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  1. It's the shock that comes first... not the pain. Jack was surprised by that, looking down at his chest as the thick red liquid of his life, became an ever larger stain. It seemed to spread more slowly than he expected. But then everything was seeming slower, he realized, as his wide eyes focused on the shocked faces of the Chief and Marshall he'd been traveling with, their hands in the air. Then the pain slammed into him. And it was excruciating. It was only then that he realized he was no longer on his feet. His body seemingly drifting backwards over a bed of air. The pain. His mind, out of desperation, thought of anything else.. A bed, him and his beautiful wife back home in Canada, children playing in a backyard... Reality rushed back with a spray of blood and air from his lungs bursting out from his mouth, as his back slammed into the rocky ground. No man left behind was the rule with the Canadian army, he wasn't even supposed to be in front of that bullet, was his last thought before the pain was replaced by darkness. **************************** *skitter... * "AHHHHH!!!" The pain as something bit into his shoulder, threw Jack into a flurry of motion as he started awake, slapping a rat off him. A few others skittered away as well. Moment's later he regretted the quick motion as his chest burned with agony. Looking down, he could tell someone had spent some time tending to him. What he couldn't figure out was, why they would go to all the trouble, only to then leave him with nothing, in a damp ditch. He stumbled to his feet. Groaning at the agony it caused. Cold and hungry, the town near him cleared of anything useful, he managed to find an apple tree. It was picked clean of course, but he was able to survive off the half rotten ones hidden in the tall weeds below it, left either unnoticed or unedible by anyone else prior. Every bite burning as it went down his throat, Jack opened up the small pamphlet he had found a few minutes before, in an obviously young girls bedroom. Judging by the other items in the room, the girl was likely around the same age as his oldest daughter. He noticed the wet drop land on the campground picture on the front of the pamphlet, but ignored it, flipping it over. The back had a simple map of directions. *************************** Jack cringed again as he finally made his way out of the medical cabin at the back of the camp. He had changed the bandages again after having a rest, and was starting to feel like he could at least walk upright. He could feel the loaded longhorn, tucked under the back of his shirt, he had found under one of the mattresses in the mainhouse earlier. Then he stopped. A women walked up the path towards him. She seemed to have nothing but an axe on her back. He didn't know why he felt so unsettled. Perhaps it was the way she was looking at him, like an object or a toy, or the small smile on her face. She spoke first... "Hello there, " she said with a sultry voice, "My name is Melody... Melody Murdock... ... Are you alone?" ....... *To be continued*
  2. Thanks! Any idea on what the wait time currently is for getting whitelists approved?
  3. Hey guys, Just introducing myself Hope to see you in there!