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  1. I didn't get his surname but a guy called Tyrell was great today up near Green Mountain! Great use of the in game mechanics!
  2. I think this is surely solved now as the OP report was about me shooting him and as we discussed in TS I had KOS rights on him after he robbed me. The situation between Shane, Yuri and Mike has never been reported but just discussed in this seperate report, which me and Boris Chen have sorted with the help of Terra and Co in TS.
  3. Bigger servers and maps would be great, this would be good if it happens to coincide with the new base building.
  4. Cobrakiy85

    Sleep Paralysis

    I get this, I've worked out its mainly when I'm overly tired. I work on the railway and its a lot of nights so if I have a long shift I tend to get it, luckily the wife knows the noises/movements I make. Its scary as shit but the relief when I wake up is great. Weirdly though my brother suffer and dad also suffered with the same thing.
  5. There was 3 people in the cell building within 2m of me whilst getting robbed, so I would say that's involved. But its up to these guys to establish that not us. I'm just here for good roleplay and a laugh.
  6. While I got robbed I believe he was heading from a pond near Green Mountain up to the compound, but I went and intercepted him on the way up to tell him I had just been robbed and wanted to go back and get my revenge.
  7. Bobby Kalec here:- I went up to green mountain and was greeted by Boris Chenn who I offered my bow and arrow, he was polite and said he didn't want it. Then his friends 'Yuri Chenn & Mike Johnsson' came in and shut the gates and I offered them the bow n arrow, they declined and all 3 of them proceeded to rob me of my UMP and some ammo and told me to leave. I then went and spoke to Shane Marshall (who I had originally planned to meet at green mountain) about getting my own back and killing these guys as they had robbed me, I went back into the compound and went straight up to the tower and recognised Boris Chenn who had his gun out and following the previous hostile play I chose say to 'you stole the wrong persons UMP' and pumped 3 or 4 shots into him. I'm quite new to this but after being robbed 3 on 1, I believe I have KOS rights after being robbed. I also heard the interaction between Yuri Chenn and Shane Marshall from the tower and can provide a report if necessary?