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  1. I already miss my yellow name, now I'm a whitename 

    1. Samaritan


      A bold whitename though...

    2. Lucas


      Im jealous

  2. I'm feeling it Mr Crabs.




  3. Brodie

    Chernarus Winter Map

    Took a few screenshots.
  4. Brodie

    Chernarus Winter Map

    @Roland Looks amazing so far, maybe the sounds should be tweaked a bit for more atmosphere and immersion. Maybe you should try convince this guy to develop stuff, this seems pretty awesome.
  5. Brodie

    Chernarus Winter Map

    The sounds for running/walking/jogging on the snow seem a bit buggy imo(maybe that was the recording, even then I'd love for more sounds and atmosphere added in), maybe if some work was done to the sounds and textures to improve it, I'd say it'd make the atmosphere of the game a whole lot more immersive and interesting. Snow on trees and foliage would be awesome.
  6. Brodie

    Chernarus Winter Map

    Looks amazing, this kind of stuff makes me really excited to continue playing DayZ tbh
  7. Brodie

    Held Captive [Event]

    Nope I got sprayed down by I don't even know who. Loved your cannibal RP aswell mate, making things fairly interesting.
  8. Brodie

    Held Captive [Event]

    I was the Guard that shot you down when you tried to escape, I'm really glad I didn't kill you though, thanks for the RP mate. Shame that things didn't go as we intended, but lots of fun nonetheless. Although I kept getting jumped on by prisoners with shanks.
  9. Brodie

    The Embassy [SPG-24]

    Nice group folks, looking good. Hope youse get accepted asap.
  10. Brodie

    Held Captive [Event]

    Sign me up as a guard. Or whatever's free.
  11. Josef was quite a bright child, he had a lot of potential from a very young age. His family were fairly well off, due to his father having a high position in the local Soviet government in Novodmitrovsk. Josef's mother was doing as expected, she cooked, cleaned and tended to Josef. With the technological advancements due to the space race during the 60's and the marketing of the first computers, cellphones and digital wrist watches, Josef had a peaked interest since an early age. He had his eyes set on becoming the next Arthur Scherbius or Alexander Popov. Of course Josef's father thought he was delusional, the idea was even preposterous to him. He had his own plans for Josef, he expected Josef to follow his footsteps, become a government man, suits and ties, shined black shoes, appearance and reputation mattering the most. Josef never wanted to disappoint his father, he had a lot of respect for him and wanted his father to be proud, so Josef worked hard. Getting through school, while attempting to do his own research into electronics and mathematics. Josef was very talented, he almost became an expert at encryption, decryption and interception of radio broadcasts Josef brought too much attention to himself, having his father an already known figure and now himself becoming a threat to the Soviet's due to his talent with radios. The Soviet government sent out a KGB contact to employ Josef to do private research in one of their technological branches. At the young age of sixteen Josef was already working for the Soviet government. It was a great environment for him, he had all the resources he needed and plenty more. He began to rapidly develop his knowledge and ability until cracks started to show in the Soviet Union and that's when Josef sided with the more local Chernarussian KGB members and stayed in Chernarus while the rest headed back to Mother Russia. Josef knew too many government secrets and became a threat yet again. Another government branch had their eyes set on him this time and they reached out to Josef and took him in. They were Chernarussian and a few of the people Josef met in the Soviet facilities were involved with them so he assumed he could trust them. This time Josef wasn't just doing research he was given a job and he was being trained.
  12. Brodie

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    House - Brodie Kearns
  13. Brodie

    DayZRP Seasons / Chapters / Episodes

    I'm with Boris, Brayces and Sylva on this one, things will just resort to the way they always have, there'll be no real group progression and no real lore progression. Maintaining this as well would probably be a nightmare i'd imagine(making rules for new lore, coming up with new interesting lore, ect,ect).
  14. Crikey seems like the people that are getting annoyed are the same people that can't separate OOC from IC and if that's the case then I don't think this mature role-playing community is for you.
  15. Brodie

    Chernarussian Cossacks [Recruitment: Selective]

    Thread needs a bit of work, a few grammar mistakes, some more art/graphics would go really well, I think the lore could use some more work as well, other than that I like the idea of the group and I hope this works out and I'd love to see it grow. Best of luck xoxo
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