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  1. Lunamode

    Avoiding RP | Logging

    Listen, I was running down from Stovy, heading to Novy. I was not on the road, I was running through the trees and I came accross a few voices I had faintly heard in the distance. I knew from the start the I was't going to engage with the three of you, but instead I just wanted to see what was happening for a minute(Dont worry, i wasn't stalking you guys from the beginning of time, I was stalking you guys from a distance, for a minute. To be honest, I couldn't make out almost any the words you guys were saying because I was positioned that far from you guys). I knew i wasnt going to engage with you guys because I was already planning to log off within the next minute anyway because of a family matter, or an exceptional emergency. I can tell you that I did not have my shotgun pointed at you guys at all. It was definitely lowered. And no one "circled" me. Either you three are lying, or it just took a minute for my body to fully disappear after logging out. This is what happened from my point of view: I got bored of listening to your conversation after a minute, and at the time none of you noticed me or even looked in my direction. so then I began to log off thinking it was safe to do. I'm being honest here, on my screen none of you looked at me, and as I was clicked the "EXIT" button to leave the server, I heard someone in your group say, "Hey, am I going-". I hoped so badly that the rest of that sentence didn't involve spotting me... turns out it did involve me. Blake, Micheal, and Jake, I'm sorry of the inconvenience i caused you guys. I had no intentions of making your experience bad. It's important that I mention again that even though I thought it was safe for me to log, believe me when i say I did have to leave for an emergency. I promise you that I had no intentions of purposely logging out. I hope my story adds up and or you can understand where i'm coming from.
  2. Lunamode

    Attempted RDM/Failed Robbery

    Yea, I did shoot you by accident. I have the video evidence of this entire scene here if you would like my perspective: (2:36:23) http://www.twitch.tv/lunamode/v/18824704 I'm so sorry man! It was not my intention at all. Please believe me when I say my finger slipped. I was trying to speak and aim at you, but then the middle mouse button(this is the button i use for VOIP) slipped to my left mouse button... Which shot you, god damn man. I'm so sorry.
  3. Yea, I'm sorry. I realized a few minutes after I killed you that... I really didn't have a reason to kill you. If it means anything at all, im super sorry man! I mean, i'm glad you thought that it was "humorous", I guess that was my intention, but it wasn't the right thing to do. Honestly, I'm not even going to defend myself, I made a mistake, I broke a rule, so Thomas, im sorry that I ruined the experience for you man. It wasn't my intention. Of course i'll accept any/all punishments. It wont happen again.
  4. all has been read and understood! Thanks for all the welcomes!
  5. Hey DayZRP community! Hopefully, I will become a new player. See you around, -Bentley Thornberry