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  1. Vittoria, I was unable to hear you call him being downed. I heard bandaging and took what I thought was a opportunity to finish the person engaging me. Unfortunately, as I turned the corner and fired you were hit. It was a case of being caught in the crossfire. You see, I had no idea I'd even shot him. I thought I had missed when he opened the door. I apologize that I shot you instead. On that note, I heard bandages which is why I ran out. And now that I know you were assisting someone engaged with myself, which to me implies that you were friendly with him, does this not fall under the 500m rule?
  2. Yeah brother, wasn't us. The first person we came into contact with in Vybor was the man we were talking to when we were shot at. Another point is that you mention the man you were hunting for had a sub machine gun, but IIRC veva had a Mosin, or some other type of rifle, which is what he fired into the air. I had a sub machine gun and the first time I used it was minutes later in the clinic. I'd say this is just a clear case of misidentification. EDIT: You're Victor! The guy we were talking to mentioned you. He said his friend told him to watch out for you. Maybe his friend was the person you were hunting, or even the guy we were talking to? I wish I was recording, it would make these things easier.
  3. *sobs break the static* Yes, kuru is from eating human meat. It is part of some *pauses* ritual. They forced me to eat it. *the transmission returns to static and sobs*
  4. My name is Sydney...Sydney Travis. I was born and raised in the New Hope Church of the Sun community compound in the Northwest forests of Chernarus. I was groomed by the church and my father to become the next Profit. However, during the war in 2009 I decided instead to defend our community through other means, joining the Militia of the Sun. During my time fighting I became obsessed with fire and explosives. I suffer from PTSD and depressive episodes that cause many to believe I am insane. After the uprising the Military bulldozed our compound and the community was displaced. My father blamed our losses on me for not taking the mantle of Profit and instead leading us to damnation. I was formally excommunicated and have wandered Chernarus, barely surviving from one mental breakdown to the next. I am friendly, however sometimes I have been told that I'm off putting and emotionally unstable. I am mostly in control of myself, though sometimes I black out and wake up wearing a dress and carrying a tire. I do not know what this is about.
  5. Sydney Travis

    The Laws of Austellus (Prison Island - Decreed and Enforced by The Regulators)

    I was almost prosecuted for cannibalism and I'm not even a citizen of your realm nor was I near it! Your boys even shot my friend in the leg and he was innocent. THEN, you go all fashion police on my beret and tell me that being vegetarian is bad. It's not my fault I have the kuru. I was made out to be subhuman, referred to as "The Cannibal" during the entire ordeal. How many more must suffer before the sick are seen as people too?
  6. I think that since I was directly involved that I can post in here right? Anyway, I can provide a little more detail, as Veva may have been in a hurry to type his up. Veva (Logan) and I (Sydney) were traveling from Green Mountain (where we met), I had been held up by Regulators for alleged cannibalism. This is where we met with Norman. When Logan and I were separated from Norman, we were able to maintain radio contact. When we arrived in Vybor I caught a quick glimpse of a person running behind a fence behind us. I tried to call out, but nobody answered. We started to look around Vybor as friendlies for the person I had seen. That's when Logan shot into the air in hopes of getting the person's attention. This worked and we were having a conversation with the man. During this time we were in communication with Norman, who suggested we rob the person in order to better gear ourselves. We did NOT engage in a robbery, instead we continued to talk to the man until a shot was fired. The first shot hit the road behind us, that's when myself and the other player ran into a building. Logan was not so lucky.
  7. *a long string of static is suddenly cut out by faint sobbing mixed with laughter* My name is Sydney, I have been given a form of the disease, kuru, by cannibals in the electro area. *sobs* Please if you come across a group of Satan worshipers in that area, run. Any victims can radio me if you need emotional support. I have been persecuted by the regulators and I know what you are going through. *static continues and voice ends*
  8. I wasn't there, but training/organization is definitely better. I've gone 2 vs 4 before and taken the larger group by ambush. I would much rather be in a group of tacticians than just a large group.
  9. This was pretty much the case with the green mountain server from Reddit /r/greenmountain. It didn't work out.
  10. Sydney Travis


    Children. Headless wouldn't make sense. Zombies need their brains to survive.