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  1. nuggets303

    S2 BadRp Gear>Rp Around 4 am GMT

    1. A list of your allies names. R-Allen, Mazer, ToastedMallow 2. Your role in the situation. Whence we entered Kabanino we saw the accuser, the female character, and agreed in TS that we would initiate and take her hostage, because we like to have action and are bandit RPers. Gear was not our main intention, and so we almost left her AUG behind but decided to keep it (and later drop it, as we had no need for it). Minimal RP ensued, we told her to lay down and drop the weapon, tied her with rope, took her to a green house near Kabanino. I frisked her for a radio, took it,took some .45 ACP ammo and emptied her magazines, leaving 1 .45 round in her bag, her M1911, all of her clothes except for her baseball cap, an axe, and a can of peaches. We were RPing with her, albeit not anything noteworthy or to put in the RP hall of fame. I found it difficult to RP because of her lack of a microphone, but she obviously is a talented RPer. We then were about to let her go into the woods, when her two friends (no idea how they knew where she was, we had her radio, I guess it was dumb luck) came and started questioning us. We RPed, and got a bit confused on TS as to what to do next. Eventually a team member of mine (not sure who) initiated, and so when I heard gunfire I shot, exchanged fire with the man at my front, and was killed. I didn't respawn and still haven't. 3. State whether or not you have video evidence.\ I do not.
  2. [align=left]*Randall holds the radio firmly in his hand, staring at it intently. With his other hand, he carefully turns its dial to his desired frequency* [align=left]"Hello? God, I don't even know if this piece of shit is working." [align=left]*Again, frustrated, Randall turns the radio on and speaks into it; with a hint of irritation in his deep voice* [align=left]"Okay fine listen, anyone who can hear me. I need two goddamn things. One; can someone get me a fucking weapon cleaning kit? For the love of God, I'll trade anything of value for a freakin' weapon cleaning kit. And next..." [align=left]*His voice chokes up, and the radio stutters for a moment* [align=left]"I need my brother... Returned to me. Please. If you're out there... Get Jaryd back to me. You sons of bitches will pay for taking him. And don't think I forgot your face, you fuck. I swear to God, if he..." [align=left]*The radio cuts out again, and doesn't turn back on. John wipes away a tear from his cheek, and throws the radio across the room.* [align=left]"Why him... Why him not me..."
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S2-RDM-Altar-Hill Why the verdict is not fair: I believe the verdict is fair, both in me getting temp-banned for not replying with my POV fast enough, and Wong getting in trouble for not IDing Volke. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: POV Statement - Altar Hill Firefight: I was with Lee, MetalxTongue, and Kareena at Altar Hill; trying to find the captured Luanne Galloway (Kareena's RP sister). I noticed at Altar Hill that a green house had its doors closed, so we setup on the hill to engage, knowing from the voices inside that Luanne was being held in the house. I was at the fence in front of the house and I initiated on the enemy in the house, Both in text and over my microphone. After we initiated, I was shot while desyncing about a minute and a half later. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: A lift of my temporary ban. What could you have done better?: I could have replied to the Report quicker. This is my fault, as I hadn't been checking the forums.
  4. During his tour in Afghanistan, Speirs was leading 7 men through an insurgent held village. When him and his Gunnery Sergeant came to a locked door, the two men stacked up and prepared to breach. Suddenly and without warning a RPG from across the narrow street, fired from a rooftop, blew a large crater in the ground about 9 feet from the building, sending hot metal into Speirs's left calf and thigh. The shrapnel detireorated his thigh muscle, and caused him to bleed from the wound until recieving a dressing and having the shrapnel removed an hour and a half later. Nowadays, shooting muscle pain sometimes occurs in his leg, but there is no constant pain. Thank you for replying! I'd love to RP soon.
  5. My name is John Speirs. My friends... well; rather, people I meet, call me "Captain" or "Cap". Really I never was a Captain. I was a Lieutenant, in the US Marines. In 2005, I graduated from the US Naval Academy and earned my commission as an Infantry Officer, MOS 0302, in the USMC. in 2008, I served a six month tour in Afghanistan, earning a Purple Heart for a shrapnel wound to my left leg; a scar I carry with me to this day. In November of 2009 I arrived in Chernarus for the first time, via US military transport. I served an abruptly-ended two month tour, fighting alongside CDF and NAPA guerrilla forces against the Russian nationalist militia, known as the ChDKZ. In late December, my Marines and I were withdrawn from the region and brought back state-side. Again in 2012, I was now a First Lieutenant with Brigade HQ; my platoon and I were deployed for a third time to Takistan to fight the oppressive government under Colonel Mohammed Aziz. Admittedly, I had accumulated a list of mental health issues from my extensive combat exposure. I was suffering from PTSD, and I learned to know flashbacks of many familiar faces. These are the reasons which compelled me to leave my post. To the Marine Corps; I am a coward. But I had my own personal reasons for leaving Takistan. I was not going to allow my mind to be corrupted further by the horrors of war. And so I crossed the border between Takistan and Chernarus. I had with me only civilian clothing, a small backpack with MREs and water, and my weapon of choice: a M16A3 Assault Rifle. I traveled along the river Svetlaya, through Kirovograd, until the river turned to rolling hillsides. Traveling east, I finally reached South Zagoria, the northernmost region of Chernarus, in mid-2013. I lived off the land, alone, in the woods near Berezino. Life was whole again. At least; until the outbreak. Nowadays I spend my time alone. The few people I meet have either been ravaged by that horrid disease, or are close to death. I help anyone I can. But I must keep my surroundings sacred. My cottage and belongings are mine. A quick, painless 5.56mm round to the head generally gives the message to those who try to cross me. Three round burst attracts too many infected. But, I digress. In these unholy lands; my only true companions are my three chickens, my mountain goat, and my rifle. I harvest crops, hunt for game, and forage for berries to stay alive. I enter cities and towns sparingly, as I know bandits and highwaymen love to frequent them. To this day, I've killed 27 men. 9 in combat before the outbreak, and the rest after. I only hope that Christ forgives me for the sins I've committed. And maybe, just maybe; a group with morals better than my own would take me in. Thank you for reading.