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  1. Okay so i´m changing my name to one that sounds more realistic. Thank you for the fast reply.
  2. I was playing a few minutes ago with the name "Whisky Romanoff". I´ve been playing in the server for 2 hours and then i got kicked for "Invalid RP Name". I had this problem when i first joined the server, because of my 2nd name, so i changed it to "Romanoff".
  3. Oh, i see the problem now, thank you, i´ll try with another last name.
  4. I tried to login in the US server as "Whisky Wolves" but it kicks me becouse of "Invalid RP name". ( The name i used in my app was only "Whisky", so i dont know if i´m being kicked because of that).
  5. Just realized that I typed "after" isntead of "before" D:
  6. I´ve just sent my whitelist app. I´m really excited of getting accepted to have some fun roleplaying! I´ll leave my character´s backstory here if anyone want to check it out I´m Whisky, after the infection that took place in Chernarus I worked at the local newspaper in Chernogorsk. I had a beautiful wife and three little girls. I remember the day I arrived at work and heard about a strange disease growing up incredibly fast in Zelenogorsk and Drozhino. People in Chernogorsk started to worry as the hearsay spread and it all went down as the dead started walking on the streets. Military forces and MDS staff were trying to withhold the infection but it seemed to be impossible. I tried to escape with my family to the East of the coastline, but by the time we started running, an airplane crashed in the middle of the city. The Hotel fell down and a smoke wall covered the entire zone. The whole situation was out of control. We could not see through the thick smoke. My last memories before fainting were my wife and my girls screaming and crying. I woke up under lots of rubble. Everything was lost. My wife... My girls... All that is left is an apocalyptic world where I managed to survive until now, and i have lost my faith in the humanity to reborn from the ruins. All that is left to us is just suffering and the will to survive.