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  1. Today I visited our old house. I wanted to go back to finaly deal with the death of my mother and what happened that day. It all happened so fast. It was just another normal afternoon at quiet Krasnostav city. My mother left for the Sunny Retirement Home's elderly bingo little earlier than usual. I understood they were going to serve free soup before the actual bingo, at around 10 am. I think we all know how old people react to free-anything, my mother was ready to go at 7 am. I believe she planned her route and outfit night before. Amazing. Day earlier I took a walk to the woods to hide half of the money I had washed. They were safe at a location only I knew so I slept really well the following night. At least some of my money would be safe. I finaly got up around 10.30 am, got dressed and headed downtown to get some breakfast at my mothers retirement home. I usually did this 1st) to avoid cooking myself and 2nd) to spend some time with my mother. She really loved it when I was around. Even after all what I had done. When I went outside I noticed a few broken windows at our neighbors house and the house seemed to be on fire! Then I saw that some appartment doors that were totally destroyed, dropped from the hinges. But there was nobody around? The streets were quiet. I headed downtown to report everything to the police. I walked downhill towards the city centre and my mothers retirement home and then I saw them for the first time. The infected. There were hundreds of them running around and banging on the retirement home windows and doors. Some of them were already inside. Old people were jumping out from the windows trying to escape only to be bitten and eaten by other infected outside. People were literally torn apart before my own eyes. The screams.. or the sight.. I will never forget it. I just stood still. Too terrified to move. The infected were everywhere. There was no way I could get to my mother without getting myself killed. I did not even know if she was still alive. I saw some of the infected heading towards me and I took off. I turned around and did not look back. I did not have time to get anything from our house. In some way I left my whole life behind and started running away from everything that had happened. I've not really stopped since until today. I thought I had made difficult and impossible decisions my whole business career, but this was different. I had never been in a situation where I did not know my next move. So there I was looking at all that was left. It seemed that the fire at our neighbors appartment had spred and burned down our house too. There was only the rubble. Krasnostav was quiet and lonely. I did not see my mother or anyone else wondering around endlessly. Dead or alive. I was hoping I could get some clousure if she were there. Maybe I will see her again. Maybe then I will find peace. I travelled towards south and arrived to Polana sometime later. I found some supplies and a weapon on the road but the food and ammo was scarse. I was scavenging supplies inside an appartment when I heard a distant mans voice outside on the street. A man was really crying for help. "Please, I'm starving!". His voice sounded tired and languished so I listened to it for few minutes. I carefully looked out from the window without showing myself and saw the man. He was well geared and armed with some automatic rifle. I can't really tell weapons apart. I know that there are small guns and big guns. I had a pistol and he had some kind of a rifle. I was worried. But this guy was basicly crawling on the street. He could not stand up and looked really tired and hungry. He was begging anyone for food. I had not seen anyone alive since I left Krasnostav. I walked out and slowly approached this man. I was holding my other hand on my pistol while I took slow steps towards him. I had my only bullet chambered and ready to fire, in theory. I havn't used my pistol before. This could be the first time I would ever have to use my gun at all. I was not even sure if the safety was on or off. He saw me and turned towards me. He stopped and layed down to the ground and begged me for food. I only had one can of beans left in my backbag. Since I saw him from the window I started to go through different scenarios and the probabilities of what could happen. I used my wits and analysed his strength, gear and abilities and added them to my calculations. But I was not sure what would be the best course of action. I could shoot him and gain some good gear or spare him, feed him. It was not like me to trust or help people without first thinking everything thru. Against all my survival instincts I trusted this man and gave him the beans. I wanted to gamble on this because I had a feeling this might pay off later. He consumed the beans really quickly. The can was opened and empty before I even closed my bag. He thanked me and introduced himself. His name was John. John was a hunter and ex-marine. He was visiting Chernarussia on a hunting trip with his friends when things got really bad. He was travelling with a group earlier but later separated from then. Everyone wanted to choose their own fate. Keeping together and working towards the same goals or destinations is not easy when you would have to trust somebody with your life. We talked about our situations for a while and then he taught me how to use the walkie-talkies I found before. These would become handy later! Before John left he told me that if I would need to find him I should scan the radio frequencies every morning like he does. We said goodbye and then he was gone. This was not the best bet I had done. Now was without food and without a companion. Ex-marine would have definetly boosted my chances of surviving until things would settle. Now I needed to find some food, fast. I decided to continue west towards Gorka. Coincidence or not, I would see John again soon enough.
