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  1. PlayerHades

    A Joffrey Story: Episode 2 teaser now up!

    Excellent man.. I knew that call I made was a good one Love how it came together
  2. Dr. Robertson walks away angrily from the villain Norman Casey knowing he could do nothing to stop him. He decides to hop on the radio... *This is Dr. Tod Robertson broadcasting on all frequencies. There is a murderer and madman by the name of Norman Casey who is currently at Green Mountain with a minimum of 6 other bandits. I am putting a bounty out for this man, preferably alive, but dead as well. If you know me, you know I am well connected and can pay you handsomely for this task. They are expecting trouble, so be armed and prepaired. I will be close to Green Mountain waiting for my bounty hunter.... Good luck.*
  3. PlayerHades

    A Joffrey Story: Episode 2 teaser now up!

    Co-starring Dr. Robertson? Where do I apply!!?!? Check out my YT channel for my live application
  4. PlayerHades

    S2 - Novy RDM Attempted KoS? 23:07

    I ran into Joffery which was an interesting fellow. I could instantly tell he was a wild one and, if he didn't kill me first, would help create an adventure with me. We ran through a few cities and chatted about for about 15 minutes before running into a group.. Mind you my hired sniper was tailing us the whole time covertly. The group Joffery and I ran into were a male and female which seemed to be very innocent. I insinuated to Joffery about their beliefs, which snowballed into us "holding them up" to search for religious materials. You see Joffery was not religious man, he is actually the opposite, and apparently is firm on coercing people into giving up these "false idol" beliefs. What happened next was only an attempt to entertain for more RP. In the process of this hold up, I had instructed my sniper to wound Joffery in the leg, only if he was positive he had a clean shot. So.. while Joffery and I were chatting to them about the "situation", I raised my hands in the air and asked the good lord from above that if he was there, to come down and stop the events that were about to possibly portray. This was the key for my sniper to engage and cease the encounter. As a doctor, I quickly came into play, making sure my fellow companion was okay. Providing a bandage ready and morphine, I made sure my wild accomplice was completely okay, minus some blood loss and probably needing a new pair of pants. Joffery obtained his letter from the courier that he was interrogating, and we split up shortly after as my sniper had to leave for RL stuff. I felt like it was a great RP from Joffery and thanked him for it when I noticed him in TS. Sorry for the confusion
  5. Listen to the twitch video yourself. You guys were spending WAY too much time in the radio instead of actually in game elements. Your crew could have easily muted radio, and gone into game with your thoughts. Listen to the way you guys chatted about me "agreeing" to my death, and falsifying reports in the end to justify your cause. Deceitful in game is fine, but throw in b.s. //ooc while a hostile rp situation is happening because you guys are all busy chatting away in T.S., took away from the possible good RP in epic ways. Not only that but you guys were so bored, someone says "oh who cares just kill him". Yeah the NWAF can be a general hostile environment, but it was obvious I posed no threat and willing to comply with any orders. I don't remember ANYONE in the group badmouthing the hostile group while I was there, and the video should show that as well.
  6. I am the doctor (Tod Robertson) that was murdered. I always RP till the end and meant what I stated. We were a group of three that were on the search for particular bandits that had needlessly robbed one and killed another. 30 minutes into our search we ran into this group of bandits apparently. Words were exchanged and someone in our group was killed, then another for something about "his brother". I was completely confused as the "radio" chatter between them was pretty heavy. I asked what was going on.. Started to offer them my services as a doctor since I figured I was next on the list for murder.. Then I seen the //ooc from one of the bandits, in which I responded. After that it seemed it was just a game to kill me anyhow, although I was in full compliance. Took them about 2 minutes or so after that to just kill me. I have not checked the twitch footage btw. Love the video to remind me perfectly of the situation. That's a shitty way of "asking for my permission out of game" to kill me. No I did not want to die just for your teams twisted pleasure. I'm glad you liked my RP, but trust, it left me feeling really salty with that situation. If you would of actually given me some kind of chance to live, and NOT spoken to me in OOC, plus your groups complete garbage RP, would of made it interesting to die. I play a Doctor because I do not mind dying, being robbed, and encountering negative people.. but if you are given the opportunity to kill me without resistance from me, please make it good. Sgttater http://www.twitch.tv/lysergic25/v/20121390 4:37:00 - Being taken Hostage 5:29:57 - saying he was lying on the report along with one other 4:47:20 - Killing the doctor for no reason
  7. PlayerHades

    Lack of Hero/Survivor Groups

    As a doctor, I have came by several groups and lone people. I would honestly say I have come across more good guys than bad the last 72 hours online which is cool. I did get robbed today, but the RP was fast and felt correct. I just hope anyone I encounter, has something interesting to bring to the table. I will
  8. I have been wanting to join for a while now and figured it was a good time to do so. Normally I try and RP even in public servers, but there's only so much you can do when the other side only wants to draw your blood with a bullet. Looking to RP much more in the future. This should be fun!