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  1. Invisible Zombies

    Whenever i stumble across one i mostly just run into different buildings for a couple of minutes and theyre mostly gon after that
  2. Thoughts on Ghillie suits?

    Ghillie suit are a nice addition but i find em a bit useless in most siuations, Ofcourse in the right situations theyre great but its really easy so get hyperthermia aswell.
  3. New Character idea. Feedback plz?

    It would make a fun diversity but the way you put it it sorta seems like something out of monthy python. But if you would make it a bit more serious like said above you could get some good and fun RP. I have a feeling people are gonna struggle to take it serious tho.
  4. S1 Badrp Vybor military 12/01/17

    @Batok Cant say for sure, but i know it occured during/ after those punches.
  5. S1 Badrp Vybor military 12/01/17

    @Batok & @Paks This isnt about the gear we had at all. And about punches again, i did recieve infected wounds/ a sickness.
  6. S1 Badrp Vybor military 12/01/17

    First of all, i was the text rper and i admit it wasnt the best rp ever. For some reason Dayz decided to just not let voip work anymore when we came across these lads. What bas said is almost my whole pov too, but we got split at one point with a tree inbetween us. When me and bas were still next to each other one of the fellows told me to follow him behind a tree. at that point he took my spear and asked if he could scar me, i replied ''no''. After that he punched my character for a bit. I dont feel like that had a reason. During this event bas was playing his guitar and i couldnt quite understand what the initiators were saying, so maybe i missed something. After bas was done, they too started beating him up. Id say after a good half an hour or 45 minutes they decided to set us free, they did give us or at least me enough food to survive. For me this wasnt about my gear in any point of view, and yes i can confirm bas gave them permission to log off, he told me afterwards.
  7. Anyone else get this sometimes?

    I dont always write but when i do its for the RP, and yes when im ''in the moment'' i start typing faster aswell
  8. Does your RP effect your personality IRL?

    If im honest, there is no difference for me, my character John resembles quite a lot of my own personality
  9. Whadduuuup?

    saaahhhhh dude. hope you have a good time and hope to see you around!
  10. Hello Friends

    Hey man! just like maplemooses says. for the rest youre good to go! just remember that the ''loot'' isnt as important as the RP. hope you have a good time!
  11. Hello

    Hey and welcome. hope you have a great time!
  12. This is my pov on this. There wasnt really any meta gaming envolved, in the ts room we all agreed that if theres a hostile situation we just stop taking and communicating. and for this one time i must admit i forgot to turn the sound off. but there was no talking at all i can see why you would suspect this. i was the one who didnt have his sound muted, because we all agreed not to talk and or give details. on the ingame situation itself. i was the one that told the man to be careful because of roberies. and to the people having us hostage. my friend (ingame Frank Asiimov) was laying on the hill all the time and observing us for precisely these kind of situations. he they continued to follow us somewhat unseen to try and set us free. My ingamename is: John De Leeuw allies: Bas Korthuis, Frank Asiimov and myself if you need more info contact me. Just added: ive read in the log that i awnsered no to having a radio. this is completely my bad because i had one. i think i awnsered no to this question because of all the commotion around me ( ingame and reallife) cause i also remember saying that i did have a radio in voice chat a while earlier. so i must appologise for that. but i didnt use comms as stated above.
  13. Dating Sites: Useful or Not?

    Its best to go out and just get yourself to talk to girls, some may like you, some wont. but no i have never used a dating site so im kinda useless Greetz, RAW

    These GIFs though XDDDDD