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  1. Really good suggestion!!!!!

    Well... this flash backed me to facebook
  2. Real life picture Thread

    That lithuanian hotness
  3. Hall of Fame 'Anonymous' donors

    So i wasn't the only one who thought that
  4. Great rp from you too. Thank you for at least trying to understand what i am saying by pointing at stuff
  5. Being a mute

    Thank you everyone for your help. I knew i cant use radio IC but was wondering what can i do and tapping the mic sounds like a good idea. Again thanks everyone for the kind help <3
  6. Being a mute

    Will do
  7. Being a mute

    So i am planning to make a mute character so far i have been doing some research, if anyone has any tips please throw them at me i really wanna know everything about playing this character before playing it. But my question is.... Can i use a radio? for example if i get initiated on if i tell my group that i am initiated on isn't that an IC thing and ICly i cant speak so i'm really confused on how to deal with this...
  8. Staff Feedback

    Thanks for the help today Castiel <3
  9. Steam Giveaway

    Paydayyyy always liked that game
  10. Text Rp Guide

    Great guide Aiko and thank you, i will be going on vacation and wont be having a private room so RPing by voice while people are watching me would be ... Akward.
  11. Salty about gear.

    "I died because you logged off!" Sure you don't Shhhhhhh don't say this in public
  12. Majoo's Graphic thread