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  1. RIP to my brother, Lukas Oterov, who was killed at Green Mountain a couple of hours ago. Reward for the person who can give me a tip about the killer. The killer was a caucasian male with a strong Dutch accent. He carried a AUG assault rifle if I remember correctly.
  2. I´d like to explain my position in all this. Me and Sylmor (Lucas Oterov) were close to the camp when we heard some shots (as explained by both Sylmor and Kyle Lamia). We carefully made our way through the camp. We didn't see anyone at first, but when I reached the east side of the camp I saw someone running between the trees. I quickly hid and informed my friend of potential danger. I saw the player (Kyle) move around whilst crouching or in prone position. Because I didn't know wether he had hostile intentions, and possibly had a semi/long range weapon I felt threatened. I didn't hear anyone in VOIP. Because of this unusual situation we took drastic measures. In hindsight this might have been a mistake, but in the heat of the moment we felt we had to defend ourselves. Apologies if this was an illegitimate move.
  3. Had a great time with the Blackwood Republic a couple of days ago. Thanks for the supplies! I will return soon to repay you!
  4. Hello everyone, My name is Jacob Oterov. I´ve been wandering Chernarus for a couple of weeks now together with my brother (Lukas Oterov). We met a group of people, who had a base somewhere in the north. I would really like to know the name of this faction/clan because i'm interested in joining them. Thank you for the great experiences so far. Cant wait to see whats next! Yours sincerely, Jacob
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