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  1. aww that's a shame, I have been watching frankieonpcin1080p on youtube, and the exile mod looks intense. I would totally spend my life in there. the more immersion the better. oh well. lol.
  2. Hey I was wondering what ever happen to the exile mod , will dayzrp be hosting on the arma 3 exile mod? it would be cool, due to the immersion of arma.
  3. welcome to HELL!!! *DRAMATIC MUSIC* ha naw jk welcome, btw be sure not to get pissed off ingame for real. it ruins your experience.
  4. Are you able to put a hood up on a raincoat in game? I always wondered this...well since I started playing. oh yea and can you put a hood up on a hoodie?
  5. Kane Savage

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    I so wanna do this in Role play holy shit do I ever! +1
  6. *Kane picks up the radio, in a controlled voice with obvious hatred* Edison...you're a dead man, and not too smart, blasting your filthy voice over these channels. Did you think I wouldn't find you? WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER! TELL ME NOW! you took Samantha from me, you took Sarah from me...im going to bleed you slowly. ...Don't kill yourself...I want the pleasure. *click*
  7. oh great another one, are you the one he's blowing? hahaha
  8. *Edison looks at the radio* the fuck? sounds like you're sucking someone off. get off my transmission. gross chewing sounds man uhhh. and why would someone yell at me? you make no sense...maybe all those bananas turned your brain to mush. *click*
  9. *the radio crackles, a young mans voice comes on* Mr Free? are you there, it's Edison Craft, if you are there, meet me at the town we were talking about last night for our rendezvous, but not the one we were camping at. I hope you're still alive my friend. i'll keep this channel open for your reply. *radio goes silent*
  10. * click -- static* sorry boys, no can do, you'll just have to do it yourself! *you can hear the radio drop and a crunch --radio smashes*
  11. lol I remember you mr platinum lol I aimed my shotgun at you and acorn lol you were selling apples lol
  12. totally enjoyed Wallis Childs rp today, she is so cool and a good person to talk to, Magnus and Haken thanks for the guns and sorry about the glitch lol lost both of them as soon as it entered my inventory lol hope to meet up again, if we get separated, it was because of the darkness. lol
  13. Kane Savage


    ok just remember where you all left off for rp, LOL traveling with 3 others don't leave Edison behind lol