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  1. Gradwitz

    "Fucking Escaped!"

    *Hearing the transmission over the radio he listens carefully. Then when the man speaking to him over the radio stopped talking he looked at the smoldering embers of the fire they had sat by, then to the knife in his belt. That, at least, he could do.* "Thanks, stranger, I am not very good with a needle, but there is a fire and I have a knife. I'll do what I can. When she is better she'll contact you, I don't think it's very safe to talk on the open air like this. But if you need a name, it's Rez. Until next time." *Then the radio goes quiet and he stuffs it in her pack, going about the painful buisness that was required of him.*
  2. Gradwitz

    "Fucking Escaped!"

    *After a few minutes, though they seemed much much longer for Viktor, the radio buzzed to life* *Seconds pass and they turn to minutes. Silence. Then finally, after a full two and a half minutes or so a man's voice speaks* "Who was it that knew Miya? She is patched up, but she desperately needs a doctor. I don't know a lot about patching people up and if she doesn't get stitched up soon I'm not sure my rags will stop her bleeding before she dies." *There are a few moments of muffled moving then something is said that can't be understood before the radio clicks off*
  3. *The radio buzzes once more roughly around noon of the next day.* "My word, I had no idea some of you felt this way. Maybe I should take back my words." *Then there is a small pause as he seems to think about it* "Nah, there was one person who was actually interested in my skills. So whomever that was, I will give you my private frequency and contact it if you want to employ my services. My fee will be discussed in private, though I doubt anyone who wants to hire me will not be able to afford me." *There is a small silence then he adds* "To anyone else, all of you who threaten me and tell me to stop, I dare you to come find me and take action where your words are just wind. Toodles~" *Then the radio has a bit of static then goes quiet.*
  4. *A slight static buzz emits from the radio before someone clearing their throat can be heard.* "Hello, if you can hear this then you are listening to "God". I am a man of few moral boundaries and am mostly a mercenary. Why would I declare this over the air, you ask? Well, good sirs and ladies, I shall tell you." *The man clears his throat before continuing.* "As I said, I am a mercenary, though I would prefer to call myself a bodyguard, as I don't do jobs for people, just protect them. That being said, you may have an idea as to my intent. If you wish for "God" to keep an eye over your shoulder, or more specifically, keep a rifle trained on those whom may harm you, then I will be listening. If you pay, "God" will listen." *There is a short pause, breathing and shuffling can be heard before a rifle is fired off. Then the man laughs and speaks into the radio again.* "God" has brought retribution my friends! Rejoice and pray, for he shall never ignore his faithful! So long as you keep him well paid." *There is static for almost a full minute then almost in a rush he adds.* "Oh, I almost forgot. I will broadcast every day at noon, or close to it, mostly." *Then the radio goes silent and the broadcast ends, at least for that day.*
  5. Gradwitz

    S2 - Novy RDM Attempted KoS? 23:07

    Okay, so what happened was I was traveling with Tod Robertson and he hired me as his bodyguard, then he met up with Joffery, they traveled around a bit then they came across two other people then proceeded to hold them up. I had been watching them the whole time and was on coms with Tod Robertson. I understand how it could have been seen as attempted KOS, but Tod robertson was preaching and asking "the god/lord" to smite Joffery and stop his bullets. So I shot him in the leg. I knew my rounds wouldn't kill him and had no intentions of finishing him off. So to sum it up, I shot Joffery in the leg because I was being referred to as "god" and Tod asked me to stop him from shooting them. But to be clear, I never had the intention to kill unless he decided to harm Tod, since I was hired as his bodyguard. That may not be a valid reason to have shot him, to which I will accept and punishments for doing so, but I was playing out the scenario and thought it within my abilities to shoot him without killing him as it stood.
  6. Gradwitz

    Character's Weapon of choice?