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  1. After I graduated College, I decided to go on a backpacking trip and ended up on a cheap flight to Chernarus. I did not realize that I would be learning to survive in a strange foreign land. I keep to myself mostly and try to stay out of sight. I come from a ranch back home where I spent most of my time camping on the land so surviving outdoors is not new to me. I hope only to return home to my love Rae who was ill and had to miss out on the beginning part of the trip. Wherever she is I hope she is safe. My only concern is getting home to her. I will let nothing stand in my way of seeing my best friend again.
  2. Nickrruss

    Character's Weapon of choice?

    Growing up on a Ranch in the US, my character used his trusted .22 caliber weapon to hunt game on the property. When it came to fending off wildlife on his property (depending on size) He used a .357 caliber Rifle to because of the simplistic design and trusted accuracy.
  3. I bet north on the train tracks. But I agree with Autumn, it is best to find out in game. I want to know funny places people have run into people.