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  1. Jay is a 17 year old high school student, captain of the 1st team rugby and a member of the student council. Jay's father, Shaun Stephens is employed with Erin Energy, and is responsible to identifying new deposits of natural resources with the intention set up mining enterprises around the world. Jay was on winter break and accompanied his father on his business trip to the Chenarus region. This was a trio Jay had been looking forward to, not only to spend some quality time with this father prospecting in the wilderness, but also due to him wanting to study engineering and follow in his father's footsteps. Having fled south from Electo around the 20th, Shaun took himself and Jay to the island of Skalisty to escape the madness and looting. Few days passed that Jay and his father stayed on the island, no other persons were seen. Jay's memories of the mass evacuation were moving to the back of his mind a little each day. It began to feel a little bit more like a father and son camping trip. Jay awoke to the darkness of his tent to screams from his father. "JAAAAAY !!!!!!!, RUUUUUN" a little confused Jay climbed out his tent to see this father wrestling to two unknown men. Jay saw his father fall to the ground, still screaming for Jay to run, one of the assailants aimed a hand gun at Shaun while the other stood there laughing, BANG BANG, the muzzle flash lighting up the faces of the assailants with each shot, highlighting their black balaclavas with skull insignia. Jay turned at this point as the sound of a bullet whizzed past his head, Jay ran straight for the beach and into the water ducking each time he heard a gun shot and then the whizz of a bullet. falling over the rocks and into the waves Jay swam as hard as his arms would allow and into the cold wet darkness of the ocean. Once under the cover of darkness Jay watched the two assailants walk back to this camp, ransack the camp and set fire to their remaining items. What felt like ages and with a numbing body Jay swan to a smaller island, crawled up the shore and found a rocky ledge and crawled under it. Hypothermia set in and Jay fell asleep. Awaking to the sounds of seagulls, Jay took some time to come to terms with this surroundings and remember what happened the night before. Jay made his way back the his camp, and there lay his father's lifeless body. Jay knew he could not leave his father like that and located one of there shovels. Several hours later, as the sun was setting Jay laid his father in the grave he had dug, tear running down his tear and dirt stained checks. Jay filled in the hole into the darkness of night, too afraid to light a fire for fear of drawing attention to himself. Once the grave was filled Jay collapsed into the mount of dirt and broke down in an uncontrolled crying fit until he was so exhausted he fell asleep. Jay awoke again to a misty morning, realizing that he fallen asleep on his father's grave and for the first time realized he was hungry. Jay collected what little was salvageable and made his way to the mainland.
  2. Hi all, thanks for the constructive criticism and your explanations why such a rule would not work. Some points I had not considered. After reading all the responses I have come to the following conclusion: Your character is your character and you should have the right to say when a perma is on the cards. I guess if you want the adrenaline then create a character with an agreement to yourself that any kill other than being dayzeed will be perma death.
  3. How many of us are there that is missing a little something..... missing the anxiety of a permadeath to our character/s. I know this was touched on in an earlier post (Valid Execution Rights=Forced PermaDeath) below but felt I would like to start a new post to get fellow member's opinion on my suggestion below. Many time to add to a thread that has several pages not every reads every post and thereby your suggestion is not seen by many. In order to bring a little realism and maybe some fear in this community we should have a scenario where a character can be permakilledwhether you like it or not. Nothing like a bit of adrenaline pumping while running for your life with bullets flying knowing if you die now it is bye bye character. My proposal is as follows: We have a wounded system whereby any wounded character if killed has to be permakilled. Now before everyone jumps on their high horse and states they will perma when it suits them and no one else please read to the end and then provide constructive criticism. The wounded system works as follows: To be declared a wounded your death has to be reported on the forum by the person or group that killed you. This has to be reported within say 60min or 90min of the kill. If not reported at all or not within the required timeframe your character is not classified as wounded. if the report is valid your character has a wounded status for 3 day (can be more) and if killed again in this period and your kill is reported you have to delete your character. Now you have a few options available to you 1. Do not play for 3 days - not likely gonna happen 2. Play, go into hiding with your character, medical RP do what ever you need to do to keep safe 3. Go balls to the wall and place your character in hostile situation knowing if he dies its bye bye 4. Play with an alt character but know the same wounded fate can await your alt and you may have 2 alts wounded in the same period. What RP does this open? Groups at war can now go on man hunts and try and kill off wounded enemies. The wounded can go into hiding medical RP if they wish. Imagine a group where there are 2 or three wounded in a compound and their fellow members defending the compound knowing that if they lose the wounded may be permakilled if they are killed again. Obviously killing a compliant hostage or a rule break (RDM KOS) will not result in a perma death. What issues can this possibly resolve? there have been recent complaints that some groups continuously attack others almost daily, kills are traded but the attacks do not stop. The wounded system has the possibility to reduce frequency of attacks as the attackers may choose to keep their characters out of harms way for 3 days if they were wounded. The defenders might also be more open to surrender knowing they have wounded. This will push game play to a more RP level than a PVP fight day after day. Tis is just an example. The horseman attack blackwood, kills are traded and the logs are posted after the fight and the wounded are named. It seems the leader of Blackwood is wounded. The Horseman have two options, keep their wounded safe and stay away for 3 days or go on a man hunt for Blackwood's leader and go for the permakill. Blackwood now have a little incentive to keep their leader safe and either in hiding or under heavy guard. this can go the other way as well. the northern alliance is tired of hostilities from Newmoon, firefight breaks out and NM leader is killed and a few others, kills are posted and characters are deemed to be wounded. The NA can now go on the offensive and hunt the wounded and go for the kill to perma them and in this way reduce NM numbers for a short while. So anyway guys let me know what you think.
  4. Zar

