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    Yes you an the video above you helped a lot! thank you!
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    Sorry about that I thought if it should go into questions or standalone but I'm new to forums in general so I wasn't quite sure an just took a chance. Wont let it happen again
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    I looked around a couple of the forums an the FAQ's but couldn't find a answer. How often does the loot reset in dayzrp I've been playing for maybe a week now really just looking for a better gun or a hunting backpack an each day I login the loot around me hasn't changed its still the same stuff even after a server restart. I've run the coast from elecktro to cherno to balota, to prison island to milbase to zeleno to miltents to vybor/milbase to NW to novya an over that time failed to find anything better then a mountain backpack or trumpet. I've backtracked a couple times to see if loot changed but nothing has. So how often does loot change in DayzRP if at all
  4. Hi everyone just sent in my whitelist app thought i'd introduce myself hopefully I get accepted an we can all share some crazy storys together! Attached file (me when I found dayRP)