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  1. VDV Quarantine zone?

    So, you don't like something a group is doing IC? Why, that sounds like a fantastic RP opportunity! Why are we talking about it here? Let's get in game and RP it out! =]
  2. Astrid Snyder

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    • Levy

    Looks like your profile, pretty much what I expected. what am I saying

  3. Levy

    hey guys derik here

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    1. Dan Backslide

      Dan Backslide

      Mesonges et calomnies

  4. DayZRP Con.

    Sounds fun! Looking forward to the invalid intiation/RDM/killing of a compliant hostage report mega-thread.
  5. Spot The Lost Veteran Lurkers!

    Coreena checking if her crappy forum game is still a failure.
  6. If you go into your bios or boot in safe mode does the problem persist? Which OS do you both have? Try using the On-Screen Keyboard and see if it works when you select the appropriate key from there.
  7. Can't wait to see this interview!
  8. EchoZeero for the unedited spookiness.
  9. The Night Of Fear[Ended]

    Sounds awesome. Sending pm.