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  1. The name is Dave. Lately, I have been going by Deadleg. Broke my leg ways back and my friends gave me that nickname. Friends...God, its so weird saying that. I havent even seen anyone let along have a friend in over a month. What I do see...they are not people. I do not know what to call them. It all started in August of 2013. I was a innocent farmer from the rurals of Northern New Jersey. We owned a farm full of livestock, corn, rasberries, apples, you name it. I had always favored apples. They were great for when you are both hungry and thirsty. I would spend hours out on the farm and they were my snack of choice. My parents were wise in the ways of agriculture, but they had trouble keeping up with the new technologies and cost-cutting techniques. I knew that in order to be successfull and keep the family business adrift, I would have to educate myself. I had always heard of the Agriculture Department of Novo University. I knew that since it was August, I would have to make plans quick to enroll before the semester began. I took all the money I had saved, said my goodbyes, and took the first plane out to Chernarus. I landed right on a coastal runway, I believe it was the Balota Terminal. Not a big terminal. I do not think many people wish to visit this area due to the conflicts and disease surrounding this land. There was definately a surplus in military personel...made me feel quite safe to be honest. I took a bus ride up the coast to Novodmitrovsk. The university was huge..must have been 15 stories high in the middle of the city. My campus housing was right up the hill from it in an apartment complex. Life was great! September flew by. Between my classes and meeting new friends, I did not have much time during the day. I had learned so much and knew that this knowledge would make our family business boom. But then, October came. Little did I know that my life would be forever changed. I was in my dorm when I first saw the news. I had to get home
  2. Deadleg27


    None of my guys have video either
  3. Deadleg27


    I do not want to charge anything against Heebee since I did drop to the ground as seen in the video and aimed my gun after the firing went off. We spoke and it was just a misunderstanding in the heat of battle. I just want to make sure whoever started the fire has some sort of punishment.
  4. Deadleg27


    You gave me no time to comply. I wasnt hitting tab to drop my weapon I was looking for my F2 button. You gave me 2 seconds warning and I didnt side step. I hit the dirt after I shot was shot in my right arm. And the fal is a high recoil DMR. Not meant to spray like you did. AK on the other hand is extremely accurate spray at 5 meters.
  5. Deadleg27


