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    John was born in the state of Washington, and grew up in a small cabin in the woods, learning how to hunt animals and fish. He knew everything he needed to survive in the wilderness. His social skills are not the best, He tends to stay away from socializing. if there was one thing he was taught, it was to never trust a stranger, no matter how kind or friendly they seem to be. He lived most his life in that cabin with his mother and father. when he turned 16 john wanted to go on a big hunt with his dad in a completely different location, his dad was very ill and could not go on the trip. 3 years later his father died of an unknown cause. John then started saving up for a hunting trip he could dedicate to his father with the little amount of money his dad left behind. For 2 years he saved all the money he could make from doing odd jobs. If there was one place he always wanted to go hunt, it was Russia, he liked the scenery he had seen from pictures, he found this little area called Chenarus, he thought it would be a good starting place to hunt. He planned a two week trip and started the trip the next week, he said goodbye to his mother, and left. Little did he know he came over to a total shit storm, waiting to happen. The only person he knew was left behind for this hunting trip, he would regret it for the rest of his life..