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    I stream on twitch.tv/xbenaiahx the entire VOD is on there. EDIT: 7:34:00 is a good starting point.
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    Its all in the perspective, I felt my life was in danger. there was hardly any roleplay prier to the raising of the weapon. This is not an argument, nor is it the place for one. I have said my side and understand that based on your side of the incident it was bad RP, I also understand the punishment for that and will have no hard feelings towards you or the admin if they see it as bad RP as well. All RP is with good intent and for the purpose of a fun all around experience. I apologize to you and your friends if you could not see the RP in that moment.
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    I can confirm that what they say is true, and in the moment with the character I was roleplaying as I felt that what I did was good roleplay based on the fact that my character was clearly insane. I understand from their perspective it was bad roleplay because I ended the confrontation instead of complying with their demands. However for me it was great roleplay, the man that was with me was my hostage and I was molding him into a trusted family member, have you spoke to him and got his side of the story because I guarantee he had a great time and the way it ended was great roleplay material for him as well. The man I shot raised his weapon on me first and requested I drop my weapon at the count of 3, I refused this request and felt that my life was about to be taken. The man I shot clearly had no intention of letting me live.