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  1. Hi guys Here is a video of my character Billy Rowhouse, it has taken me a while to get the gameplay footage and edit the video so would appreciate a like and to share with people who might like this sort of stuff. I'm posting it on here because there are quite of few of you on here who feature in the video: Timmy, other bible guy and the all seeing eye. Jacob, the other bandit and Mr. Riddle Jamie, Lewis, Mary and a whole bunch of people. (Sorry I didn't catch your names.) Thanks
  2. Thanks guys, means a lot.
  3. Another highlight video just some funny DayZ gameplay...
  4. Made a short film about a guy who discovered he was the last man on earth. Hope you guys enjoy, the first of many videos to come. Currently working on the life of my character in DayZRP video but it is taking time to do and waiting for a good bit of interaction to add to it. Thanks Rowdy
  5. No not really cos he initiated on my 2 mins before, you not see that?
  6. But i sniped his friend how do you know who did it? That could have been a guy just walking in GM
  7. Did your friend in the tower have KOS rights?
  8. Held me at gun point the whole time told me to run off in specific direction, told me his friend had been killed. So if I would have put my gun up he would have blown me away. Can't see how it could of gone any other way. Think about it, if I didnt run off he would have probably shot me or kept me hostage. If he didn't have his gun up to me the whole time I wouldn't have shot him, Just so you know I could report your friend for me walking in the tower and him just killing me, but I just get on with it, it's part of the game.
  9. http://plays.tv/video/560ffeb4570a301a89?_t=eyJ0eXBlIjoiZnJvbSIsImxvZ2luX2lkIjoiYzQxYmExODRiMTY2Njc5MzQ3ODc4NjM5YWQ0ZTc3YmMiLCJjb2hvcnRfaWQiOiJhZjBiMDlmOTg1MjEzMTFkYTJkNDA4NDMzYTA3ZjYyMiIsImxvY2F0aW9uIjoiU2hhcmVWaWRlb01vZC5TaGFyZVZpZGVvTW9kIiwibGlua19pZCI6InNoYXJlX21lbnUiLCJldmVudF9pZCI6IiIsImdhbWVfaWQiOiJiNTY5NTRiYmZlOGZjNTY0MWRlYzM1OWFjYTRiNDkwYyIsImZlZWRfdHlwZSI6InJlcGxheSIsImZlZWRfaWQiOiI1NjBmZmViNDU3MGEzMDFhODkiLCJjbGlja2VkX3R5cGUiOiJzaGFyZV9saW5rIiwiY2xpY2tlZF9pZCI6ImdldF9saW5rIn0%3D
  10. I thought you wanted to see if I had KOS rights, that inter action with me and Yuri is why I thought I had KOS rights. If you don't agree thats a shame, seeing the rest of the video probably won't help as i was laid in the bush and then ran down the hill and sniped Yuri then ran in the tower and myself and Mike killed each other.
  11. http://plays.tv/video/560feffc59d98be968?_t=eyJ0eXBlIjoiZnJvbSIsImxvZ2luX2lkIjoiYzQxYmExODRiMTY2Njc5MzQ3ODc4NjM5YWQ0ZTc3YmMiLCJjb2hvcnRfaWQiOiJhZjBiMDlmOTg1MjEzMTFkYTJkNDA4NDMzYTA3ZjYyMiIsImxvY2F0aW9uIjoiU2hhcmVWaWRlb01vZC5TaGFyZVZpZGVvTW9kIiwibGlua19pZCI6InNoYXJlX21lbnUiLCJldmVudF9pZCI6IiIsImdhbWVfaWQiOiJiNTY5NTRiYmZlOGZjNTY0MWRlYzM1OWFjYTRiNDkwYyIsImZlZWRfdHlwZSI6InJlcGxheSIsImZlZWRfaWQiOiI1NjBmZWZmYzU5ZDk4YmU5NjgiLCJjbGlja2VkX3R5cGUiOiJzaGFyZV9saW5rIiwiY2xpY2tlZF9pZCI6ImdldF9saW5rIn0%3D Hope this clears things up. Yuri also mentioned his friend had been shot and he said in TS that I ran towards GM that's why he redirected me but as you can see I was running off down into the woods. I just wanna play RP and when myself and Mike killed each other I just respawned and got on with it. By the way PlaysTV is quite quick for uploading little clips so I shall use this in future, if you want the beautiful headshot clip or when myself and Mike blasted each other to hell let me know.