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  1. Nick was living a rather simple life in his hometown of Deerfoot Alberta. He got a job young as an oil rig worker and made a lot of money. It was hard work, but he didn't mind. After he'd saved up enough money, his wife asked him to move somewhere quiet, somewhere peaceful. They did some research, and decided to move to a little town in a small country called Chernarus. The town they moved to was called Nagornoye, though neither of them spoke Russian. They learned a little, and had help from one of the local farmers, though by the time they were starting to learn, the outbreak tore through the countryside. In the ensuing chaos, Nick lost his wife, was forced to do unspeakable things to stay alive, and had lost hope for a time. He had managed to get out of the area with the evacuations though after the outbreak spread, he decided to move back. Now nick has no family, no home, nothing to really call his own. He can only hope things will, one day, go back to the way they were before.
  2. Patrisha used to be very different from how she is now. She was born not quite the same. She was born a boy. Her entire life, until she was about 16 or so, she didn't like the way she was. No one would talk to her about her problems until one friend told her to believe in herself and make the change. So, with her father's money, lying and telling him it was for some sports team or something, she got the horomones and surgery she needed to become the beautiful woman she always wanted to be. Eventually, she couldn't keep hiding it from her father and was found out, then promptly thrown out of the house. She was alone then, though she was 18 by this point and able to fend for herself, mostly. She decided that North America wasn't the place for her, so she went west, across the ocean. She found herself in Russia and hopping from town to town. Eventually she found a place to settle down for a few years and actually found a man for a while.
  3. What do you mean? If you were held hostage, tied up, and being tortured, how would you pk? Unless that doesn't mean Player Kill.
  4. I believe in killing off a character should that character die in a valid rp way. My current character, Richard, was killed accidentially in a FF situation and I figured it was probably alright to just pretend he was knocked out instead. If I enter a situation and end up dying as a result of the situation going that way, I will kill off the character and think people should do the same. Of course, as long as it's valid. I was giving an example, not quoting something that had happened to me. I appreciate the thought and see your points, though know many people don't think the way I do.
  5. This is sort of a snip of another post I was making, but really didn't fit in there. I decided to make it it's own post and am genuinely curious to hear what you think about the following. Regarding the NVFL rule How is it fair that someone who holds true to their character, is executed for their actions or inaction, then can also be reported for holding no value for their characters life? I know this isn't always the case and people abuse that and it may not be as extreme as I am interpreting, but consider the following: My character is an army vet, trained to not let up information and trained to withstand torture. I am captured and tortured for information. I stay in character and refuse to give information, I am told that if I continue to refuse to give up information I will be executed, I continue to refuse, hence I am executed. In this situation I believe everyone involved is in the right. As I am interpreting the rules from what I have read, I would possibly be reported for "not valuing my life". Is this an accurate assumption? If it was poor rp, or metagame shenanigans, then that's different, but if all involved played their characters true, then I don't see why that would be considered a reportable offence. I would like to add that sometimes people value the safety of their friends and family, or their faction, over the value of their own life. I would hope that I am incorrect of my initial assumptions and interpretation of this rule. What are your thoughts and how might you handle this situation, and if there was no NVFL rule? (assuming all involved were playing their characters as intended)
