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  1. [T.O.R] The Outpost Rangers

    I got #hype in my pants
  2. Cya

    Hope to see you around and you'll get sorted what ever it is o7
  3. 1 Mod server back

    Well said. I do miss the times with you guys, many fun moments but still if the mod would be available I'd have zero interest to play it. Time to move on and make SA to what it was when the mod was popular.
  4. Lets Talk About It.

    That doesn't make you bad person but yea you'd need little kick to get you forward. If you want change, work on one step at a time. Make a schedule what you want to change. Overweight is easy to get rid of, it's just hard to get started. I know because I'd need to work up also, doing office work and mostly sitting on my arse is starting cause issues on my lower back. Also the area on my stomach has gained some extra. Try to find something what is fun but don't waste your energy to something what doesn't make you feel good. I tried gym but it wasn't my thing. I'm still trying to figure what that would be. Not sure how much your job sucks but try to find what is good about it. Steady income? Great colleagues? Maybe some advantages? I'm not usually good at advising people when it comes to IRL but I hope that this helps a little at least. Don't ask me how to find a woman on your side though, I'm bad at it... Maybe you'll find it when you don't think it too much. That's how I got together with my wife. Edit Don't keep everything inside, talk to somebody. It just makes you feel more bad if you don't let some steam out and talk to someone who will listen.
  5. Of course Hell you could use blender which is completely free! I just personally use 3DS Max as it's what i was taught and am used to Yea I'm used to 3DS Max too, tried Blender but its ui is awful. Just couldn't figure it
  6. doesn't have to be 3dsmax necessarily? Lightwave makes good modeling software too and is x3 cheaper if I recall right
  7. I'm really looking forward to this.
  8. I'm sure Tam can texture them too, but it's good to know there is lots of help if needed. I am available too to help with textures or 3d models.
  9. Nice work, you've been busy. Popping out models like there's no tomorrow
  10. That ring does have lots of polies. Doesn't need to be that detailed I think, it's small object and player wouldn't be able to see all the details Except if that is highpoly model and you're gonna use it for baking textures and normal maps.
  11. What vehicles would you like to be added?

    Different cars and not the same what have been in Arma and also they should be newer cars. Not those from 60-70's. Some basic cars like Ladas, Fords, VW's which the people of Chernarus would have been able to buy. Exotics or expensive cars should be really rare like Cadillac Escalade from the mod.
  12. So it's getting closer, I hope the config files won't be as difficult as they are now in Arma engines. I'd be interested to make vehicles for the game. Nice work Tam
  13. Stepping down from Staff

    Top lad, you did great Chris!