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  1. Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes
  2. Greetings everyone. It feels great finally coming back BTW does anyone know what happened to my beanz
  3. Kizama was born in Tokyo on a rainy day, which is believed to be an omen of illness and bad luck in Japanese culture. Kizama's family were not improvised. Yet they were not considered from the wealthy or even average classed people. The family had inherited their house which was now located in an area reserved only for the "high class". Upon growing up, Kizama was not allowed in playground that were occupied by kids of politicians and high powered leaders. Kizama was always treated as filth and would sometimes get spit on for " making the community look like dirt". Stones and bricks were regularly thrown at windows to further encourage the family to leave. However, Kizama's dad ignored all threats and continued his normal, everyday job of being a tailor. Kizama had a lonely childhood, and upon reaching his teen years, he only had one goal: to be respected and feared by everyone. He promised his dad to clear his family's reputation and make them the highest ranking in their local community. Kizama, although being very inelegant, never managed to fit in school. He was moved and expelled many times until finally leaving school to help his father in the shop. Kizama had no means to achieve his goals, with no real education and barely any money to invest in anything, Kizama's goal seemed impossible, until one day he met an interesting group of people out side of a Japanese Izakaya ( A Japanese pub). Kizama witnessed a fight start inside the Pub but was immediately taken outside. With a closer look Kizama could see four well dressed men pushing and grabbing an old man, yet not once have they assaulted him. Kizama was on his way home to help close the shop and he was not really excited for that so he decided to eavesdrop on the conversation going on between the men and the old guy. Upon getting closer he could make up vaguely the words, "Don't you know who we are", and the man replying, "Yes sir I do, I just made a mistake and it wont happen again." Kizama's hands started to shake with rage, as he grabbed and squeezed the sand under the spot he was hiding in. He had enough of the strong connected people treating everyone as subhuman slaves. He had enough of seeing himself, his family, and other people get humiliated by arrogant people who think so high of themselves. Kizama was debating with himself about getting into the confrontation, but he soon realized that adding himself in this equation would only hurt him and the old man further. However he decided to observe what would happen further. One of the well dressed men gave the old man a push he could not handle, forcing him to fall on his knees. Instead of helping him up, like it is known in Japanese culture to help an elderly upon falling, the well dressed men laughed it off and were seeing their way back to the pub. It was at this moment Kizama could not hold his anger and leaped out of his hiding spot, yelling at the men, "Baka", meaning idiots. The men froze in their spots for what seemed like a second. You can tell that their movement stopping was not out of fear but out of shock as to who would be so reckless and bold to not fear for his life and call them that. The men finally turned to see a skinny, average looking teen in front of the old man helping him up on his feet. There was a moment of silence in the air until Kizama finally opening his mouth, " People like you have treated people like us like we are disgrace, we did not choose to be poor, all we ever try and do is live our lives with peace yet your arrogance always destroys anything we work hard for. Just because you have connections in the government does not give you the right to treat an old man this way, and over what, for not knowing who you are, I know well who you are, just a bunch of scumbags". The well dressed men stood still, as if trying to comprehend what just came out of this little boy's mouth. After what felt like hours, one of the men moved his hands to the back of his jacket, reaching for what Kizama only assumed of being a gun. As Kizama was standing still, not regretting anything he has done but accepting fate the way it is. The gun was stopped from drawing by the well dressed man in the middle. --------------------------------- rest is under process.

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    Majoo FTW
  6. Well... this flash backed me to facebook
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    Good one +
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    S1: Immature RP - Stary - 9/4/2016 around 22:00

    I have not played in a while and i am sorry for being late on my POV. I cant remember what day but i was playing with some guys i met earlier we jumped in the same channel and started playing together it was Alex and Collin we were Rping in kab and everything was going fine. We were later on joined by a guy called owen who as i remember called fox(I think her name is) sugartitts once and also some other kind off sexual stuff were said. I was asked if i wanted to date her, being a mute i shook my head no and we went down to Stary and there met a lot of people soon after i logged off i Don't think i was there for this thing with the first fight and him calling you sugartitts sorry. //Edit After watching the video now i am sure i was not involved in the situation, as i got a little bit confused and thought this maybe happened when a lot of people where in stary before i log off.
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    So i wasn't the only one who thought that
  10. Great rp from you too. Thank you for at least trying to understand what i am saying by pointing at stuff
  11. Thank you everyone for your help. I knew i cant use radio IC but was wondering what can i do and tapping the mic sounds like a good idea. Again thanks everyone for the kind help <3
  12. So i am planning to make a mute character so far i have been doing some research, if anyone has any tips please throw them at me i really wanna know everything about playing this character before playing it. But my question is.... Can i use a radio? for example if i get initiated on if i tell my group that i am initiated on isn't that an IC thing and ICly i cant speak so i'm really confused on how to deal with this...