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  1. MrDriftz

    S1, CL, NLR, NVFL,badRP+possible metagaming

    I was hanging around the green mountain area upon the tower, I was talking to someone about taking revenge on this girl for killing my brother, I was then given a suppressed pistol by him - to help me do what I was going to do, he then left and didn't want any part in this. I then met someone else up there, I did tell them that I was going to kill the girl for killing my brother. The guy (forgotten his name) then told me that she killed his 'friend' to gain my trust. (my intentions where to hold her hostage and take her stuff). We went to follow them down the road leading out of green mountain and they turned on me, they guy I met was actually with them. They handcuffed me, and started to take me somewhere but my PC crashed whilst doing so, so my character died in handcuffs - I knew about this bug, so it wasn't an intentional log out. I then arrived back at green mountain around 50 minutes later, and tried the same thing again, I tried to friend someone, telling them about how my brother and how they killed him. The wolves group came back and the person I told about my brother told them I had the intention of killing her (wasn't actually going to kill her - was going to take her hostage when she was alone, I know that it was stupid to say 'kill her') I tried my chances of running from the group into the forest, I then stopped as they started firing but then fell unconcious. They got me back up and took me to a hill near Zelenogorsk where they asked me questions, drew the W on my forehead and so on, they then let me go with the understanding that if I ever try something again they would kill me (which is fair enough)
  2. MrDriftz

    S1, CL, NLR, NVFL,badRP+possible metagaming

    NLR: I guess I came back before 90 minutes, not realizing Combat Logging: PC crashed - couldn't do anything about it, therefore me dying in handcuffs. NVFL: Thought I could get away BadRP: Maybe I could have done that better yes Metagaming: yes My apologies everyone
  3. I went to play this morning and I press to login and gives me a message of me being temp banned. I do not understand this as I have been following the rules. Could someone help? Thanks