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  1. (This is a response to comment before any edits) We gave you three oral warnings, and all of these demanded you to drop all items and clothing. David Edman even pointed out in voice chat “including your pants” in our first countdown. In our first countdown you removed your guns only, on our second countdown you dropped your clothing (except pants) and axe. In our third countdown we demanded that you would remove your pants (which was mentioned in all previous warnings, too). The reason we shot you were that you didn’t meet our set demands after several oral and text-based warnings. We were also extra cautious after you kept your axe on you after you dropped everything, we were to believe you were going to perhaps attack us and that's why we wanted to be on the safe side. You could have had weapons in your pockets and we didn’t want to waste a pair of handcuffs as we didn’t have any keys to unlock them with. We think that our demand for you to remove your pants ingame was justified and OK, even if your roleplay character didn’t agree with this. I'm not sure what you meant by "The point is, that you pretend I was sitting down when you took the shot, which isn't true." and then later in the text you wrote " I even crouched with hands on my head". Is this related to the report or is it just filler information? (reply to Pipos edit) This is of course a rule that we all have to follow, but it is allowed to temporarily strip your victim down to nothing to reduce any dangerous risks. After each robbery we leave our victims with clothes and items that we have no need of. If our victim doesn't have any food or water we add a can or two. This rule does not apply here as we never left you with any chance of survival because you didn’t meet our demands. We shot you before the robbery was completed. Kind regards, Felix. I have to get some sleep, goodnight Pipo and others reading! I'll be sure to check this thread tomorrow, sorry if my reply is going to be a few hours late.
  2. David Edman I had Shadowplay running, but sadly I didn't think of saving it as the situation seemed to be okay. I'll be sure to save footage of future robberies in case a similar situation were to happen again
  3. Hello, First of all, I would like to say that us killing you was very unfortunate but was needed since you did not follow orders. At 19:26:05~ we began to rob you. When my friend David Edman was talking to you over the mic he said clearly “Drop everything you have on you including all of your clothes within 10 seconds. If you do not comply you will die”. He started counting down to around 6-7 when you put away your gun and started stripping down. What happened later was that we noticed that you took very long time for you to take off all of your clothes, which can be seen by the timestamps (Robbery began at 19:26:05 and Benoit Simon was shot at 19:27:28, over a full minute later). Several oral and text-based warnings and countdowns were made and you still did not obey our orders with dropping all of your clothes, which was also mentioned several times throughout the robbery. The shot was taken after we gave you our THIRD oral 10-second countdown and with three seconds left my friend said “If you do not follow orders when it hits zero, you will die”. You were sitting down with your pants on, and when the counter reached zero, I took the shot. Sadly we did not hear you saying anything in your microphone about your dignity regarding your pants. While we do not feel we have done anything wrong and can not find anything in the rules saying that we did, we would be able to compensate you by giving us some of our gear to help you get back on track. After all, you had a pretty decent inventory. Kind regards, Felix
  4. Thank you! Yes, I will have to talk to one of the staff members about my old account, it was deleted because of inactivity. Would be real swell to have my register date edited on this account or possibly have my old account restored. The possibility of this probably isn't big but it's worth a shot. It still has it's threads up and register date shown.
  5. Hello! My name is Felix Gren and I'd just like to say hi to all of you! I started playing on this server first in September, 2012 under the name xChronicles and I'm glad to be back. It will be great fun to start playing again, especially now when DayZRP have servers on DayZ Standalone. Seems like almost everything about the server has changed so it will take some time to take it all in, but I'm glad to see that Rolle is still active within the community. I will probably not be able to play every day now when I'm studying, but hopefully I can meet most of you ingame!