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  1. Lost to @Basko Poor Tewudin, I know he will be next.
  2. Good luck boyz I hope you last longer than Redwood.
  3. One comment on the graphics, I think the logo on top looks really cool, but it would be way better without the leathery background imo. The yellow would look good on just the post background. Good luck with the group!
  4. Lost from @Basko again
  5. @Basko Made me loose. This will have even more consequences than last time.
  6. Thanks @Jackfish and the others from S-GRU for the rp today. Also had a nice encounter with @Morytania and @Eagles and your frined whose forum name I don't know. And of course thanks @Basko @Mikey and @Comrade Politruk for the nice rp.
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