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  1. Jamm


    Horrifying.. truely horrifying
  2. Cheers Mate! Looking forward to some good times.
  3. Cheers mate! looking forward to it.
  4. Jacob has always been a bit of a free spirit, and had a love for animals, he may not have been a vegetarian but he studied to become a veterinarian, finish university at 19 fully qualified, however instead of joining a practice he was bored of common life. Instead he sold most of his belongings, bought a good pair of boots and a rucksack and started walking, and hasn't looked back since. In his time traveling hes found himself as far as the plains of Africa where he spent a year as a wildlife reserve guard watching over endangered rhinos, hes walked most great parks in europe and america and was finally hiking his way through Russia and eastern Europe when the borders were closed, it took a while before Jacob even noticed a change having mostly avoided towns and cities, only finding out the full extent when attempting to restock on supplies in Lopatino. Only finding waste and death he attempted to flee, but was nearly shot and killed at the borders, realising survival was more a challenge now than ever he has armed himself and is on a search for anyone he can hold out with.
  5. Edmund "Mud" McLintoch is a survivor, having spent a small spat in the armed forces he received a dishonourable discharge after he was ordered to fire upon a convoy with known civilians and refused, this ended in a number of casualties as among the civilians was a suicide bomber who entered their compound and detonated his charge. Edmund's actions were ruled as desertion and man slaughter. After returning home the guilt weighed on his conscious, his wife had taken the children when he was deployed and so he had little left to keep him in scotland, packing up a few personal possessions he took to the road and began walking. Somehow after several years of travelling from place to place he found himself hiking through Chernarus. Where he was caught in the middle of a nightmare to rival any from his past.
  6. *Quentin grits his teeth tightly and grabs the radio* Listen here you little shit don't you... *Sighs and takes a deep breath, calming down* No.. no I deserved that... If you want to know my daughter is dead, I shot her myself after she was bitten by an infected.. I didn't want to see her turn.. *puts his head in his hands* Happy now you little shit?
  7. *Chuckles to himself listening and holds the PTT* No need to appologise you just put to words what the rest of us were to afraid to say, and done so eloquiently too *takes a breath, drawing from a cigarette blowing out as he holds the PTT* Now where were we? Shouldn't let some disturbed wain interrupt our conversation.
  8. *listens to the young voice, confused and sickened* What's your problem kid? Couldn't sit and let the grown-ups just have a chat? Reminds of my daughter tugging my jacket when I didn't have 100% attention on her.. *sighs with his head on his hands* If you're really keeping slaves I hope your mother is dead.. I'd hate to see a woman so ashamed of her child.
  9. *Quentin smiles softly swaying and lightly tapping his feet to the music wiping a tear from his eyes* Heh.. Yeah thanks friend it's.. been a long time.. my wife loved the song *lays back and closes his eyes a smile on his face and tears on his cheeks*
  10. *relaxes in the bed of the house he has barricaded himself in for the night and smiles, holding the PTT* F.K.? Well... It's something, pleased to meet you, I can understand a desire to be anonymous.. I'm tired of hiding who I am, if someone knows who I am and what I was involved in its their choice what they do with that information.. so, where do we take a conversation where those involved dont want to share to much? *smiles and puts a hand behind his head sighing and thinking* Suppose I'll share a little about myself.. before all this went to hell I was a paramedic fresh out of training, I came here to help during the civil war, volenteer medical personnel.. tough work but rewarding, then all this happened and well.. lost my daughter and my friends, got mixed up with people I thought could do some good and that didn't go so well.. now I'm trying to atone for my sins, using my skills where I can but.. it's hard to have people trust you when you're a nameless guy offering to stick them with a needle saying its painkillers.. *Chuckles a bit again becoming aware of himself* Sorry turned into a bit of a sob story there.. *broadcast stops*
  11. *Quentin smiles a bit and holds the PTT* I can't argue with that.. all the shit that's been happening.. I'm feeling pretty damn lonely right now.. feels good to have a friendly conversation.. nice to talk Tipps. *Chuckles and grins* A few pints and a warm bed and some company sound pretty sank good right now... I think I'd die happy if I could get my hands on some Guiness *Clicks off the comms smiling and listening*
  12. *Quentin opens his eyes hearing the soft voice, looking down at his radio and smiling faintly he grabs it and pushes the PTT* Sit and talk.. that's something I haven't done in a while, without fear the person I'm talking to will cut my throat just because of who I am.. Or was.. *he pauses quietly considering his words for a moment* I have no idea who you are.. who you're with, maybe you'll be looking to kill me too, but I suppose I'll start, my name is Quentin Blake, if you don't know the name I'm glad, means I can stop being as paranoid as I feel.. what's yours?
  13. Jamm

    Mack Dempsey [Open Frequency]

    *Quentin holds his radio trembling listening to the broadcasts lifting it to his mouth and pressing the PTT* Mack.. w-what the hell... A.. a kid? We're torturing kids now!? I've tried to sit and persuade myself I can stand by what we were doing, getting back at our enemies right? But torturing a child! I'm.. I'm done.. I can't anymore.. *grips the radio tightly* You're all losing it man... The men who brought me in are gone.. *tosses the radio into the grass between his legs and lays back sighing*
  14. *grips his radio tightly, sick from everything he's hearing, pushing the PTT* I sick of this, I might be a pup, I don't have the street cred my pack has, but this shit.. *sighs, squeezing the radio tighter* I can't believe I even considered leaving anymore, unchained, akrasia, whoever.. You guys aren't going to be so cocky when you're a couple of eyes short of a set.. *sits back and sighs, a grin spreading on his face, his morals were changing and he would be lying if he denied he liked the feeling*
  15. *Quentin listens closely to the chatter, sighing to himself and punching the dirt beside him, holding the PTT* Damn it Mack... i was about ready to turn my back on you guys you know i was but.. *sighs and laughs to himself* i would say i didn't sign up for this shit but, i did, i signed up to have a family, to have brothers who would watch my back and you have, you all have. You guys have brought me in from the cold, dried my fur and given me a family, what sort of man turns his back on his family when they need him. Even if don't agree with all the bullshit we've done and the shit we're going through you guys are my family. and i'll fight till the end to keep you guys safe as best i can. *Releases the PTT and leans against his pack and sighs staring out across a field, eyes lighting up as a deer runs across his view*
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