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  1. Anatoli Ivanov was born into a less-than-fortunate family in the summer of '99. In Chernarus' finest hospital dead in the center of Elektro. His mother was a tailor by trade and his father was a fisherman just off the Eastern Coast. Living in Tulga, secluded from the highway below Anatoli grew fond of the wilderness as a kid. He would often take journeys to the road and back. He came to find an abandoned hunting shack, rotted from age. When Anatoli was old enough his father took him to hunt, becoming a past time for the two for many years. Eventually the years caught up to his father. The same
  2. Hey everybody! My name is Fudge and I used to play here a lot a few years ago! I had a lot of fun and made a lot of friends but eventually my want to play DayZ kind of died off. But I'm back, baby! I've got a series in the works with my character Anatoli Ivanov that I'm very excited to get into! I hope all of you can join me on that journey and make it all better.
  3. ALONE (A Dayz RP Survival Series) I don't know what beans do, but gimme some if you want. TRAILER More to come soon.
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