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  1. Hi all, I haven't played for a while and recently came back to DayzRP. So maybe the rules have changed a bit : I did rougly read through the story and rules for interaction but I might have missed something... I logged out in a house in the Northern Airfield due to some real life matters. When I logged in again, a few houirs later, someone fired a gun outside the window. The person might actually be shooting at someone else then me. But it felt like the bullets were really close. So my question is. Have I missed anything regarding the shoot on sight rules?
  2. Hovstadius

    The Adventures of Joffery and Fish - SEASON 2 COMING SOON

    Very enjoyable
  3. As I said quite clearly, I'm not after a change in the world and how it works. I was just adressing that some people out there takes the easy way out as a robber as soon as they see something they like. And the fact that, in my experience, the robbers are almost never afraid of anything which I actually think is bad RP:ing because in real life they would be.
  4. Hehe quite funny. But I have no intention of robbing anybody. I'm not the robbing kind. I Just want to get a chance to get out of it if I play it well.
  5. Once I played a nice guy and got shot for a discussion about a pair of gloves.
  6. Just saying. 7 out of 10 contacts for me ended up in a robbery Just bad luck then...
  7. Good to hear. But I haven't succeeded once and I am a really a heavy rp:er. Been playing pen and paper rp for over 20 years. But you do have to agree with me. Robbers are never ever acting afraid at all. They should according to real psychology actually try to act more unsecure and afraid. It should not be only on the victim side i mean.
  8. Why are so many people out there always taking the easy way out when it comes to interaction? It seems like all out there more or less takes the role as robbers when opportunity arises. Personally I think it's very boring. Seven out of ten of my roleplay encounters has resulted in some kind of robbery. And most are quite friendly first which irritates me even more. The problem, that I see with this on a hard core RP server, is the fact that it makes people more and more distant and afraid to interact. Which results in little or no roleplay in the end. Another thing with all the robbery going on is that the victims tend to roleplay the first couple of times. Then they get frustrated and either try to shoot the robbers or turn robbers themselves (easy way out). I mean we all know that some areas are "hot zones" when it comes to bandits. And thats quite natural in the setting.But please. There is no chance in hell that you can talk your way out of a robbery! Why is that? Robbers are never ever afraid of the conseqenses of losing a friend or partner. But victims should always rp according to that. Makes no sense what so ever... In the real world I have been "robbed" a number of times. In all cases I managed to actually talk my way out of it with some minor adjustments in my wallet. And in one case with 3 people trying to rob me I actually threated them so they become scared instead. And in the last case I was robbed by a junkie with a knife. I did react quickly to that and actually broke his leg with a kick. Yes I have a background within top level thaiboxing and MMA. But thats not important. What is important is the fact that the robbers do not know what to expect. In Dayzrp they know exactly that they will get out of the robbery with better stuff... I just would like that people out there in the DAYZ RP World actually give the victims a chance. Otherwise there will be a risk that the majority of players takes the easy way and turn into bandits in the end. Remember! In the real world robbers are also afraid. But in DayzRP they are never afraid of anything which kind of fills med with the "well being robbed again and with no chance getting out of it"-feeling...
  9. If this whould be a straight out interaction with rp and communication that ended in a firefight I would never ever filed a report on you. But that was unfortunately not the case.
  10. And its true that I shouted shoot them in swedish to my friend. But that was when I was on the ground already being shot with no rp interaction waht so ever. Check the log dear. You shot first. My friend did also see it. We do not play as bandits. We actually have helped a lot of people in the south with food and stuff during out session.
  11. I wish I had. I did not have any time to press my shadowplay.