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  1. Always looking for new rushes and experiences, I could never have enough. Ever since I was a boy I've been addicted to fear, I'm not sure what caused this addiction but it's never ending. From running of the Bulls in Spain to hunting wild lions in Africa, climbing Everest and anything else you could imagine I've always been searching for ways to have my heart set to over drive. Never in my wildest dreams did I expert to have my addiction to be cured in such a seamless place as Chernarus. I was in Chernarus to discover the vast country side and isolated towns, I wanted to explore all of Chernarus with minimal supplies and avoid all roads to truly test my abilities to survive the subversive terrain of Chernarus alone. I arrived in Chernogrosk October 6th where I had chosen to stay in the local hotel for four days preparing for my journey. On the last night of my stay in the hotel I had heard on the news of local of fights breaking out in Myshkin, I didn't pay too much mind to it and got ready to head out. A few days later I was set to leave, I headed out North of Chernogrosk, off road as often as I could be. soon I was at as I could have possibly gotten, I set up camp and got ready to stay the night. I spent the next few weeks travelling around hunting the wildlife. Hours leaked into days, days spilled into weeks and soon starvation kicked in and I decided to move to a town. As I traveled Stary Sobor. as I closed into the town everything seemed unstintingly quiet, traveling further into the town I saw a single man stumbling unnaturally through the main road. Blood all over his shirt and mouth. In a flash the creature with the body of a man attacked me biting and clawing at my neck, I quickly forced him down and beat punch in a flash of red I found myself landing blow after blow crushing his head. I stood up from what once seemed human. looking up I saw eight more stumbling hungrily towards me. This is the fear I've been looking for. This is going to be fun.
  2. IGN: John Stag Age:20 Country:England English skills: 10/10 DayZ Mod Experience:None DayZ Standalone Experience: Tons, just over one thousand hours of DayZ SA Roleplaying Experience: Mostly just from this particular site, I've been hear for about a year and have been involved in multiple groups and gained a lot of experience in roleplay. What kind of In Game role best describes you: British wanker, hard nut, douchébag Have you been in any clan/group previously:Multiple most of which I was involved in the creation of including; The Resurrected, Benni's Pizzeria, The Firm, The United Front and The Leone Family Additional notes:I'm a huge fan of hostile, bandit RP and believe I do it well, though I certainly wouldn't call myself a one trick pony I'm also able to play a wide array of other roleplay situations and characters. Best way to contact you: Through here is fine also via my skype: Incalebus
  3. Saw some torches lit by the Novy church, when me and my friend turned up a group was starting to accumulate. about 5 minuets later we had a guy by the name of Bas Korthuis singing and playing guitar while some other guys cooked and gave out fish. the time I spent listening to him sing with everyone gathered around quietly. this may have been my favorite moment in dayzrp the feeling of everyone getting together out of the madness and listening to someone sing his heart out and the end of the world fading away from our minds. easily the most emotional and greatest moments of RP I've had. Thank you Bas Korthuls you are a legend <3
  4. Incalebus

    [Active] Ken Bone Appreciation Thread

    I love this man, he has what I call "resting asking for a friend face" alot like resting bitch face but with the need to be put on a list, and notify his neighbors.
  5. Incalebus

    Goodbye, i guess?

    ;~;7 I'll miss you my fine gentleman
  6. Incalebus

    Goodbye, i guess?

    Nooo :'(
  7. Incalebus

    S1: Exploiting, No Value for Hostage in Stary/Vshnoye - 11/10/2016 19:00

    While exiting stary I noticed three men walking down the road guns out, unable to identify them as a threat I slipped off the road, too cover and provided overwatch, I couldn't hear exactly what was being said until the initiation. Once I heard them imitated I attempted to shoot one of them men, however my gun jammed so I retook cover to reload, after reloading I took a shot, missed and was gunned down after being found and running away.
  8. Incalebus

    S1: Exploiting, No Value for Hostage in Stary/Vshnoye - 11/10/2016 19:00

    I was killed during the first initiation with the pizza crew on our way back from stary and don't really know what happened past that point I'm afraid.
  9. Incalebus

    The Brokers [Open RC]

    The United Front will not stand for the trafficking of free human lives! Love the look of the group guys very creepy <3
  10. Astro A40 TR headphones can't go wrong with those babes, had mine for ages now, mics amazing, feels great to wear and it lasts. 100% worth the cost and I'm poor as fuuck
  11. Incalebus

    The Division: Giveaway On March 3rd - Winners Drawn

  12. Hail the darkest of skies may the rebirth of the black sky commence
  13. Incalebus


    Fuck <3
  14. Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend you have been the one! you have been the one for me!