  2. Background Music suggestion: [mp3]http://files.1337upload.net/chappie_soundtrack_ost_-_welcome_to_-hBdfymvvQRw_fmt135-42480c.mp3[/mp3] My name is Markku Ritaluoma. People who know me think I am very professional, very polite and extremely smart. They are right. I might be the smartest man you will ever meet. Last of a dying breed. I am a Finnish entrepreneur who originally arrived to Chernarus when fleeing the imminent bankruptcy of my car company. My company was planning to build a biggest shopping center for automobiles there is. With a support of many international companies, car brands and even local goverment my plans was taking off really well. I got greenlight for the location, building contracts and schedules. Getting goverment and companies involved with this project was not even a challenge. While business was quiet for everybody, budgets were tight and companies were losing international business opportunities, the promise of revenue, growth and huge payoffs was all it took. A word of mouth. Can you believe it? I almost couldn't. Topping all my bluffs with some ecological motives and goals I had everyone fooled that this could or would be pulled off. Original investments came thru. Over 250 000 000€. When the money came in I started the works slowly and sent contractors to work. I wanted everything to look like it was really happening, but at the same time I was washing and sending that money away to my accounts and bussinesses abroad. Yes, I cooked the books myself and I was quite a chef if you ask me! I had arranged my dear old mother to live in one of my appartments in Krasnostav. She arranged things for me there while I was finishing operations in Finland. Chernarus has always been known for low property taxing rates so I had a solid B plan in store if my book cooking would eventually surface. It was only matter of time. I purchased few appartmens and local businesses from here and there with fake names and made up excuses. Let's face it, only thing people cared about was the money. I just let it do the talking and people of Chernarus were really welcoming. I got to know the locals and also donated a healthy amount for the local church. They used this money to build a new chapel to replace the old one they had. My mother was also getting to know people. We were both using a fake name. My mother understood well what I had done and played along. She was the one who teached me all about accounting after all. Then I "disappeared" and left Finland. I was now living with my mother in Krasnostav. Not ideal circumstanses, but I thought this was a temporary solution while we were looking a way to transfer our wealth to our tropical hideout. After few weeks I found out that Finnish Tax Administration and bunch of other agencies were closing in on my paper trail. I was stressed and worried. I had hidden half of my wealth 100 000 000€ to a ditch near Krasnostav, just to ensure some of the money was safe if i got caught. Then the strange things started to happen at the west and when the outbreak and the true seriousness of the situation was revealed I was… Really relieved. This was the ultimate cover for all my tracks. Total chaos reigned all over Chernarus and the plague would eventually cover everything and everyone. Nobody would now come after me here. I was safe! After few weeks my mother was attacked and killed during Krasnostav’s elderly bingo hour. At the same day all hell broke lose and Krasnostav was lost. Our house burned to the ground with the another half of my wealth. I was sad for a while, but I had to keep up with the times. You win and you lose some battles every day. When you are on the run there is no time to worry, you just keep moving and survive. I was now on my own. I still had the 100 000 000€ hidden away in a ditch near Krasnostav if things would calm down. Now I just wait and hope I'll make it long enough. Surviving an apocalypse is a lot like running a business. You can never trust anyone but yourself, you can never stop fighting, but if you manage to go on long enough you just might make it. See you on the road.