    A Community Divided - Discussion

    I have not read all 13 pages of responses so I apologise now if I am repeating something that has already been said. When it comes to handing out punishments it is not an easy task and not everyone will be happy with the outcome. What breaks a community down is inconsistency in punishments. Rule breaks are quite similar to criminal law, and I should know a little something about this as I am an attorney. A rule should be quite simple and should be drafted in the following manner. Rule should state clearly and without double meaning what "action" is prohibited and what the punishment is for such a rule break (I think the way the current rules are drafted are clear and concise and state what punishment is dealt with if rule is broken) so no need to fix what is not broken. Its the inconsistency that is becoming a problem and this is something that the staff need to work on to resolve. The easiest way to do this is work on a precedent basis. What this means if a certain punishment is imposed for a certain action then this is the punishment to be served on any future similar offences. One can take into account mitigating circumstances which may lessen the punishment but this should only be done if good cause is shown by the defendant. I have personally been involved in a matter which I felt was extremely inconsistent with the dishing out of a ban. I will not be naming anyone and the issue has come and gone. In this instance a new player whom I convinced to join our servers initiated on some players after they became hostile with his friends. In the video of the hostile RPers you can clear see they are setting up a flank before the initiation and it is clear they are aiming to do this to get KOS rights upon initiation. Initiation is dropped and my friend is sprayed by the flankers. In the process my friend gunned down and complying hostage as he got a fright and did not know who shot him he just sprayed. Now I know rules are clear you cannot kill a complying hostage and so this must be dealt with but the speed at which the initiation took place, the hostage put his hand up and the flankers shot was less than a second, again proving a baiting situation in my opinion. Also rule play over role play as the flanking party could have initiated on my friend to continue Rp instead of killing him and ending RP for him and the dead hostages. The first thing my friend said to me was that he was reported and stands no chance as he has been reported by a hall of famer. Now in the real work if your friend has an automatic weapon pointed at him you gonna be damn sure you can kill the initiator without your friend being shot. Anyway POV was given by my friend and he got a ban. I read the reply of the staff member and reason for banning. I also found a video of an extremely similar situation where the initiator was found not guilty and jumped into TS to discuss the banning the staff member, the response I got was a dismissive one and any further discussions regarding the baitiness of the OP group was evaded. I believe this is what has a lot of people upset at the moment, the inconsistency and when one wishes to discuss with the staff member they do not wish to discuss their reasons and dismiss the conversation. This is the wrong approach, you need to back up your decision when questioned and refusal to do so is clear indication that you failed to apply your mind to the report at hand and have clearly made a decision on whom you like the most and not based on rule set or precedent. This is something that Rolle and the admins will need to brainstorm about and try and come up with a plan to resolve. Suggestion is to have a section where an aggrieved community member can lodge a formal complaint about a staff members handling of a matter and Rolle and the admins can address this. if they feel the staff member was not correct they could then issue out points similar to ban strikes and once a certain limit is reached remove this person from staff. Anyway that is my two cents.
  5. So.... my internet service provider has decided to disconnect my ADSL now rather than the middle of November as I requested. The last time I am gonna move to a new house. The problem I have now is a cannot get my daily "fix" of Dayz RP other than reading the forums while at work. So thanks to all who post their content and make the effort to keep their media threads up to date. I also enjoy reading the reports and solved reports as they help teach me the does and don'ts and was what is and what is not acceptable conduct on our servers. What I have noticed though is an increase in reports where the OP get banned. I mean WTF?????? and this is not pointed at the staff you guys are doing a great job. What does one learn from this? If you are aggrieved, take a step back from the computer, go and calm down them come back and review your footage first and then decide in a calm and logical manner if there was a rule break or not. If unsure hop onto TS and speak to CM first for advice or try and resolve it in TS with the other party/s. By doing this you lose nothing but can gain from it. Why you lose nothing is that after the short delay and there is still a rule break you can still post your report and a ban will be dealt out. What you lose by rushing your report in an emotional state is looking like a fool when you get banned for trying to get someone else banned. As the title of this post "it is just a game" but damn it is an addictive game.lol
  6. Zar

