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  1. Maverick135

    S1: KOS/BadRP/No time to comply in Severograd - 09/05/2017 ~19:00"

    Clears things up for me, i'm not aggravated.
  2. Maverick135

    S1: KOS/BadRP/No time to comply in Severograd - 09/05/2017 ~19:00"

    As i said about the woman who was talking, i said multiple things even answering a question or two, but she did not hear me i geuss.
  3. Maverick135

    S1: KOS/BadRP/No time to comply in Severograd - 09/05/2017 ~19:00"

    The person who was getting ignored(SleepyHead), i started talking to her, but she couldnt hear me for some reason then we were leaving so i said bye we are leaving.
  4. Maverick135

    S1: KOS/BadRP/No time to comply in Severograd - 09/05/2017 ~19:00"

    I had met my friends when they entered severograd and was near the pub with them talking with other people, after we decided to leave we get down the road a bit and i hear "everyone outside put your fucking hands up now or die!" i saw no text chat either. I ran for cover seeing my buddy get shot. while i was in cover this lady came over standing right beside me outside of the cover saying, "Are you okay?" "What happened"? Then as soon as i say "i don't know my friend just got shot", i was dead. i may have been fairly killed but some of my buddys shouldve been killed because some did not hear the initiation. IGN: John Rick
  5. Maverick135

    S2 BadRP and GearRP Balota Airfield - 8/24/17

    I do not record, because the game cannot handle it.
  6. Maverick135

    S2 BadRP and GearRP Balota Airfield - 8/24/17

    Yea, were driving down the road towards Cherno (Me, Clyde Rummel, Jack rowe, and Dovin Taylor) when we saw this man coming towards us with his weapon up like he was about to initiate so we pulled over and went over to talk to him and decided to initiate because of how he came at us when we were passing, i took his weapon and ammo because i didnt want him coming after us and left him my empty weapon and mags, i also left him some food, as i saw he had none even though i didnt have to.
  7. John was born in the state of Washington, and grew up in a small cabin in the woods, learning how to hunt animals and fish. He knew everything he needed to survive in the wilderness. His social skills are not the best, He tends to stay away from socializing. if there was one thing he was taught, it was to never trust a stranger, no matter how kind or friendly they seem to be. He lived most his life in that cabin with his mother and father. when he turned 16 john wanted to go on a big hunt with his dad in a completely different location, his dad was very ill and could not go on the trip. 3 years later his father died of an unknown cause. John then started saving up for a hunting trip he could dedicate to his father with the little amount of money his dad left behind. For 2 years he saved all the money he could make from doing odd jobs. If there was one place he always wanted to go hunt, it was Russia, he liked the scenery he had seen from pictures, he found this little area called Chenarus, he thought it would be a good starting place to hunt. He planned a two week trip and started the trip the next week, he said goodbye to his mother, and left. Little did he know he came over to a total shit storm, waiting to happen. The only person he knew was left behind for this hunting trip, he would regret it for the rest of his life..
  8. I used to play this way, it was really fun so yes you should deff do it
  9. It takes me about 15 minutes to get basic gear, bout another 30 mins to get better gear.
  10. Maverick135

    What happened to RP?

    I feel the same roach, there should be waaay more RP than there currently is. I have not seen this type of RP in a while, but i keep hearing about it like you. i have thought about not playing anymore but the community and the people here are so cool i just cant quit, but i do agree, there should be more friendly RP than hostile right now.
  11. ahahaha thats terrible but funny at the same time, but you know welcome to DayZ
  12. First of all I asked you guys if you had bandages and the Dr. said yes im a doctor of course I have bandages, then I shot you guys. I thought it would break your leg, but I didn't shoot again because I didn't want to kill you guys. I didn't shoot at you, I ran straight to elektro afterwords. I logged off because I was tired and this group of 5 guys in the church killed me because I said I don't believe in god. I didn't know robberies were supposed to be a long process. I hope you guys understand my POV, but if you don't that is fine.