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  1. *picks up radio* Why the fuck would you insist in killing other humans? I thought it was a good thing not seeing any infected for some time but... it seems that a horde is what we are needing now since y'all value your lives so little to throw them away on a pissing contest. *shuts it down* *pokes fire and lays down*
  2. Isn't that kinda awkward\stupid? I mean, who the hell would rather be sticking his gun on someone when he can be removed 3\4 steps from him? Someone who's within arms reach of another person and is threatening him with a gun is not doing it properly because it can go into a grapple (realistically).. Also if someone is talking crazy shit, to be honest, I would always run (assuming we are not on an open field) and so would my character as we (real person and imaginiary) are not used to gun fights. Who knows what they'd do to you if you get captured?
  3. 13lumes

    What does your RP character look like?

    http://www.if.ufrj.br/~jtmn/Joao2011.jpg[/img] yep, this is it
  4. A long cut on his knee from a knife when he was skinning a deer on a hurry
  5. Sorry about the wrong place I didn't find the questions section (apparently didn't search too well) Thanks! I was having a hard time finding barrels and then I got a green one and was really happy with it ^^ Now I have a stash (not so well hidden but let's hope its enough )
  6. Can I use them as a stash? I mean they are movable so I thought they could be hidden somewhere. Is this possible? Or will I just lose my items with the server reset?
  7. The major problem for me is that, most likely almost all the children would be dead. Only the strong surive, right? Also its awkward to look at a grown model and then hearing a squeaky voice "oh, I'm 12".
  8. "Green mountain, huh? Thanks for that info, at least. But if that was a man... He was off, if you know what I mean" *Shudders at the thought* "What tales?! I don't know anything.. Only recently was I able to get a working radio."
  9. "I think I saw a ghost." *pants* "It didn't attack me" *pants* "but it was standing guard to a communications facility. I fled." "Northeast of Zélenégursk, don't know how to pronounce it" *pauses* "on top of a mountain*
  10. *João smiles, hearing the encouraging words* "Thank you Kevin, it's good to know there are still good people out there."
  11. CPU i7 2600k at 4.5Ghz GPU GTX 970 Strix 12Gb RAM SSD 256 SSD 128 HDD 2TB 850W PSU
  12. Thank you guys! I actually had been here before but when I went on vacation I forgot to post on the forums :shame: Thanks for the good luck wishes on the whitelist process but I got it already Last go play
  13. I like this idea and it makes complete sense. In truth, most of the people who would've survived the outbreak would have had to have a gun. Nonetheless there could've been those who were trained and those who weren't. I guess its safe to say most of the people who aren't infected learnt how to shoot in the meanwhile but, as you said, a skilled archer is really nice. Don't know about the melee, that would be for the most gory\cocky\fighter archetype as it gets messy, killing with a melee weapon. In general I do like the idea.
  14. So, I've been wanting to join here for a while now and I'm finally here! I don't have much time to play (usually it will be at weekends) but I hope I'll get the chance to have some nice roleplay! Name's João, ex hunter and I'm looking forward to play with you all.