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  1. **static** *umm, hello* **static** *John, if you're listening somewhere, this is Len, Len Coe. I finally found a radio* *I met a man named Alex Conview, reminds me a lot of you, so handsome* *Alex found me and took me to this cabin where I found this radio* *I'm waiting for him to come back, but, I just wanted to tell you, I forgive you.* *I forgive you, John. I know you didn't mean to hurt those children...Right?* *You knew how important my patients were to me. You knew those babies were the only reason I was still able to go on* **static** *well, I forgive you now, John.* *I think I just heard Alex coming back!* *Or is it you, John? Did you finally here my radio broadcast?!?* **but as the receiver hits the floor, it engages the talk button** **Footsteps patter to the outside, where she finds her John (Alex Conview) come back** **But then she see's her patients, still restrained to their beds, and John holding the hatchet.** **muffled in the distance** "John! John, where are the children?" Alex replies, "What? What children woman?" "The babies, John, what have you done?!?" Alex, as confused as ever, "What babies? What are you talking abou---" **A single shot rings out, as Alex screams** "NO, No come on. No don't do this. Stupid Bitch, why is everyone got to go killing themselves" "Come on" **exasperated in his attempts to revive her** "Well, I guess its time for a funeral. Wish I hadn't given her that rice." **footsteps as Alex walks into the cabin to find the reciever off the hook** "Well, I wonder if anyone hear--" **click**