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  1. POV: I saw a man running down the road in Pushtoshka I decided to rob him, I was in need for ammunition for my AKM. I had almost been killed two times by zombies and was low on ammo! he came running from NWAF so I figured that he might had picked up the ammunition I need. if so I wouldn’t have to risk my life going to NWAF. I sopped him and told him to put his hands up. and told him to drop his gun, backpack and vest. we were in the middle of the situation when someone started shooting me in the back. he didn’t shoot very well and I think he was pretty far away so I didn’t see him as a threat just then but of course I panicked and shot the guy I was robbing. (truly sorry btw) I looked over my shoulder and fired some shots blindly in hope to hit the one who were shooting me. He then took me hostage and was very respectfully towards me. He told me to run off so I did! I do not have any video captured of what hapend but ii think we all can agree that this is what happend.
  2. Im so sorry for the inconvinienc, i take full responsebilety for all of my actions. I should not have killed the hostage i was in panic and thougt i would die. Im so sorry.
  3. POV:so yea... they made us drop are primaty weapons vests and backpacks then they where taking us in to the forest with my friends. They toald me to stop and they shot me in the legg i dont know why but yea. after a while they let me and my friend go and i took out the gun i had in my first aid kit and shott the guy in the back or shoulder. What ever! I got killd soon after i took the shoot. its redicoluse how they treated us. as i said they shot me with no valid reason. thay dident give us food my friend almost died from starvation. Sorry for the spelling im tierd and i dont realy care abaout fixing so dea lwith it.
  4. Listen man if you wanna talk this over on TS I'd be down. I'm bot looking for you to get banned I just want you not to end up doing this again and learn instead. My name is Erik in Ts. tell me yours and I'll hit you up later (: I dont know what time sone your'e in butt lets say we talk in 3hrs ? if thats okey with you.
  5. yea lets talk it out Tmm i gotta go to sleep now its 01:37 Swedich time
  6. Hi my character is a female cuse im a transgender. I could barley heare a thing he said cuse hes mic was relly fuzzy. I might have had my mic on but it was pretty late and i dont remember that well.
  7. Sorry i did not see that you wrote to me I had allot off other things i my mind. I dident knew what you where abaout to do to me. ofcourse i would of answear you if i saw it. I answeard you when you spoke to me in game. That was the first time that i knew you wore saying somthing abaout the radio