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  1. Invisible Zombies

    Whenever i stumble across one i mostly just run into different buildings for a couple of minutes and theyre mostly gon after that
  2. Thoughts on Ghillie suits?

    Ghillie suit are a nice addition but i find em a bit useless in most siuations, Ofcourse in the right situations theyre great but its really easy so get hyperthermia aswell.
  3. New Character idea. Feedback plz?

    It would make a fun diversity but the way you put it it sorta seems like something out of monthy python. But if you would make it a bit more serious like said above you could get some good and fun RP. I have a feeling people are gonna struggle to take it serious tho.
  4. Anyone else get this sometimes?

    I dont always write but when i do its for the RP, and yes when im ''in the moment'' i start typing faster aswell
  5. Does your RP effect your personality IRL?

    If im honest, there is no difference for me, my character John resembles quite a lot of my own personality
  6. Whadduuuup?

    saaahhhhh dude. hope you have a good time and hope to see you around!
  7. Hello Friends

    Hey man! just like maplemooses says. for the rest youre good to go! just remember that the ''loot'' isnt as important as the RP. hope you have a good time!
  8. Hello

    Hey and welcome. hope you have a great time!