  6. I would like to add my 2 cents as a rather green member of this community. I support, wholeheartedly, the following post. I have roleplayed in this community a little bit, some a few years back and some more recently. The first time I played I ended up having a few fun encounters. I got help up at green mountain with a group of others, got trapped in the tower for about an hour irl. I helped some people "learn to shoot" as I was playing more of a wildlife ranger type character, and they wanted to try out a gun. I had a small encounter with someone which turned into a full experience and a misunderstanding ended up getting me temp banned for attempted kos. (I shot a guy's leg as "judgement" while my partner was preaching and it fit.) I've also had poor scenarios back then. I encountered a group that, I kid you not, killed me for wearing a doctor's mask. I was a NW airfield and was just walking along the strip, they rolled up on me, I complied with all demands, and they still killed me. I was upset, but it made sense from a roleplay perspective and I didn't file a report. I probably still wouldn't even though I know that's against the rules now. The point I think I'm trying to make is that Roleplay is only as good as those involved. If someone only wants to win, then that is what they'll do. They will find a way to win. I always play a more compliant character because ooc I am not good with conflict. This doesn't mean I don't enjoy conflict. The previously mentioned group that raided green mountain while I was there was an amazing group. They handled the situation well, took what they wanted and left everyone alive. I think some people are focusing too much on "This can't happen" instead of "Why shouldn't this happen?" or "What could make this happen?" In my personal opinion, from watching the video of the report mentioned in op's post, I believe the attackers were in the wrong. Not because they shouldn't be allowed to kill because he lied, but because they opted to immediately kill him just because he was lying. In that specific case there was no attempt besides questioning to get more information out of him. There was no way to determine his true identity, and also made up facts, such as claiming the ID he gave them was fake when there's no way they could know if it was fake or not without asking. That is just one instance, however, and I am aware that people abuse the rules in both directions, but I agree with the general consensus of most of the people posting here. The hostages have too much power. I will detail a situation that I believe would be fair play, though I know to be against the rules even though it would be a very reasonable thing to happen. I am with a partner, partner goes up to an individual or two, holds them up. They comply, are then told there is another individual watching them and if they don't comply, or they kill him, they will be shot. Seems reasonable, no? In the even that the hostage doesn't comply and gets shot by this third party that would be their own fault. With the rules the way they are, they know nothing can be done to them without a quick report and ban for the attackers. This is something that I don't understand. The hostage ALWAYS has the shit end of the stick. That should be true in roleplay as well. If the hostage can turn the tables, then congrats to them, but I feel like the current hostage situation is just too one sided honestly. I'd also like to give an example to this. Very recently (last month or two) I had an encounter with two fine gentlemen and another who I'd been travelling with for a few hours prior. He straight up tells me he'd rather die than give up his stuff, which I don't agree with and tell him in character. The two gentlemen mentioned meet up with us later and after a short period of travelling attempt to hold us up. I comply immediately, my travelling companion runs away and proceeds to get into a gunfight with them. I end up dying, from his gunshots. I was robbed of my first real hostile situation since coming back to the community because that guy wanted to keep his gear more than he wanted to be held up. He tried to turn the tables, ended up getting killed, and also killed me in the process. I am rambling a bit and apologize, but I love roleplaying and really enjoy most of the time I have interacting with this community. There will never be a perfect solution, because those who want to watch the world burn will always find a way to do so. I just wanted to add my 2 cents and give my personal opinion with some of my experiences with this community as evidence for my opinions, I guess. I apologize if I am unclear or rambling or off topic.
  7. *There is a slightly frantic sounding male who is obviously trying to mask his voice who cuts the static on the open frequency.* "Hey, Chernogorsk outpost. I have received information that the outpost may be getting attacked soon. Break. I would prepare for something heavy, and soon. Break. Stay Safe. Over." *Then the male's voice goes quiet and the static returns.*
  8. A broadcast is heard only about an hour later. "To anyone who heard my previous broadcast and was on their way to help, I figured out how to fix the problem myself. I am no longer in need of assistance. Over." Then there is radio silence on his end.
  9. Can anyone hear me? I need assistance. I was building a place to live and got myself stuck behind my gate. All I require is for someone near the Chernogorsk area to come to my location and assist me in opening my gate. It seems stuck on my side. Does anybody copy?
