spent the past hour or so thoroughly reading the rules and adapting my playstyle to fit said rules! I look forward to meeting you in the wastes and who knows maybe you'll be part of Arsenys' story.
  8. Hello to all! Thought I'd introduce myself whilst i await my application. My name's Craig, I'm 23 and from Scotland (UK). I frequent the lands of Chernarus and the lands of Youtube. I'll be using the server to produce a youtube series and will be writing short stories to go along with them, who knows maybe one day I'll finish the book Also why not meet my RP character! Arseny Gribkov: Arseny was born in Gorka, his father server in the CDF for several years. Hoping to follow in his fathers footsteps he signed up, only to be rejected due to his bad knee which he suffered from a game of soccer in his younger age. Dis-heartened he decided study medicine at the Novodmitrovsk National University. He graduated with full honors. During the outbreak Arseny was drafted by the military to provide medical research and support for the CDF in it's efforts to contain the virus. In his eyes, Arseny finally got to follow is fathers footsteps. He was deployed to the Elektro hospital along with several other medical staff, their job was to detain, study and if needed "cleanse" any infected patients. When the UN peacekeepers rolled into town and saw the atrocities carried out by CDF forces they were quick to disperse the hospital staff and supporting CDF soldiers. Arseny was transferred to Stary Sobor, where he spent a week supporting UN staff, until a fellow doctor brought in a young girl who had the tell-tale signs of infection, worried that she would be taken away to be studied Arseny and his co-worker escaped the camp at night. They travelled for a while until they reached Gorka, there they set up in Arsenys' family home. During the night Arseny was awoken by the curdling screams of his co-worker, he rushed to the next room to find the little girl whom he had saved chewing on his co-workers neck. The young girl rushed Arseny knocking him to the ground, as he reached for a weapon she thrashed inches from his face snapping her teeth and screaming. Eventually he felt a piece of rubble in his hand, he struck the girl with it, in a blind fit of rage he kept on striking her until her body lay lifeless. As he stood in his family home, looking at the dead girl and the twitching body of his friend he realizes, Chernarus was dead and his clock was also ticking by. Now Arseny wanders Chernarus, looking for remnants of any UN or CDf to join.