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  1. Little is known about the aged Peter "The Saw" Kowalcyzk, 57. Authorities are unsure if this is even his true name. What is known about Peter is that he spent time at the Black Dolphin Prison, a prison in Orenburg Oblast, Russia bordering Kazakhstan, housing those with life sentences. The prison houses the most dangerous of criminals, from child molestors, murderers, terrorists, cannibals, and serial killers. It would seem that the three foot thick doors of this prison could not stop Peter from escape. Another fact that is known about Peter is his hate for those who have harmed children. On
  2. April 27th 2016, Morgan and his family moved to Elektro from their home in Phoenix, Arizona. Morgan and his family were recent converts to Eastern Orthodoxy, moving to Chernarus to escape the decadence and chaos of the west. Within months of moving to Elektro, Morgan got a job at the city's power plant. With threats of other civil war citizens were separated from their families as men like Morgan were conscripted by local militia's and forced to participate. As the conflict came to a close, Morgan and his family tried to piece their lives back together, only for signs of a new problem, an
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