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  1. Welcome Zig! You seem ... interesting ... like really interesting to play with. I hope you're going to find enough free time to play here, I really want to meet you one day. Enjoy your time here!
  2. Hello Vasilis! Nice to hear that you have already had great experiences here. I wish you many more enjoyable encounters and memorable moments. Maybe we'll meet each other in Chernarus one day. Anyway, stay save in the apocalypse!
  3. Hello! Nice to hear you have already been roleplaying here. I hope you'll have many enjoyable encounters in the future. Maybe we'll meet each other one day. Have fun and stay safe!
  4. Welcome, have a great time here!
  5. If you keep spamming on my profile, I will fight back!

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      Why would I insult anyone other than yourself Toez?

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      Because I'm a weed?

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    I've earnt your love with that post in the beanz war haven't I, admit it.

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      Too much chaos on my profile page! Out now!

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      Did I just accidentally whiteknight myself in successfully? 

  6. After my final exams I will be so happy if I can spend my time with something absolutely useless again, I will look through hundreds of posts with pleasure. ^^ 49
  7. Oh damn, I haven't been updating this for quite a while, gotta count the missed updates one day
  8. Hello VonNnoV! Sorry to hear that your first experience on this server was so disappointing. I can really not say more than don't get disencouraged, try it again and find out yourself where people stick around. Maybe you were on at an uncommon time or just had bad luck? You can of course not expect to run into people all the time, the map is just too big for that, and one hour without interaction seems not so uncommon to me. But imo the survival aspect also makes DayZ enjoyable when you are on your own, and eventually you will also experience these days where you stumble across one group after another and have hours of great rp. Besides, you can always join a group and stick around with them, just have a look at our forum and get to know some people. (Can't send you the link to groups section as I am on phone) Btw, don't forget to make at least one post in the forums soon (introduction doesn't count), so that your account won't be deleted. I wish you a lot of fun here and hope that you'll soon have memorable encounters. See you around!
  9. Welcome! I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun here in the future. So enjoy your time and hopefully make good new friends! ^^ Stay safe, see you in the apocalypse.
  10. Welcome! Nice to hear yo have been accepted. Enjoy your time here!
  11. Hello and welcome Interloper! Best of luck with your whitelist application! That's an interesting video you posted there, definitely dark and creepy. I hope to meet you in game one day, you seem like an interesting person to rp with. Well then, have fun and stay safe in the dangerous world of Chernarus. Btw, don't forget to make at least one post soon (introduction section doesn't count) in order to verify your account.
  12. Hey Nobo, always nice to see new people joining. Have fun here! And cool picture, btw