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  1. Well, there's a lot of US players, what can we do? Plus I think we all live with our heads in the clouds most of the time . Good to see there's more of us dutchies around! I put down Jordan as I keep it where people currently reside . First time for Jordan on here! Greece also has a first reporter! Awesome, also first for Iceland! The list of firsts just keeps going! Got Czech Republic on the list now! Well, I marked you for Germany, as I keep it on where people currently live . Hey everybody! I am so sorry for sort of abandoning this list for a while. There has been a lot going on for me lately. From here on out I will try to keep this as updated as I can! Let's see how many more admissions we can add to the list!
  2. Yup I totally agree! On all parts tbh. I thought that for that price, it would have at Least somewhere around the 10h of gameplay. But nonetheless, loved playing this. Soon I'll go back in, making Henry a total dick about everything. But thanks for watching it all and for your feedback man!
  3. Pokey

    Strangest Videos On the Internet

    Nooooo you beat me to Shaye St John!! Best channel ever btw. Check out everything! At least I have a reply to this! [video=youtube] And ofcourse!! This can not be excluded from this topic! [video=youtube]
  4. I'm glad to hear that! And I totally agree.. I hope they'll bring out a similar game in a different setting or something However,.. It has come to an end. Here is episode 9! [video=youtube]
  5. We are nearing the end now. So here is episode 8! [video=youtube]
  6. For those of you who are following this, Sorry for the day late video, but here it is! Episode 7! [video=youtube]
  7. That's awesome! Thank you so much! Glad that's how you're experiencing it! Well, for those who want more, here is episode 6! [video=youtube]
  8. I don't know if anyone is following this, but still! Here is episode 5! [video=youtube]
  9. For the people who are still interested, Here is episode 4! [video=youtube]
  10. Thank you! And after reviewing them myself, I guess you're right, the music is a bit too loud here and there. I will keep that in mind for the next episodes! Tomorrow probably part 4! Yeah it really is immersive! I hope you'll give my vids a shot too! Part 4 coming up as mentioned above!
  11. Here is episode 3! [video=youtube]
  12. Pokey


  13. Pokey

    Firewatch coming to PC

    For anyone interested, I started my own video series (No commentary) on firewatch on my youtube channel. I actually just opened a topic about it too here in off-topic. If anyone wants to see, please take a look on my channel and let me know what you think! Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClLOqKflAar3OtEuCHr9FOA Or watch my first video here! [video=youtube]http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNf8NHI0foQ
  14. Hello everybody! I started a series on my youtube channel. It's on the latest game Firewatch by Campo Santo and Panic Inc. Firewatch is a mystery set in the Wyoming wilderness, where your only emotional lifeline is the person on the other end of a handheld radio. Personally I love this game, so I decided to make a series on it. I do this without personal commentary as the game itself has enough dialogue. Hopefully people from around here might enjoy a nice little storyline. If interested, please hop over to my youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClLOqKflAar3OtEuCHr9FOA Or start watching the series from here! [video=youtube] Thank you all in advance! And let me know what you think! And watch my second episode here! [video=youtube]
  15. Hello everybody! I couldn't find a topic about this around here yet, so I figured I'd start one. Did anybody else get an e-mail by noreply[at]bistudio.com? It's titled DayZ Forum Security Alert, and reads as follows: Greetings, A security incident occurred on forums.dayzgame.com recently. According to our investigation all usernames, emails and passwords from forums.dayzgame.com were accessed and downloaded by hackers. While the passwords were not stored in plain text, but in a more secure form, it is highly recommended that if you have used the same password elsewhere you change it immediately on all applicable websites and services. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused, and share with you one of the major changes planned in order to mitigate similar risks in the future. We will be replacing the IPBoards login system with Bohemia Account within the next two weeks. As Bohemia Account is a separate custom-built service currently used by Bohemia Interactive Forums and Store, it offers much better security and its use should prevent similar incidents going forward. We ask for your patience over the next few days and weeks as we implement this and other security overhauls, as there are likely to be service interruptions and forum unavailability from time to time. In particular, the forums will be down until migration to the Bohemia Account is complete. We will keep you up to date on vital info and scheduled down-time on the site itself and via our Twitter. Yours sincerely, Bohemia Interactive Just wanted to give everybody a heads up on this!! If you have anything personal/financial tied to the same password, CHANGE IT NOW! Hope this helps anyone.
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