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  1. The other guys have said it already but I just wanted to thank folk for the encouragement, hope the people that have come across us are enjoying the RP we're giving and that we continue to improve!
  2. I am a very happy camper! ?
  3. Sorry i messed your quote up a little, i changed the video to an edited one.
  4. ALL WILL BE JUDGED BEFORE MANN @YO_MIKE @sh4wzy @pk_cooler @nisbo @Krisp @Imation11
  6. I dont have a problem with many of the hostile groups and i would say the vast majority of hostage situations or hold ups i've been in have been pretty enjoyable and tense situations. I do feel however that a few bad apples tend to spoil the bunch, these groups will have large numbers and where many of the squad are solid RPers theres always one or two who are just there for the gear and to talk shit which can really spoil immersion. No need to change any rules about hostile RP or groups, just wish some of the more hostile groups where a little more picky about who joined beyond the fact
  7. The great word of Mann will be known to all.
  8. Pretty much as the title states, having the Skin Mask in the item shop would be great as it can be difficult to get access to human flesh without going out the sole intention of murdering someone else's character, either that or make it craftable with animal leathers as well perhaps? as it does have a very threatening and unhinged vibe to it.
  9. Thanks for the feed back in his one guys! it recieved more attention than I expected but I'm going to close the poll as I can see it's quite an unpopular suggestion, it was mostly an idea that popped into my head while playing and due to the change to wipe hidden stashes every 48 hrs I felt this suggestion filled a similar vein as that. Again thanks for all your feedback!
  10. The laugh is extremely annoying but the twitch should definetly be kept, giving people a visual queue that something is off while not having to deal with the constant laughing. The side effect of uncontrollable laughter can take as long as 30 years to develop in real life cases after initial contraction of the disease.
  11. I feel like yes, Rape RP should be banable, even if it is given permission, however general consensual ERP could remain but only if the age restriction is added back onto the community because as it stands, ERP with a minor becomes more than just a server rules issue it can become a legal issue and thats something that no one should need to worry about while playing a video game.
  12. When I say inactive characters I don't mean on the forums, people can have as many inactive characters on the forms as they want, in referring to on the server, many people will log in, spawn a fresh character and gear them up then log out never to return, all the gear on the character is then lost to the economy, if you are switching between different characters on the forums, it is all the same "in game" character save used so there is no inactive character and no loot out of distribution.
  13. Since the recent decision to up the server pop from 100 to 120 plus a lot of new players recently with the added gun mod etc. I feel like the frequency of finding certain rarer loot items has plummeted even with the higher number of possible weapons and gear. In my opinion i feel this is becasue some newer members of the community have joined, geared up and become inactive, some maybe to never return, taking some gear out of the loot economy until there is another server wipe. My suggestion is that after a certain number of days inactive (14 days?) a players character is reset and their gear r
  14. I think giving pain meds a purpose would be good to, like if you're limping at red health if you take codeine or paracetamol it puts you up one movement, so you then limp as if you're on yellow health for a while until the meds wear off, and if you pop a morphine injector you can have full movement back but only for a few minutes. +1
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