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  1. I believe this is because offline raiding will occur, might as well play on vanilla rather an rp server then. Sometimes the gate locks will bug out, locking the players inside the base. I have not experienced gate locks bugging and we have a policy of taking a hacksaw with us in case it does while on supply runs. Either way, breaking in via destruction should be discouraged. Build a ladder and get over the wall, starve out the castle like the days of old by laying siege to a settlement. If we're going to make destruction easy, make it stupid easy to build so it's not weeks of building to minutes of destruction.
  2. If you don't believe we need bases just remove the mechanic. Why are members of this community telling us how to play our game? Some of us wanted to play raiders, some settlers, and some wanderers/ nomads. THESE ARE ALL VALID PLAY-STYLES. I cannot stress to you enough how much flipping work it takes people to build bases, I cannot imagine doing it by myself as it would take even longer but my friends and I spent the last two weeks building for 6 hour blocks during our play. This is a conservative estimate, we probably spent closer to 12 hours building, a day. The state of the game is already messed up, Bohemia has been working at a snails pace on the base game, why would we make things worse when we're the one's modding the game? If you want to raid a base, RP!!!!! Get a f**king ladder, initiate, make demands, set up shop in a near by building, grab a hostage leaving the base and FORCE SOME RP FOR THE LOOT. If I go on a supply run and looking for RP I have to be worried that someone broke into my base and that will take us MORE TIME TO REBUILD and LESS TIME ROLE PLAYING. I am not against lowering from 28 hours, I believed this to be too crazy, but it FORCES RP. 15 minutes would work only if macros were not used, force that person to hold left click, but this is outside the scope of the game. If I leave a lock on my gate, just SAW THROUGH. Why are we trying to make it easier for grieving and offline raiding on an RP server?
  3. Right, this is my point. There was not an announcement. I am fairly certain it would have been easier for people to collect what they want and slowly migrate over to s2 and rebuild their base. The queue cap hinders this process by not allowing us to queue up to collect things we want before making S2 the new home.
  4. Thanks for the tip Where was this announced? Doesn't seem like anybody knew this change?
  5. My point is not the waiting it's the fact that I don't get to wait. I cannot queue up with a cap, and by the time the UI resets and I can click play again someone else may take up that open queue slot even though they clicked play after me. This is my problem with a cap.
  6. I can generally see no issue hopping servers with lack of base building mechanics. The problem is that many players have established on S1 since this has been the always online server. If S2 has become always online then we don't need a server queue cap, players will naturally funnel over and even out the populations. I've spent the last two weeks building a base on s1 because s2 wouldn't always be up. Now the solution is to prevent me from even getting a fair slot in the queue because it comes up to who clicks play at random faster?
  7. This major change should have been announced prior to implementation to allow players to discuss amongst their respective friend circles and allow them time to move over slowly. Being stuck with my base in S1, we're still currently building on it, I have no incentive to leave for s2. Why would we need a queue cap in the first place? I don't agree that the solution is to nuke everything, the solution is to hold events on s2 and drive traffic to it that way. Perhaps offering incentives like a base building kit or a way to compensate players to move is better than a "f**k it all" approach. IF this was implemented after a wipe I do not think there would be any complaining. Again, no problem with s2, as long as it stays up like s1 does and is no longer a 'backup'. There still is no need for a queue cap where I have to guess to wait in line to hopefully play without the menu glitch or spaghetti hands. Not all of us enjoy wandering all day for RP, there is plenty RP to have while running a settlement.
  8. They implemented the cap today, so they can surely remove it. I understand they want more people on s2 but this server is not guaranteed to be online like s1 is. If s2 has been made like s1, as in always online, they surely did not make this announcement clear and apparent. I have no issue playing on either server, the main problem is as others have pointed out: bases. I've spent time building a base with my friends on one server. If we build on s2, that's not always online, and if we build on s1, we now have a guessing game to wait in line and hope you don't get the menu glitch, we end up at the same problem. This problem is that we built a base on either server and the servers are limiting access in turn. If the intent was to make two full time servers, why not wait until a wipe before forcing a cap? The current groups are mostly established and dug in, there is no incentive to hop servers unless your base goes with you, which that won't happen since you can't build on both servers simultaneously. I enjoy being able to play the same character on both servers but with the group and settlement dynamics, I can only RP that whenever the server is lower population count. My solution would be to remove the queue cap immediately and let the players work out over the next few days relocating to server 2. If my friends and I are going to move servers we need the queue space to collect our things and transfer it over. A sudden addition of the queue cap has been executed poorly.
  9. I understand about wanting to populate S2 more, does this mean that S2 will be permanent and available at all times? It seems that players would be stuck in limbo wanting to play where everyone is and where their base is located. If I'm on S2 but the S1 population dies down late at night then I'll be stuck playing on the opposite server without my gear / base.
  10. I am wondering why the server queue was dropped to 20 slots. Was this causing server performance issues with more users waiting to play? We have seen this community grow quite a bit and the main server, S1, seems to be full all the time. The problem with the server queue being so small means that I cannot access my base, or RP with my friends since we're established on S1. My understanding is that S1 is meant to be the main server for everyone to base build and RP on and S2 is meant for overflow; looting and traveling when S1 is full, which is why S2 will disappear when there aren't enough players. Why can't I wait in line to get back to my base and gear?
  11. Guy Angles was fresh out of the US Army of ten years and looking for answers about himself and life after the military. He went backpacking through Europe, spending many nights getting to know the locals. He started in London, where he met up with some people he had played video games with when he was younger. He explored the United Kingdom and made his way to Denmark, Norway, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, just to name a few. Guy would stay for a couple of weeks at each place he happened to stop, and eventually made his way to Churnarus. The event happened and Guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time and has been stranded in Churnarus ever since.
  12. Jon grew up an outdoors-man; hunting, fishing, hiking, boating, and camping. From a young age he learned to shoot. Following the events of 9/11, Jon waited his turn to come of age before joining in the military. He would become a combat medic and see several tours of duty between Iraq and Afghanistan. Then something weird started happening in a remote region of Chernarus. He and his unit were sent here in support of that mission, the only problem was that things got out of hand and Jon has been wandering the region surviving ever since.
  13. I like the M4 the most. Just a rifle that means a lot to me IRL.
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