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  1. Onionjack

    DayZRP Seasons / Chapters / Episodes

    If people have forgot the lore I'd say yes. Though I've just got back to DayZRP and DayZ in general, I haven't got much experience how things are now. Just created new character and haven't got attached to it, so for me wouldn't be big loss in other words. I can understand players who have played with same character hours and progressed their stories of course. It should be also discussed why things are like they are now, what could be done so it wouldn't be the same every single time lore is wiped. That could work nicely if the map would be changed after every season. Make things look more grungy, for example burnt or collapsed houses etc
  2. I still remember the first version of Prud where people dumped zeds and dead people in to the water. Then filled bottles with that same water, no wonder things happened and people were on their edge. Still have few screenshots of the first settlement, I think the crashed helicopter killed half of the victims of Lake Prud.
  3. Background: When things were normal, "Jones" was driving a semi-truck all over the Europe. Life was great, he had a job he always wanted to do, family back in the Finland was small but they kept contact with each other and were close. He never wanted to be something, it was enough to live his own life and have few important people around him when needed and spent time with his hobbies. Driving a truck was perfect for his nature. Spending long times alone behind the wheel never made him feel lonely. He enjoyed the time. Those days it was easy to connect to internet and have a chat with friends or family. It was something they insisted him doing, they wanted to know he was safe and alive on the road. In his spare time, when he wasn't driving, he spent time hiking or restoring his old vintage car. Hiking and basic knowledge of cars were later proving to be essential for his survival in the wild nature without commodities. How he get into Chernarus? Driving the truck made him visit loads of different countries. Although he mainly drove to western Europe, he did few jobs to east too. He was offered a brand new truck which was loaded with clothes for sale. Destination was Elektrozadovsk. Decision was tough for him, should he take the job or not. Things were heated in Chernarus which made his family concerned and they didn't want him to leave. Having a stubborn personality made him not listening what others had to say, he accepted the job and headed down to the Chernarus. Everything was going well, he was closely following news what was going on and it seemed things were worse in the north. He was going to stay on the southcoast anyways, away from the fight. Once he got into Chernogorsk, he was held there and didn't get permission to proceed to Elektrozadovsk or anywhere else. No reasons were given why he couldn't continue, only some strange rumours were in the air. Nothing which made sense at that time, it was easy to ignore what was going on. Chernarussian people were nice, so it was easy to spend the time in the city while waiting something to happen. When Chernogorsk was also struck and everything started to go bad, Jones found a group of friendly random people, other truck drivers, tourists and locals. With a bit of luck and good supportive group, they managed to fight their way to the north. Their aim was to head to the north-west airfield and possibly get out of the Chernarus. The group never got to the airfield, some chose to go back to the coast, some just never didn't make it. They either ended up killing themselves, were caught by the infected or turned on each other making it impossible to survive in the group. Days, weeks, months passed and finally it was just Jones by himself. Making him bitter, anxious, sad, why everything happened and is the family back in the Finland safe. If there would be even a smallest chance to make sure they are safe and get information how bad things really are elsewhere. For now he has been surviving all alone after he was betrayed, he needs to get back trusting people, if there are still those left who aren't just making things worse but trying to recover the civilization.
  4. Onionjack

    [FM] Free Medics

    Raided by bandits, they must be brave soldiers who does that. Stay frosty out there, hopefully they'll find something else to do.
  5. Onionjack

    [FM] Free Medics

    Brian had His moments but it was back in the days Awesome to see FM being a thing again, spent loads of time with FM in the mod days
  6. Onionjack

    [FM] Free Medics

    Praise the Brian and Lake Prud or are those still a thing?
  7. Onionjack


    Hope to see you around and you'll get sorted what ever it is o7
  8. Well said. I do miss the times with you guys, many fun moments but still if the mod would be available I'd have zero interest to play it. Time to move on and make SA to what it was when the mod was popular.
  9. That doesn't make you bad person but yea you'd need little kick to get you forward. If you want change, work on one step at a time. Make a schedule what you want to change. Overweight is easy to get rid of, it's just hard to get started. I know because I'd need to work up also, doing office work and mostly sitting on my arse is starting cause issues on my lower back. Also the area on my stomach has gained some extra. Try to find something what is fun but don't waste your energy to something what doesn't make you feel good. I tried gym but it wasn't my thing. I'm still trying to figure what that would be. Not sure how much your job sucks but try to find what is good about it. Steady income? Great colleagues? Maybe some advantages? I'm not usually good at advising people when it comes to IRL but I hope that this helps a little at least. Don't ask me how to find a woman on your side though, I'm bad at it... Maybe you'll find it when you don't think it too much. That's how I got together with my wife. Edit Don't keep everything inside, talk to somebody. It just makes you feel more bad if you don't let some steam out and talk to someone who will listen.
  10. Onionjack

    Tamaster's thread of making stuff for standalone - #cantwait

    Of course Hell you could use blender which is completely free! I just personally use 3DS Max as it's what i was taught and am used to Yea I'm used to 3DS Max too, tried Blender but its ui is awful. Just couldn't figure it
  11. Onionjack

    Tamaster's thread of making stuff for standalone - #cantwait

    doesn't have to be 3dsmax necessarily? Lightwave makes good modeling software too and is x3 cheaper if I recall right
  12. Onionjack

    Status report discussion March 3rd 2015

    I'm really looking forward to this.
  13. Onionjack

    Tamaster's thread of making stuff for standalone - #cantwait

    I'm sure Tam can texture them too, but it's good to know there is lots of help if needed. I am available too to help with textures or 3d models.
  14. Onionjack

    Tamaster's thread of making stuff for standalone - #cantwait

    Nice work, you've been busy. Popping out models like there's no tomorrow