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  1. Yes it answers my question, I was just unsure what your policy was with audio clips, if it was considered mic spam. It was answered thank you.
  2. It wasn't actually a movie clip, it was going to be a actual Azan(Call to Prayer). But if it's mic spam,I won't do it. Thank you, for the information.
  3. I have a quick question if this would get me in trouble for possible Mic spam, my character Amir, is Muslim. And I had a idea I am still working on, but I want to possibly go to a high traffic area and get my character to a high point, and play a sound clip for a Azan (Call to Prayer). The audio clip is about 3-4 minutes. Just wondering if it would be allowed or not.
  4. Alright thank you, I wasn't hit, why I thought I shouldn't engage. Thanks for the information.
  5. I recently got myself into a situation yesterday where I got in between a fire fight on accident, I thought it had died down and I went to go check and see what had happened. To my surprise it picked up again, I ran away as to not interfere with the fire fight, but I think I had a few shots, shot at me. In this kind of situation am I allowed to fire back or just keep running? I didn't return fire or engage. I've read the rules, and this just might be me being a newbie.
  6. Hey everyone, just got whitelisted. My name is Amir Massoud, hope to see you guys out there in the wasteland! Don't worry, i'm friendly. Hope to meet some of you and have some fun RPing.