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  1. EU1 - KOS

    Rick Willis POV: I got a radio call from my friends and they where telling me to hall ass up the hill because they had just robbed someone up the hill from vybor but I showed up at the last minute.
  2. EU1 - KOS

    Rick Willis POV: Yes I was with Bo wang, Andrew, and Eli when this event happened.
  3. KoS and Attempted KoS GM S2

    Post I am replying to your last post I might have 180 hours on it but I haven't started playing dayz till two days ago I have not play dayz in quite sometime like 5 months. Don't expect someone to know how to play by there hours people might have had played and has high hours but you never know that that person hasn't play the game in a year or less. Also I did not mean to flip you off the second time when you where leaving I did truly mean to wave not to flip you off once more. And with saying this you have never press the same key and didn't mean too.
  4. KoS and Attempted KoS GM S2

    I did flip someone off at GM but did not mean it in any shape or form as SHARPIE or Bo Wang said I am new to DayZRP. Also have not played Dayz in quite sometime during the time I playing I was learning the keys. And up till I arrived at GM that is when I started to use those hot keys. And with being initiated I did not mean for that to happen I was just new and still learning by the help of my friends and until now. I did not know there was baiting and did not mean for that to happen. Bo Wang only killed and injured those guys because the man that took me and a friend hostage took are radios and then later gave them back so we can tell Bo Wang and I quote "If you don't stop shooting at the people of GM one of your friends dies." As you can see we did not give him a chance to know that he is shooting at people that were not involved so since are radio was taking away we had no chance of telling him. And so he took upon himself to think everyone is hostile and just trying to get us the hell out of there. And for that last part if you where the dude that was alone had no Intel who was who what would you do leave so your friends to be taking or even killed or would you fight and try to get your friends out of there I think I had a good reason for all this stuff for this is my first report.