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  1. BeanZ WAR

    Ok, I'll add that.
  2. Good Dayz!

    Welcome AngryIrish!
  3. EQSanctum

  4. Howdy!

    Seems like it was about time for you to join us. Welcome!
  5. Hi!

    Welcome! It's always nice to see new players joining. Seeing that you like rp, you will surely enjoy your time here. So have fun, make great friendships and experience many memorable moments! See you around! ^^
  6. Hello everyone

    Hello and welcome! Best of luck with your whitelist, but if you take your time you will surely make it at the 2nd try. Hope you'll enjoy playing here. See you in game, hopefully.
  7. im back!

    Welcome back
  8. Introduction

    Welcome, best of luck getting whitelisted! See you around!
  9. Introduction.

    Welcome! I think you will like DayZ more than five years ago, it has improved a lot (though not as much as some had hoped for). So enjoy your time in DayZRP, and stay safe. ^^
  10. Welcome back! Hope you'll stay for a bit longer this time and enjoy yourself. See you around. ^^
  11. Hello and Greetings!

    Hello and welcome! Have fun here. See you around!
  12. Hello everyone

    A fellow German! Welcome man, enjoy your time.
  13. Really nice to see how you like it. I hope I'll run into you one day. Stay safe! ^^
  14. Saying Aloha

    Nice! You'll surely have a great time in this community, so have fun! See you around.
  15. Hey Everyone!

    Welcome Jacob! Have fun here.