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  1. sorry I didn't see the second page but no sorry the recording software didn't work
  2. it was not really a talk in in the team speak several of you members joined and and spoke to me and the way so acted in the ts was unnecessary and childish however it seemed like the where trying to scare me out of the report however a few where very nice and i highly rate them for the way they acted however join and calling me a retard and telling me how my reports going to flop is a pathetic way to go about the situation also i would like to say that Normans name was only use because he was the only one i knew from the group
  3. Server and location: S1 Pogarvka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:05-22 Daytime or Night-time: Day Your in game name: Crawford Wallce Names of allies involved: magdile mumfors wilson mumford jones calvins Name/Skin of suspect/s: norman cassey and his group 501st possible Suspects weapon/s: too many people Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): No Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): possible Detailed description of the events: we where in pogkarevka and we could tell what was going to happen with that many people as i tried to leave one of the members from the other group started following me in a troll like manner acting like he was new so once i tried to walk away from him he initiated and then took me inside the church where and tied me up after taking most my possessions they captured a few other guys and brought them into the church there was no clear reason to intimate other than they wanted our gear once in the church they then came up on the spot with the idea of a game show where they gave us stupid unanswerable questions and punished us if we got them wrong we where eventually let go after one guy was killed with no clear reason other than he couldn't answer the ridiculous math question right in ten seconds once let it was clear that all they wanted was our gear because the only original piece of gear i had was my arm band and top. this type of situation has happened so many times with this group and has always been the same it is the same thing overtime they have always provided us with poor if not no rp i have several people who will say the same and i find it appalling that they can get away with it with no clear punishment i know if i did this to some one i would easily end up banned.
  4. Server and location: S, GM Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): not sure Daytime or Night-time: dusk/Nightime Your in game name: Crawford Wallace Names of allies involved: walter falangie Name/Skin of suspect/s: George Higgins Suspects weapon/s: M4? some automatic Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): possible video from allie My POV We where at green mountain a few guys when some people in the compound starting arguing about the tower I was then told to exit the compound or I would be killed I was then taken hostage by Gorge Higgins and was stripped of most my gear except for cloths they said it was for our safety we where then taken down to an adjacent tree line towards pogarevka eventually we where taken back to our gear during what seemed the same argument I was told to pick up my gear and leave once I realised my supplies and weapons had all been taken so I was left with no real chance of survival i then turned around to asking for my weapons and supplies I was then threatened by a man in a wolf mask saying he was going to kill me if I didn't leave then shooting broke out i then got a gun off of one of my dead team-mates and started shooting at them and was then killed .
  5. *picks up his radio* I do say all I wanted was peace but it appears that there's no reasoning with the dogs of Cherno, obviously you are too savage to understand peace but it is fine you mutts can just crawl back into the cesspit you call a den we will leave you savages to yourself. *Percy throws his radio into his backpack as the transmission ends*
  6. *Picks up his radio* I assure you sir I have raised my gun to no man or women anything said by friends of mine have been through fear all we wish is to farm and live without the harassment of a wild pack of dogs. And remember the wilder the mutt the tighter the leash, and there's always a muzzle for those fangs *He lowers his radio in disappointment*
  7. *Percy picks up his radio* Well I do say it appears that there is no reasoning with some animals you claim innocence when you are the ones with blood on your hands and you sit there and talk about your crazy gods and ideologies. I did not know that wolves where such fragile creatures that just words could upset them. *A sigh can be heard as the radio shuts off*
  8. *Standing over Travis's grave clicks on radio* Dear Wolves it has come to attention that the pointless aggression between us has taken its due course. I believe that we set our differences before there is more blood spilt, there are enough dangers out there already and I am sick of burying friends and allies. I hope that you fellows can see my reasoning and we can all be mutual terms... please for the sake of every one. *Percivle sits back and ends the transmission*
  9. Dylanfen

    A message to all my "fellow" survivors.

    * Picks up his radio* Do not worry his friend is in a high place *grins* rotting away in that tower, Besides Clay you lost your chance with your terrible aim. * Percy puts down the radio laughing to himself *
  10. Dylanfen

    A message to all my "fellow" survivors.

    *Percy stops farming to answer the radio* "Well I do say fellow awfully sorry about you friend it was such a shame to waste our ammo like that but I believe we shall meet again in due time Ill have the pumpkins waiting for you feel free to bring any more friend we can take care of them too and remember boys God save the Queen." *puts down the radio and goes back to tending his pumpkins*
  11. My POV (percivl Bronson ) me and my group where at green mountain and saw members of the 501st arrive. They had robbed us last night so we went up the tower so we could have more defence in case we were initiated upon again. While in the tower we warned Logan not to come up as he was climbing he did not listen. So once he was up we told him to not turn around and he did. My friend then counted down from 5 giving him the chance to go back down and he did not comply for what ever reason. So my friend shot and killed Logan.