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  1. Gimme yer belt!

    1. Hunter


      YOUR'E DAMN RIGHT IM GONNA GIVE YEE MA BELT! *presumes to take belt off and crack it*

  2. Just give up already, yee must be bored man.

    @Winslow and @Earthwalker.

    1. SweetJoe


      I one time spend 1 hour 10 minutes @Naming people. had literally hundreds. Don't underestimate me when I'm bored.

      I set the precident, if you post 25 or more @names with no reasoning, we can get points now!

  3. @Brodies first

  4. *Aaron pulls his new radio and presses down the PTT.* "Was that wise man me? I'm pretty sure I've said that atleast a couple times. Anyways, yee are wasting your time on the radio talking to these Windows Vista XP fuckers, they're complete morons, like proper window lickers man, swear down. So just, stop putting your effort into them, I know they did some shit, but that's the point of their extremely short and stupid responses, they want yee to go mental at them ect." *He'd release the PTT and slide his radio back away.*
  5. *Aaron now in a different bed, he leans over Lyaria and takes her radio from her hands.* "I appreciate all the kind comments, but I don't appreciate all of yee invading my privacy." *He releases the PTT with a final sigh.*
  6. *Lefts out a puff of air as she shoves his radio into his chest, he looks at her slightly confused and then presses down the PTT once again.* "Sorry that Lyaria spoke through my radio there." *Releases his PTT.*
  7. *Flicks on his radio and PTT once again.* "Did you not get the fucking message? Just kill yourself man, or are ye too pussy to even do that?" *Flicks off his PTT once again.*
  8. *Aaron clicks down his PTT face palming as he does so, you notice his voice is slightly muffled as he speaking behind his hand.* "Alright pal, good luck getting your tongue out of Louie's hole, it must be really fucking far up there." *Releases his PTT once again flicking frequencies awaiting responses.*
  9. *Aaron clicks on his radio after flicking through a few frequencies because he got told to, he holds down his PTT.* "Who the fuck is Ciaran, get your head out of your hole man, like come the fuck on, how old are ye, like fucking ten? Making up stupid bullshit just to have a fucking stupid excuse to rob a group of people that haven't done shite to anyone, good fucking job man, props to you, woahhh, you totally showed us wrong. Go fuck yourself ye delusional bastard." *Clicks off his PTT flicking frequencies to see what's up.*
  10. *Aaron hears Louie response, grits his teeth and sighs heavily, originally he wasn't going to respond, but now, he feels it's necessary, he holds down his PTT.* "Alright listen here your down-syndrome cunt, go fuck yourself side wards you stupid eejit. We've never 'murdered' any fucking children, so go fuck yourself for one. For two, you're group of fucking retards kill more innocent people everyday than anybody, and we never killed any children, unless you want to tell me what child we killed? And how will killed them? Oh wait, you fucking can't yet stupid bastard, swear down Louie, you're the most fucking mentally challenged person I've ever met, I've given you around three chances, and look what you're doing, just fucking end your life already you fucking moron." *With another long sigh Aaron releases his PTT almost breaking his radio as he spoke into it, he takes a few breathes to chill out and then presses his PTT down once more.* "Now, this is directed to G.M.T.C, This is Aaron Rivers speaking, I don't give a fuck who can hear me or who knows me name, but anyways, I enjoyed getting to know each and everyone of yee, but unfortunately it didn't last as long as I hoped it would, but hopefully we can still stick together in the future. Take care to whoever I most likely wont see, and a thank you to Lyaria, Jimmy and Jack." *He finally releases his PTT and stuff his radio away.*
  11. *Aaron giggles to himself like a school girl after witnessing Ryan collapse into the water and get swept away by the overwhelming waves, he suddenly hears his radio scream to life after Ryan speaks so emotionally into it.* "Are ye sure ye wanna fight me lad? I mean, that was revenge for shooting me pal, I hope you enjoyed your swim, just don't bring an army of fish after me yeah ocean man? Righto anyways, I hope you're alright, take it easy for now in whatever foreign land you've been swept away to." *Aaron clicks off his radio giggling, he then slides his radio back into his butt pocket on his jeans.*
  12. *Aaron pulls his radio out after hearing the heart-breaking news, he goes silent for a moment, he presses down his PTT and tries to speak as comforting as he can be.* "....I...I'm sorry Tim....I know I haven't known you very long, and you don't know me really, but I know what it feels like, so if you ever need anything, or anyone just let me know, you know my frequency. I've been with a group of people lately, you know who they are. They're very kind and welcoming, so if you ever need anywhere to go, or anyone, let me know. Again....I'm very...very sorry, Sonja was too innocent for this kind of situation, so lets hope she's at peace. *Aaron releases his PTT hoping what he said would help, he slides his radio back into his pocket and releases a sigh.*
  13. [GAME] Ban the person above you!

    Banned for RDM (he killed me.)
  14. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    You'd be doing me a favour tbh.