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    Words, Words, Words.

    Why don't just give the In Game Character the right to react accordingly, if he feels so badly offended by someone else using such expressions. Just like in real life, if you call someone "Nigger" you have to take in consideration that someone - may be not even the Person you said it to - will react very hostile. May be you will get shot just for saying that. So why not allow People to Play a racist character and be that way, if they wish - but on the other Hand allow other Players to be very aggressive about it and kill that asshole without warning... I don't really like the idea of having a community that is making way too many rules on how to behave in Game,let it Play out.
  2. Thomas has a dark secret, but I am not going to tell!
  3. Bimski42

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    Trapped up inside here, like lions in a cage, I've been a mark of injustice, Bound by these chains Can't find a reason, I'm on my own, My destiny waits for a sign from me, I'm leaving alone I'm out on my way now, It's been so many years, The chase is my lifeblood, I have no more fears Fire, burns in my veins... Anger, shows on my face... Hatred, poisons my soul... Look out, I'm about to explode Evil ones try to destroy us, We're armed and prepared for attack, We'll take on the world with the rebellion, We're dangerous down to the last Armed and dangerous Am I evil, or am I insane? The lion inside of me, is no longer tame A blade in my left, a gun in my right, to beat you within, an inch of your life (Anthrax - Armed and Dangerous)
  4. Bimski42

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    ...and the road becomes my bride... I have stripped of all but pride So in her I do confide... And she keeps me satisfied Gives me all I need ...and with dust in throat I crave... Only knowledge will I save To the game you stay a slave Rover, wanderer, Nomad, vagabond Call me what you will ...and the earth becomes my throne... I adapt to the unknown Under wandering stars I've grown... By myself but not alone I ask no one ...and my ties are severed clean... The less I have the more I gain Off the beaten path I reign Anywhere I roam... Where I lay my head is home (Metallica - Wherever I May Roam)
  5. *Tom can't help but smile at Hof's Response, making a note to himself to be more precise when talking to him in the future. Also it makes him Forget the disturbing female sounds he had picked up on the radio before* "You know... You made contact to her the last time we met ... and you borrowed me the raincoat ... and ... *sighes* ... I guess I am just happy that you heard me!"
  6. *Recognizing the unique voice crackling through the static on the radio, Tom suddenly feels a sting of excitement, like an electric stroke Shooting through his body. He wasn't sure if he had understood completely, because the beginning and the end of the message was somehow cut off a Little. But he had heard enough, now knowing that Zhoe for sure will be notified! Hands shaking because of the sudden rush of adrenaline, he picks up the Radio and sends out just a short reply* "Thank you, man!... Thank you ... You are my hero ... again!"
  7. *Tom takes a deep breath, straightens himself up and tries to speak as calmly and clearly as possible* "Listen... I really need to get in touch with Zhoe... My Name is Thomes Jost ... She knows me ... If you know her... if you see her... please let her know that I would meet her at the same place that we got seperated ... She will know if she wants to do that ... Or if she wants to talk back to me on Radio ... Please ... just tell her I am here and alive ... Thank you, strangers ... have save travels!" *Very unsure, if this Radio broadcast really was a smart idea, Tom is starting to move back to the place he saw Zhoe last time, trying to find a good hidden overlook to check the spot from a distance...*
  8. *Tom jumps at the unexpected voice coming out of his radio. His heart suddenly pumping fast and loud, with shaking hands he presses the button again* "Hello... do you know Zhoe? This is Tom ... She knows me ... Who are you?" *nervously, Tom is looking around, hiding in the bushes...*
  9. *Wet and freezing from the cold rain, Thomas Jost is fumbling with the damaged radio, hoping the battery is strong enough to make his message go through. After hesitating for a long time, thinking about what to say, he is switching through the frequencies, repeating the same message* "This is Tom ... Desperately searching Zhoe ... Zhoe, if you hear me, I'm sorry I lost you again ... I will wait for you at the place we saw each other last ... To anybody who hears this ... If you meet Zhoe, please tell her this ... I will repeat this message every evening at sunset ... as long as this battery will let me ..."
  10. Hey I was Allen (at least thats my name), under wich circumstances did we meet? I can't quite recall the encounter. Tom and Zhoe ran into Allan's tent at Black Lake. Tom gave Allen his precious pumpkin seeds, and a cooking pot for him to start farming. When the sun went down we all hung out by the camp fire together... I know why Allen might have a lack of memories, but I'm not going to tell...
  11. Okay, Thank you. My Question has been answered. See you in Chernarus.
  12. I hope this is the right Forum to address this question. Sorry if it is not. I have searched but couldn't find an answer to how it is done to mention other Players names in Forum Posts so they will Show up highligted, and possibly receive an alert about beeing mentioned. This whole forum thing is rather new to me and it is the little things I can't find out. The world is full is full of miracles and everyday I find out something new I don't know... please help an old man understanding the myths of modern communication...
  13. It's a few days ago already, but I really liked Meeting Zhoe Burton (Levi-athon). Liked the friendly and authentic roleplay that developed when Tom ran into her. Also liked the roleplay of her fellow traveller Johannes Hofmeister, as well as their companion Gerhard Weissenberger. They probably were somehow more "Special" as characters, but the in depth conversation between Zhoe and Tom was a lot of fun and felt surprisingly real. Tom sure would have loved to keep up the company with Zhoe longer and was very upset when he woke up the next morning, after falling asleep by the camp fire, to find out everybody else, including Zhoe, were gone. Tom sure will roam Chernarus to try to find her again! Meeting Allan Hyde and his friends Mike and Aaron was also a very great roleplay experience. Those friendly survivors gave a lot of hope to poor Tom, and made him start to believe that there are good People around. Marc Graves (Kane Savage) ran into Tom in Berenzino and offered him company on his way to Chernogorsk. During the long, long walk, a very interesting and authentic conversation developed - eventually Marc became a friend, a Partner, and it made Tom feel not so lost, not so alone, and much more confident in accepting this new world as it is and adapting to it. Great roleplay, even though hardly anything exciting happened.
  14. I am new to DayzRP, and today I had my first two encounters which were short but I enjoyed nonetheless: 1. I met Pavel Cherkov in Dolina and told him that I was roaming the woods for weeks, never meeting anybody. No humans, no infected. He let me interview him and revealed one of his darkest secrets on camera. Unfortunately the server restarted and I couldn't get back on it, as it was already full. Thank you Chilliconcarne! 2. I met a guy in Staroye. Unfortunately, when I turned on in game chat my sound broke down and I couldn't hear anything. Chatted with him via text a little bit. He said he was an american journalist who didn't know his way around. Gave him water and a map. He wanted to travel together and so I told him I needed to go to the outhouse first. He was going to wait. I went into the outhouse to relog. When I finally got back in, he was gone. Sorry, journalist, that had taken me longer than expected, lol.
  15. I am glad I got whitelisted to join this community. I have started pc-gaming 1 1/2 years ago - just because of DayZ. And I am not playing any other games. When I saw this game for the first time, I got addicted immediately! Roleplaying seems to be the best way to Play it - running araund, searching for PVP can be fun, but that is not what DayZ was created for, I believe. So, I am excited to get into it and courious about the RP experience. Just one question came to my mind at the very beginning, and I couldn`t find an answer either in the FAQ's, the Guide or in the Forum. It's about the two possible Servers to join. To avoid accidentally cheating, am I allowed to choose the Server I Play on - can I Switch between them? I noticed the one Server only having 4 or 5 People, while to other one was rather full, when I played. Am I free to make up my mind from time to time? Thanx for help.