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  1. Born into a loving family as a single child, he was well kept within means of middle-class. His father was mentally abusive to him, and physically to his mother. Come the age of ten, his father died of lung cancer. He and his mother lived out until his mother's death in late 2009. From that time, Anatoli moved on with himself and decided to become a local merchant at a foodstore. He had a nice apartment in the upper-town area of Svetlojarsk. He was there until he decided he wanted to better himself, in between jobs at the time the apocalypse happened.
  2. The buzzing of white noise through your radio suddenly cuts, and a few seconds later a voice begins to speak. "Uh...I haven't seen as much wildlife as I use to lately, no deer or nothin'." He clears his throat, opening his lips to speak once more. "Fuckin' getting harder an' harder to eat out here, man. Anybody else seein' a decline in game?" The radio waves again turn into a soft sound of white noise with the sound of the man letting go of his PTT button.
  3. *Fumbling is heard, as the seemingly insane creature begins to talk in a frightened voice.* "He-Hello, Talkie, I haven't been able to talk to you in awhile...They took us, the D-Dark Sky or whatever they called themselves...They hit us and beat us and dragged us all around until our knees were raw." *Sniffles* "We have heard you talk before, Talkie, but I never responded...We need your help, please, say something to us talkie." *Some more ruffling is heard, with heavy breathing and the sound of a radio hitting the ground.* *Man in the background*: "Get the hell back here, before I shoo-" *The radio falls silent.*
  4. *The eerie mysterious creature, almost like clockwork, presses the button at about the same time as last night.* "Hello again, dear friend...I have come to talk with you again." "You see, I have been witnessing a person do their deeds for the past few weeks, watching their every move to see when the time was right." "From a distance I have waited patiently in the shadows, using a magnifying device to see them as if they were right in front of me." "She is a very lovely girl, she has done good and I have witnessed her give the cloth from her back to a man who needed it, and was bleeding." "It is a shame how she has to go, as we are very hungry again...We have lost our fill from our last meal, and the meat locker is getting very dry." "I think i'll go for her tonight, when she slumbers and isn't full of fright...Don't let your guard down, as it will be a very eventful night." "It is time for us to go again, dear friend...But fear not, as this is not the end...But the very beginning of a tale, oh so full of sin." *Some ruffling is heard, before the faint beginning of "Mary had a little lamb" is heard, as the transmission slowly fades.*
  5. *A mysterious and eerie voice lay over the radio as the seemingly insane creature begins to talk* "All day long...we toss and turn, simply watching the world burn...Dusk till dawn we aim to kill, hoping to regain our fill...All sitting on melancholy hill." "Tune your ears to the grinding gears that parlay inside of my inner sanctum..." *A muffled scream is heard* "Hoo hoo hooo...I must go now...I hope you see, that when the clock strikes three...This one must feed." "I hope to speak with you again, next time maybe, in a life...less full of sin." *Some ruffles are heard, before the creature begins to say "Hickory...Dickory...Dock...", as another scream is heard before the transmission is cut.*
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    My pov of the whole situation: I was rolling With Talon and the other dude, Mike. We went to Vybor to see what was going down with Jane and we came across this man Batok. We were talking and roleplaying and all of that and I heard him cry. I said "What was that about?" or something along the lines of that and he said the thing about his good friend dying which I went along with. Then Mike said the thing about the crying ("Only Cannibals cry") or something along the lines of that, then he told Batok to put his hands up, in which Batok replied with spraying either me or Mike down, I don't know because the server desynced really bad. At the time of the gunfire Batok froze, and Mike froze while I'm spraying Batok down. Whenever the server caught back up I was dead, and apparently Batok was too. I was the guy that said the thing about the lion king, because the sun was rising. I wasn't the guy who initiated on him. The man who did initiate on him was apart of my group, hence why I shot at Batok.
  8. I really liked a lad named Larry's today. If any of you know his ooc name, tell him that Abel loves him.
  9. *Abel presses the PTT button on his radio.* "I can assure you we have the firepower, the brainpower, however, not so much it seems." *He releases the PTT button.*
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    Oh god, Larry's crazy ass is in a group? Best of luck to that lol.
  11. *Abel sighs, clicking on his radio.* "Ain't no fuckin' sense in arguin' about it...Why the fuck did you even announce it on the radio anyway?" "We're fucking laying here for the time being, resting our heads...They are, anyway. If anyone doesn't want to pay whatever fucking toll you're all going on about go around the town, nothing wrong with that." *Abel clips his radio back on his belt loop, a light "Everybody's fuckin' always arguin' about stupid shit." is heard before the transmission ends.*
  12. *Abel hears the sick burn and picks up his radio* "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN" *The transmission ends.*
  13. *Looking over the town of Novy Sobor, Abel listens to the transmissions as he lets his mind free.* "I can assure you, there will be free refreshments." *A click is heard, before he places his radio on his belt loop.*
  14. Oh, right. I didn't see it haha, i'll mosey on over there and make a thread. Thanks friend