    If the silenced AK shots were first fired then one of you would have been killed first in the kill logs. Hard to miss point blank with a drum mag AK. The first shots hit my arm before I layed down and dropped Dmitri. Also, we all know that audio sounds from guns are still glitchy in DayZ
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    Kanen post has been updated
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    Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Approx 1:00 AM EST on 1/3/16 on the EU1 server Your in game name: Dave Applefield Names of allies involved: Braylon Young Names of suspects: There must have been 3-5. One introduced himself to me as Eric in the beginning of the video. The others can be seen by the kill logs on me and Braylon. You can also find out two more of their group by seeing who Braylon and I killed. Friendly/enemy vehicles involved (if any)? Nope. Old school DayZ running simulator Additional video/evidence? Posted below: Detailed description of the events: We were following our friends who were being chased by a group of about 3 players trying to stop then. Myself and my buddy were running from cherno to see if they were being robbed or not. We finally reached them around Stary when we were flanked by a group of 3-5 players. They said they had no involvement in the initial robbery of our friends. We scouted what was going on from about 200 meters away for a few minutes and they posed as friendly non-involved 3rd party. Out of nowhere, the group told us to drop our weapons. I was about to comply (as I only had a mosin against 3-5 automatic enemies). They gave us about 2 seconds to respond before they open fired on us. This happened in the EU server at about 1:00 AM EST. They gave us no time to put our weapons away or respond to their requests. I have linked the video below. I am okay with being robbed as that is part of RP but they literally gave us 2-3 seconds to drop our weapons before they open fired on us. They outnumbered us and encircled us so they clearly had the advantage so there was no need to open fire on me and my buddy. This is not what dayzrp is about. We had no opportunity to surrender.
  8. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S2-BadRP-RDM-possible-powergaming?page=2 Why the verdict is not fair: Conor says that throughout the whole situation, we were clearly just trying to kill someone. I dont know how he can come to that assumption when only an 8 minute video was posted when we were with the group and individuals for about an hour and a half. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: We were going to go up north and repent for all of our sins we have committed. We were with one player's son for about an hour and met up with this "dad" and friend and talked for about 20 minutes. That is close to an hour and a half of RP'ing. The robbery was a last second decision because some of the members were acting very suspicious and we wanted them to repent for their sins. We RP'd everything. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Lift my 5 day ban please What could you have done better?: Nothing. This is DayZ. Holding someone up is not against the rules. We were going to have the group repent for their sins but it escalated quickly when our hostages tried to escape.
  9. I was the fourth member. I had nothing to do with the killings I was just there. In regards to bad rp, we RP'd with you for over an hour trying to find your dad and kept in character the whole time. In regards to powergaming, please see below: "Powergaming refers to forcing an action, condition or belief upon another player's character beyond what the games mechanics allow. "Do not force any permanent status effect on other characters without explicit permission. This includes forcing them to eat human meat, scarring them in a visible place, removing body parts or otherwise permanently harming them." Not once did we force our beliefs on you. We never made you turn to Christianity (which is our in-game rp backstory). We simply told you to repent for your sins. This first one who died was told multiple times to stop struggling out of the cuffs or you will die. I saw you wiggle many times. Although I do not like that you died, since that was not our original intention, you kept going. In regards to the father being killed, you started calling us Satanists and told us to kill you. I do not like that you died either but it happened. I had nothing to do with the killings, and you can see in the end of the video that I let the third guy go and asked him if he needed any food or anything for his travels. On a side bar, we were curious as to what you were going to choose in the ultimatum. We never made anyone kill anyone. If we had followed through with the ultimatum that would broken server rules. We werent allowed to get that far bc the son tried to escape and the father started yelling at us to kill him. So no rules were broken there in regards to forcing someone to kill someone else. On a side bar, we were curious as to what you were going to choose in the ultimatum. We never made anyone kill anyone. If we had followed through with the ultimatum that would broken server rules. We werent allowed to get that far bc the son tried to escape and the father started yelling at us to kill him. So no rules were broken there in regards to forcing someone to kill someone else.
  10. Deadleg27

    [S2] 5 Second robbery/badrp/gear>RP/possible combat log

  11. Were you online when your friends were initiated on? Yes I was over watching for a while during the original initiation and logged right back on after reset and a observed the continued initiation. Like I said, I wanted to give them a chance to stop threatening but they kept going.
  12. that was me who was seen in the video with the silenced m4. I'd love to see the logs showing me hop onto server 3 before firing
  13. This just seems like a mutual misunderstanding of the situation. We all know the rules and are trying to enjoy the game. I just think this was reported before any of the facts were actually analyzed.
  14. "Combat logging or ghosting Definition The staff of DayZRP judge that people who log out in order to avoid retribution for their actions or as a method to avoid imminent player interaction will have combat logged. You cannot log out when another player wishes to communicate with you. If you are already in the presence of others and need to log out it is generally good form to ask them to type their permission in direct to ensure that you are not impacting their RP by doing so. Break line of sight with those you committed a hostile act against and wait a minimum of 15 minutes from the time you broke line of sight before logging out. Switching between connected servers (aka ghosting) to gain any kind of advantage is strictly forbidden." I did not switch servers. i woke up when I received a radio transmission that my friends were being held up. Ghosting is a very clear definition. Just because I was conveniently located near the incident does not mean I was ghosting. And when you say at gunpoint "come out or you know what will happen" is a pretty distinct way of saying "come out or we will kill you". You cant really argue against that. Also, noone in our group was wearing a red drybag, im not sure where this is coming from.