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  1. Jonny lived the good life in Canada for years, never leaving his small, cold and cozy suburbs. A bad-move hiking trip across Europe with his Canadian palls resulted in the death of his friends, and Jonny being stranded in the woods. For the past two years he's been living in the forest, tent camping and shooting animals for sustenance. His interactions with people have been few and far between, so he is awkward and mistrusting to the Chernarus locals.
  2. mechro

    S2 Pogorevka Suspected Combat Log

    So you were not part of an initiation on Dr Brandon's character, is that correct? Yes I was present for the events, however I never initiated any demands with the people I encountered, or had anybody at gunpoint. Sorry for the late reply I haven't been on for a bit
  3. mechro

    S2 Pogorevka Suspected Combat Log

    Ok quick timeline of my involvement in this thing as Val. -Logged in on Green mountain alone, headed down to pond for water -two military looking men initiate robbery with me (Chris and Mick i belive) -Alex Komarov and his friend (never met these men before) come down from green mountain shortly after, see me being robbed, and initiate with these two men holding me up -Captors scatter, firefight begins (This is where I popped shots at the two robbers, after I had been released by Alex and other guy) Chris went down and was then captured by Alex and his friend, who then brought him to Green mtn and left him restrained with a magnum and ammo to take care of himself once he eventually got out of his cuffs or whatever Seeing all these people around and obvious danger, i stuck with friendly Alex and his buddy until Alex suddenly needed to leave and logged off... after that Alex's friend began initiating on a few passerby's he thought were suspicious and suddenly I started hearing bullet impacts from an unknown location and decided to leave the situation on my own as I didn't actually know any of these people well and didn't want catch a bullet.. As for combat logging? It just did not happen- I traveled all the way though town and through some dense woods to get away from this situation, waited in some bushes for a bit to see if anyone was dumb enough to come after me, and saw that it was getting late and nobody had pursued me and logged out for the night I'd like to remind Dr Brandon that I was not hostile to his character at all and in fact did not initiate any hold ups or such while I was roleplaying, basically just quietly followed Alex and his friend (artyom or something I think?) for a while after they saved me from bandits and said goodbye to them as one logged off and I split paths with the other after the attack If any more info is needed from me, feel free to drop me a PM
  4. Excuse my language I am simply frustrated with spending so much time with the whitelist... here is the question. 'For how long may you take revenge against somebody who took a hostile action against you?' I believe I actually had this question correct when I got bumped out the first time over one combat-logging question which confused me, but now I let this one give me the slip and I can't give it another try for 12 hours
  5. This whole thing is starting to seem like a joke.. one poorly worded question wrong and another 12 hours to wait? like are you fucking serious
  6. Hey thanks for the welcome everyone I'm just waiting on the whitelist now I missed 1 question and got 6 hours to wait
  7. I hope to see you guys on the server!