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  1. 'New' Irish players? There's always been the same ones from what I've seen
  2. Bro G19 is mine look at my pfp, back off bro
  3. All I can say is you're welcome
  4. @JorrdanVC @APositiveElmo I appreciate that at least some people notice me wait till people hear my real voice versus this voice I had to put on holy shit. @NozzyRP WHERE'S THE BLOOPER VID BRO??!?!!
  5. @Ryan Shepherd Is a great lad, one of the top Irish lads, he's been here long enough I'd say he'd be a fair staff member. @FalkRP should definitely be given a chance as well.
  6. @Aron73 I'd really love to know where you get your inspiration is from
  7. Apologies for not posting my POV earlier I tend not to hop on the forums too often so I honestly had no idea I had been called in. Anyway. Daryl Kelly POV: We were chilling having a chat this red boonie guy rolls up @Alopk we were having a pretty calm conversation, then as Bands starts talking about God Alopk gets a bit angry for whatever reason and starts to be a bit disrespectful and obviously IC myself and Bands are very devout Christians so we obviously got a bit irritated. Once Bands pulls his gun(just off his back he never aimed it.) Alopk just mag dumped him with the SVD. Osku immediately retaliated as Alopk went to switch targets almost straight away. I didn't have a gun out at all during this.
  8. Raised on a farmland in Offaly to a strict Christian household Daryl was brought up on the Bible. His family clung to religion as it was their only pillar of salvation during The Troubles. The horrors he and his family heard weekly on the radio only made their belief more galvanized. Every Sunday, no matter the conditions, after finishing up his farmland work he'd hike to the nearest parish about an hour walk on muddy roads. Sometimes his father would let him sit on the trailer of the tractor if Daryl could recite a certain amount of quotes from The Bible as proof of his devout belief. As the years went by his family started hearing of these things called 'Mission Trips' and they decided to start saving for one. Eventually in 2005 his family decided they had enough money to go to one of these 'Mission Trips' they heard of in East Africa. There Daryl met more like minded people his own age and it strengthened his belief even more. He heard of a group in Carolina that were very devout and America always stood out as a great place to move to for religious enlightenment and opportunity. As soon as he turned 17 Daryl made his trip to Carolina with basically just his beliefs. After spending some time asking around he found the people he had been looking for and ended up joining them in their volunteering.
  9. I already miss my yellow name, now I'm a whitename 

    1. Samaritan


      A bold whitename though...

    2. Lucas


      Im jealous

  10. I'm feeling it Mr Crabs.




  11. @Roland Looks amazing so far, maybe the sounds should be tweaked a bit for more atmosphere and immersion. Maybe you should try convince this guy to develop stuff, this seems pretty awesome.
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