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  1. Hello

    Hello and welcome! I too wish you good luck with your whitelist, and lots of fun in game. See you around!
  2. Cestmir Nemchik

    December 26, 1992: In the hospital of Zelenogorsk, Chernarus, a boy is born. His parents, Kamila and Egor Nemchik, name him Cestmir. May 15, 1996: Cestmir's sister, Katerina, is born. March 1999: Egor gets a lukrative job offer in a Russian company and moves with his family to Russia. Januar 21, 2000: Kamila gives birth to siblings, Lyosha and Valdimir Nemchik. Februar 2000: Cestmir discovers his love for birds. April 26, 2009: Drugs are found in the schoolbag of Cestmir, who denies any involvement into the drug scene. Nobody believes him. He is expelled from school. August 2009: Due to Cestmir's collection of jay feathers, his friends nickname him "Soyka". December 28, 2011: Katerina is out on a party. Late at night the police informs Kamila and Egor that their daughter has been involved in a car accident. Her boyfriend is dead, she is in a coma. Januar 1, 2012: Cestmir starts an apprenticeship as a horse trainer. Januar 10, 2012: Cestmir's sisters awakes from the coma. Januar 2013: Cestmir sees one of the rowdies from his former school harass a tourist girl and interferes. He accompanies the girl, whose name is Diana Novacek, to her accommodation. Februar 2013: Diana Novacek again goes on vacation in Russia to visit Cestmir. March 21, 2013: Cestmir returns to Chernarus for the first time since his childhood, spending two weeks at Diana's house. April 2013: Due to Cestmir's love for corvids, Diana nicknames him "Kavka". April 2013: Cestmir moves in with Diana. April 2017: Cestmir and Diana move into a bigger house in Turovo. May 2017: Cestmir is overwhelmed by joy when Diana shows him a positive pregnancy test. July 15, 2017: Cestmir's life breaks apart ... "There's no second passing by / That my heart twists not in pain. And I reckon my wrecked try / From the start had been in vain." - Cestmir Nemchik
  3. Hello yall!

    Welcome! I hope you will be allowed back in the community, but if you are honest and have good intentions, your blacklist will surely be lifted. See you around!
  4. Alex Ober

    Alexandra Ober was born in Germany as the oldest of three children. Her parents died in a car accident when she was five years old. From then on she lived with her grandparents, while her two younger sisters were adopted. At the age of 7 her grandfather died, her grandmother when she was 15. At school she was bullied and beaten. She became very shy over the years and soon left the house as little as possible. Instead she seeked solace in the internet, where she felt loved and accepted. That way she got to know a Chernarussian man, whom she believed to be her soulmate. At the age of 18 she took all the money she had left form the inheritance of her grandparents and moved to her "big love". After the first week she had learned that not all that glitters is gold, and after one month she wished nothing more desperate than moving back to germany. But she was broke, and very soon broken. So she spent half a year oppressed by her Cherarussian friend, until the world catastrophe finally freed her.
  5. Hello.

    Hello and welcome! Hope you will enjoy your time here. Have fun!
  6. Hello!

    Welcome! Enjoy your time here! ^^
  7. greetings and salutations

    I got only one advice for you: Don't break the rules. ^^ Oh, and not to forget, Rolle is el Presidente, never mess with el Presidente.
  8. Greetings Everyone

    Would be nice, and btw, I really like your animated avatar.
  9. greetings and salutations

    Hello and welcome snfsylva (how the hell do you pronounce that?). Seems like you got a lot of rp experience already. I hope you will enjoy your time here at least as much as in your prevous communities and have many adventures.^^ Stay safe and have fun. Maybe we'll meet each other one day, so see you around!
  10. Greetings Everyone!

    Hello and welcome! I wish you many memorable rp experiences for the future, and lots of fun. See you around!
  11. Greetings Everyone

    Hello and welcome, Lockwood! You really must have a lot of rp experience. I am sure you will like it here. So have fun and stay safe in the apocolypse. See you around!
  12. Hello all!

    Welcome! Don't worry about your English, as long as you understand what others want when they initiate on you, it should be fine. ^^ Enjoy your time here and stay save on the apocalypse. See you around!
  13. US server newbie with a purpose

    Welcome! Best of luck with your plans dude. Have fun and stay safe!
  14. Hello

    Welcome! Always nice to see new people joining. I also wish you good luck with your whitelist, and lots of fun in DayZ (and with your new pc). Stay safe in the dangerous world of Chernarus. See you around! ^^
  15. Hello

    Hello and welcome! Enjoy your time in this community and in game, once you are able to play it. See you around!