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  1. Lcpl Gibson

    Dozhinki - The Chernarussian Harvest

    im in if room
  2. Lcpl Gibson

    I can't do it anymore....

    Good to know there are good ppl out there. I also wanna say thanks to the staff! KEEP UP THE WORK
  3. Lcpl Gibson


    Both radios have to be on (right click) an you change the stations to the same
  4. Lcpl Gibson

    (All frequencies) Cannibals ahead

    *As I hear the static an remember the horror* Firmly holding the PTT button I SCREAM!* I Was Robbed by them early while i was fishing two females. They had another man, I know the girls...... I made it away Thank god the one was a Terrible shot! *Lets go sliding his radio in his backpack* Galloway
  5. Lcpl Gibson

    FN-FAL WIP Preview

    OMG!!!!!,,, I want sooooo bad!!! I hope they add new parts an optics to go with them, sooooo sexy
  6. Lcpl Gibson

    Dozhinki - The Chernarussian Harvest - Radio Chatter

    * As I Hear a faint voice coming out my backpack , I reach in pulling the Humming radio out.* *After Smacking the radio I hear it, "Harvest" I anxiously an firmly hold the push-to-talk button Hello, Names John IF anyone from the festival is receiving this transmition, I was raised on a farm back home my whole life, *Pauses as memories flash before my eyes* I know a thing about farming an could help with the crops if needed, I will be showing up that day also. Ill Leave this channel on. *releasing the button I stop at a tree.. falling to my knees an leaning my back on the tree I sit an breathe placing my .45 in my lap*
  7. * Picks radio up off Ground , Brushes dust off an Firmly pushes the push-to-talk button* I am looking to make contact with a group called "The united states armed forces"... *Pauses* (releasing,an continuing to hold the button) ex-marine here an was tipped off by a local, that spoke english he had seen men like me that called themselves the united states armed forces..Would be nice seeing some of my brothers again... Please if anyone has any info of location, I will Have my radio on at dusk everyday........ *releasing button sliding the power button off* I hope Someone heard...
  8. Not bad! Really like what you had to say an learned some new things : Thanks