  10. Lily was a rather lively girl as a child. Her ma and papa raising her to do good in school, maybe someday move to America and start a new life. Her aspirations were to always try and help her parents more, no matter how much they tried to dissuade her. So she grew up, enjoying life as most young girls do, having crushes, learning about herself and about boys. She liked learning, though kept overhearing her papa saying stuff like "She's too pretty to be smart. I'm worried for her." Lily wanted to help her parents, but after repeated convincing, she finally decided to pursue a career that would challenge her brain. She enjoyed medicine and wanted to help save people's lives, if she could. So she began studying, however as she was set to leave home for university, she was caught up in the outbreak. She watched her parents fall in front of her, killed by the military because they refused to stop trying to leave. Alone, and without many friends, she set off to try and get help somewhere else. She found help in the police, took shelter inside one of the police stations up north, she can't remember the name of the town. For the first few days things were fine. They fed her, helped her out, then one day she was taken from the station by three men, the rest nowhere to be found. She overheard them say "If we are going to end up like them anyway, let's have some fun first." Then they proceeded to violate her in a barn. Each man took his turn with her, eventually finishing with her and tossing her aside. She just lay there for a long time, not remembering how long it had been. She thinks they left at some point then came back, and when they did they told her she couldn't tell anyone about it. She promised she wouldn't, then with an evil glint in their eyes, they said "We know." Those men held her down and she was afraid they were going to violate her again, but instead this time they cut out her tongue. It was a sloppy job and she almost died from blood loss, but somehow she survived. After this, they left her in the barn, doors closed and innocence robbed. Now, Lily distrusts anyone with a uniform and always carries a pistol on her. She will only kill if she has to but has set herself firm that she won't let another man violate her again, even if it kills her.
  11. If it really was a honest mistake, then I see no benefit for continuing with the report. I still feel I was killed unfairly, and by my temporary ally at that. No matter how it makes me feel I think if it was a mistake in the heat of the moment, then I shouldn't be the guy to continue a report like this. I'll redact my report of @Caller as I thought it was a spur of the moment decision based on the fact he shot me instead of them, but with his side of things I have no reason to distrust him. I appreciate all the support and apologize for the hassle.
  12. Server and location: Server 1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-08-20, 14:43 Your in game name: Richard Winston Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: The person in Black with the medic bags and the akm Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was travelling with the person in black with the akm and medkits for about an hour or maybe a little more. We went and hunted a deer that got away, then noticed two others coming up the road. We stopped and spoke with them and they asked if we wanted to tag along. We tagged along and were travelling for about 11 minutes together before they (those with the shotguns and not my "ally") told us to put our hands up. I complied immediately and the other guy, the one in black, did not. He ran out, they shot him, he turned around and shot back. He saw me with my hands up and for reasons unknown to me, shot me. I was killed while following every order, from my "ally" who didn't want to be robbed. He never said in our time travelling that he'd kill me should I do such a thing, nor did I think to hit the deck because I didn't think he'd be shooting at me and the others would have no reason to.
  13. Richard lived a quiet life in Canada until his 20th birthday when he decided to go travelling around Asia. His family were hunters in addition to their day jobs and he picked up shooting from his father and foraging from his mother. He was quite the handy man as well as he took a job out of highschool in house building. His travels brought him all over Asia, using a small book of translations for the various countries he went to. A couple weeks before the incident, he had made his way south of russia into the black mountains, deciding he'd hike from russia to the green sea. Little did he know that as he entered he may never leave alive. The events happened while he was mostly on his own in the forests, though he interacted with the military and police a few times asking what was going on. Deciding he'd be better off camping in the woods, he went back to let things calm down, though he couldn't get too far. Any time he tried going too far out of Chernarus he would be met with small groups of military patrols that forced him back in or shot at him. Today Richard is a survivor, but who knows what tomorrow will bring.
  14. *Hearing the transmission over the radio he listens carefully. Then when the man speaking to him over the radio stopped talking he looked at the smoldering embers of the fire they had sat by, then to the knife in his belt. That, at least, he could do.* "Thanks, stranger, I am not very good with a needle, but there is a fire and I have a knife. I'll do what I can. When she is better she'll contact you, I don't think it's very safe to talk on the open air like this. But if you need a name, it's Rez. Until next time." *Then the radio goes quiet and he stuffs it in her pack, going about the painful buisness that was required of him.*
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