    Miscreated giveaway

    And in NEWS today a lucky South African has won a copy of Miscreated from a very generous donor.
  7. Zar

    A South African Lost in South Zagoria [W.I.P - Would like Feedback]

    Great intro into who Willem is. I look forward to meeting him. Ons kan dan lekker Afrikaans praat (we can speak in our native tongue) in game and dream of the warm South African sun, springbok rugby, braai, boerewors, klipdrift, and biltong.
  8. Zar

    S2 East Novaya Petrovka: Mass RDM/ KOS

    So Rob what you are saying is you were not part of Jimmy's dynamic, entered the compound to see him, find an unconscious person inside a tent, which took no hostile action against you, and sprayed him with your AUG. Why do you think you had KOS right on me the then? What threat did I pose to you as I was unconscious. I was at the gate with you and Jimmy so you would have seen what I looked like before the incident, you saw me unconscious in the compound and could have recognised me by my clothes and arm band as a member of Haven. I believe you and Jimmy used the grenade to make the kill so no records could be shown, you both thought all were dead when Jimmy entered only to be surprised by me when I engaged him from the Car tent. You then came in to finish me off while I was unconscious for fear I would wake up and re-engage. I believe you both are trying to cover as you have now been caught out. I have nothing further to add and will now leave this up to the admin staff to make their ruling.
  9. Zar

    S2 East Novaya Petrovka: Mass RDM/ KOS

    ZAR's POV I was taking care of sorting out loot in the tents i returned to Haven. Nils, Aaron, Jack and Jay were near the gate RP ing , while in tent i heard an explosion and looked to see what happened, all 4 were dead. I hid in car tent to see who would come in to loot the body and after a while one person entered to loot a body. I too a shot at him and hit him one or twice. I believe grenade was used to get the kill without logs showing who killed them. There was no text or voice initiation.
  10. Zar

    DayZRP 2016 rules draft

    How about adding a little more anxiety about your character dying and being perma-killed. After a gun fight either party/group can request the logs from the staff and these are posted on the forum. All characters that have died are now considered to be wounded and should they be killed again in a set period (say 3 days) would have to kill off their character. This will improve a member's value for their character's life. I know some members spend massive amounts of time in developing their characters and may not even consider this to be an option. How I see this working in DayzRP: Group A initiates on Group B, either in open battle or on a compound. Both sides take losses. Admins post the names of the players killed. Any party to the fire fight must request this to be done within 60min after the fight , if not no wounded status. Now the killed players have two options: - Stay low key, Medical RP and return after the wounded period has ended - Get back into the swing of things knowing that if you are killed again, your character will not be coming back. How this opens up RP for both sides. - Group B has two choices, stay and defend their wounded comrades and their camp, or send out a party to hunt Group A. Group A will be dealing with some wounded as well and have two choice, run for their lives or fight for their lives literally. - This can go both ways. Group A may initiate on the camp of Group B the following day and Group B must then decide to fight and risk their wounded or comply with Group A demands. Further RP to be gained is if the leadership is wounded of a group and there is clear open hostilities between two factions the other faction can go on a hunting spree to find the wounded leader and execute him/her. Again players are faced with run and hide or stay and fight for your life. A rule as such may slow down the number of hostile acts of groups against each other and may result in a little more planning and preparation when going to attack. If one has more than one character you can change to your new character after your first is wounded, but if this character gets wounded too then you have two characters to Medical RP. a limit should also be placed on how many characters you are allowed.
  11. Having barricaded the doors and windows to keep the infected out, Zar Noble sits a the kitchen table of a log cabin in Zelo he will be calling home for the next few days. With a bottle of whiskey on the table, a glass in hand and a longing for some ice blocks, Zar thinks back on an earlier incident at NWAF and smiles. Zar grabs the radio and turns it on. "Hey, Max. max the killer you there".......... only static silence on can be heard. Zar takes a sip of this whiskey and tries again. "Hey, Max, not sure if you can hear me or not, and if not maybe a friend of yours can relay the message to you" "You should be careful when holding people up, you never know who they are affiliated too, or are connected in some way" Zar pauses to take another sip of his whiskey. "What a stroke of luck that after you held me up one of my associates found you in Stary Sobor shortly thereafter" "Due to you not harming me or taking any of my items I thought I would show you a little consideration myself and ask my friend to let you go" "life is too short to make enemies man. Shit life is too hard to make enemies" "no hard feelings on my side man, maybe we will meet again under different circumstances" "take it easy Max" Zar places the radio on the table to hear if there is a response and listen for any other chatter, there is none. Zar finished his glass of whiskey, turns the radio off and head off to bed.
  12. Zar

    Multi-Turn 'Round Robbery

    Really enjoyed the video, hilarious Given that man a bells, I mean beanz.
  13. Drench yourself in a pond, try not exerting yourself and you will see that you are cooling down. Just watch out that you don't cool down too much and become cold. If I have to move around the map I normally drench myself then I sprint where I need to go keeping an eye on my status as you will go from drenched to soaked to wet to damp and then you will begin to heat up, so keep drenching yourself while moving and once you get where you need to be you can light a fire to dry out.
  14. I am yet to see a suggestion from the Hostile/PVPer groups on how to address the concerns raised. Merely attaching quotes from posts and trying to find fault is not helping in this debate. I am quite certain there are more community members that do not want to be attacked daily and a poll or vote will most definitely go in the favour of medical RP. I do not want this due to the Hostile Groups then being forced with more rules to follow. Only way to resolve this is both side debating this objectively and maturely and together coming to a consensus on the way forward.
  15. That is true, hence the suggestion of the 24hour rule and if the attacked group initiates on their attackers the 24hour cool off falls away, nothing stops you hanging around the camp looking for a fight. If the attacker group wishes to take revenge then so be it they can and the fire fight can continue, if not then the attackers back off for 24 hours turn then attention to other groups or activities and give the attacked group the time to RP their injuries. I cannot see how this will limit a hostile groups activities or prevent the from their hostile RP, you just cannot with the group you have just attacked.